Ken-Yon Hardy

Ken-Yon Hardy previously worked for Cox Media Group for 9 years as a multimedia reporter, television personality and digital video aggregator.

He has a master’s degree from Spring Arbor University and a bachelor’s degree from Central State University. His degrees are in organizational management, journalism and radio/tv broadcasting.

Email: hardy.kenyon@stripes.com

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'They Shall Not Grow Old' brings color to war largely seen only in shades of gray

The Oscar-winning director best known for the "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" films turned his attention to modernizing World War I footage. Using advanced techniques, Peter Jackson created an intensely gripping, immersive look at the Great War.

National Archives exhibit on Vietnam War to wrap up in January

The National Archives and The National Archives Foundation exhibit “Remembering Vietnam” provides a plethora of information and artifacts on the Vietnam War.


A look at this year's Modern Day Marine expo in Quantico

At Modern Day Marine, the expo's goal is to celebrate history and look to the future. From Sept. 25-27, there were drones, compact laser weapon systems and shelters on display.

Nonprofit group further expands college planning services to veterans

For more than 40 years The Common Application has helped millions of students attend college by offering tools ranging from application assistance to planning roadmaps. Now, it aims to help veterans with the addition of a new transfer app.