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Police documents recount gruesome murder of former Fort Bliss soldier

An Afghanistan veteran was stabbed to death in El Paso, according to court filings that recount a botched drug theft and the gruesome killing of a 23-year-old allegedly carried out by suspects connected to nearby Fort Bliss.

$8B increase in 2018 proposal to fund Army overseas operations, boost readiness

The Trump administration has requested $166.1 billion for the Army in its proposed budget for fiscal year 2018, which if passed would represent the second consecutive year of increased funding for the service to restore forces and equipment and stabilize end-strength levels at the cost of long-term modernization.

Army taps Fort Hood commander to lead anti-ISIS fight

The Army announced Friday that a new commander will take the reins this summer in the fight against Islamic State, as the fall of Mosul in Iraq looms and focus increases on Raqqa in Syria.

Living in limbo: DOD rule change stalls path to citizenship

Indonesian-born Dr. Kusuma Nio, 32, who lives in Springfield, Illinois, is watching his fellow soldiers of the 1st Forward Surgical Team based in New York leave for war. His path to citizenship has become a minefield.

Army, Marine Corps look to lighten load for combat troops

Now that troops have returned from deployments and training with physical injuries caused by heavy equipment, the military has looked to bring the overall weight of gear down. So the Army and Marine Corps are working together to lighten the things they carry.

Experts: Pentagon must look for more powerful rifles and ammo to replace the M4

“The M4 rifle is a terribly flawed weapon,” retired Army Maj. Gen. Robert Scales said bluntly, describing the central issue of the reliability of the M4, the descendant to the M16 rifle that he carried in Vietnam.

Experts: US must project its cyber warfare capabilities to deter Russian threat

The United States must demonstrate its cyber warfare capabilities to help deter sophisticated attacks from Russia and other adversaries while building strategies on a battlefield still misunderstood by commanders and senior officials, a panel of defense experts told lawmakers Thursday.

Stalled hearing leaves reservists waiting for a solution to GI Bill restrictions

Nearly 4,700 reservists and guardsmen have been unfairly barred from earning post-9/11 GI Bill benefits available to active-duty servicemembers, veterans advocates say, triggering delays that will likely defer their education for years.

Top US commander in Europe signals need for more troops to counter Russia

The top U.S. commander in Europe tasked with countering Russian aggression told lawmakers Tuesday that he envisions the need for an additional combat brigade and support troops in his theater of operations.

Top reservist commanders warn lawmakers about budget, readiness issues

The top military reservists told lawmakers Wednesday that they’re ready to “fight tonight,” if Congress steps up to fully fund their efforts.

Air Force: Mechanical failures led to B-52 aborted takeoff, fire in 2016 Guam incident

An investigation concluded a B-52H Stratofortress was destroyed during takeoff in Guam last year by a combination of birds impacting the aircraft coupled with mechanical failures, the Air Force has announced.

Navy: Officer in Iran detention video will remain in the service

A Navy officer captured by Iran and briefly held prisoner along with nine other sailors in early 2016 will be allowed to remain in the service, his lawyer said Thursday.

Army tests drone-killing lasers as threat grows on the battlefield

As Islamic State-piloted commercial drones complicate the offensive in Mosul, sending Iraqi troops scattering as grenades and bomblets rain down, the Army has field tested vehicle-based lasers to combat the growing threat of enemy eyes in the sky.

'Sand Castle,' a film written by an Iraq veteran, is fiction shaded by war’s realities

Chris Roessner crossed the border into Iraq with the 4th Infantry Division in April 2003. What he experienced there helped shape the script of “Sand Castle,” a film that he wrote and debuts Friday on Netflix.

Go ahead, shoot a Sherman on Texas ranch that's home to military hardware

There is only one place in the world where you can fire a Sherman tank, more than 70 years after it rolled off the production line: deep in the heart of Texas.


Air Force deploys F-35 fighters for training in Europe

A small number of F-35A Lightning II aircraft are deploying to Europe for weeks of allied training in the ongoing mission to deter Russian aggression, the Pentagon said Friday.

Airborne unit in Alaska tapped for Afghanistan deployment

About 1,500 soldiers from the 25th Infantry Division in Alaska are deploying to Afghanistan as part of a regular rotation as the war in that country continues its 16th year, the Army announced Friday.

Top officers in Northern, Southern commands warn lawmakers of threats

The top commanders overseeing defense in the western hemisphere warned lawmakers Thursday about threats ranging from Islamic State radicalization and Russian influence to resource problems affecting the fight against drug smuggling.

Service chiefs offer images of dead soldiers, grounded planes without more funding in 2017

The service chiefs on Wednesday offered a grim potential of dead soldiers, grounded planes and aging ships if Congress continues to use stopgap measures to fund military operations.

Chaplain group: Army’s diversity directive an ‘assault’ on religious beliefs

A military religious freedom group blasted an Army directive mandating diversity training, saying it targets biblical beliefs about sexual orientation, the group said Tuesday.

Lighter combat helmets in store for Army

The helmet is just as strong as the previous model but uses Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene in its construction, a lighter material than synthetic fiber used in what is commonly referred to as Kevlar.

Brussels Airport bombing, one year later: Widowed dad fills the empty space in a wounded family

Their nearly 19-year marriage endured stress and uncertainty that would have broken most families. But Gail and Air Force Lt. Col. Melchizedek “Kato” Martinez, a career special operations communications officer, raised four children through several combat deployments and moved across the world as if they never left the orbit of San Antonio, where they met and, in a tragically incomplete way, returned last year.

Brussels bombing survivor works to get her Air Force goal back on track

Kianni Martinez was going to be an Air Force officer just like her dad. But a terrorist attack in Brussels left her fighting to overcome her injuries to earn a commission.

Fort Bliss soldiers who went AWOL in December found, Army says

Two soldiers who went missing in December from their post at Fort Bliss were apprehended and returned to duty in late January and February, the Army said Wednesday, ending a bizarre double AWOL incident.

Army investigators offer reward to solve a soldier’s 30-year-old murder

Army investigators are breathing new life into a 30-year-old murder case of a Fort Carson soldier with predictive DNA technology and a $10,000 reward for information, the Army said Monday.

Questions hover over Army drone’s 630-mile odyssey across western US

Mystery shrouds the rogue flight of an Army unmanned surveillance aircraft that was launched from southern Arizona on Jan. 31, flew hundreds of miles independent from human control and was found Feb. 9, broken apart in a tree outside Denver.