Will Morris

‘Heroic’ student who helped stop Colorado shooting plans to be a Marine

Brendan Bialy was one of several students who subdued one of two shooters who entered STEM School Highlands Ranch in a southern suburb of Denver, Colo., his father and a family attorney have confirmed.

Istanbul Kebap Haus simply the best kebab this side of the Bosporus

I love meat on a stick. There is something decidedly delicious about taking a chunk of meat, ramming a stick though it and cooking it over an open fire or hot coals. Call it primal, call it magic ... just call me for dinner.

Multimillion-dollar housing overhaul underway at Baumholder

For years, Army families stationed at Baumholder – where many of the buildings date back to the 1950s — have complained of mold and mildew infestations, and rust in the water. The Army is doing something about those complaints.

Seafood eatery in Kaiserslautern undone by so-so food, terrible service

It wasn’t finding a hair in my grilled calamari that did it. It wasn’t that the cocktail shrimp — the only thing that resembled seafood in my “seafood soup” — hadn’t been deveined. It wasn’t that the grilled salmon was somehow both partially raw and greasy at the same time, or that no one removed the pin bones. It wasn’t even having four obnoxious people placed at a four-top next to mine when the rest of the restaurant was empty. What put me off about Lissabon was the server blatantly ignoring my wife for no reason for 15 minutes when she needed napkins to wipe fish guts off her hands.

New ghillie suit for Army snipers put to the test

During a recent field test, snipers wore models of the proposed Improved Ghillie System and concealed themselves in forest and arid settings. Other snipers tried to spot them from distances as far away as about 655 feet and as close as about 33 feet.

Royals stage another fourth-quarter blitz to drop Raiders

Ramstein boys outscore Kaiserslautern 20-2 in final period to improve to 2-0 on the season.

Shortage of civilian doctors in military hospitals causing treatment problems

Staff shortages at military hospitals have forced some to discontinue services, refer patients to private providers and send others to Veterans Affairs hospitals for treatment, a government watchdog has found.