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Safety issues linger at military housing in Japan, IG report says

Safety issues remain at American military housing in Japan despite efforts over the past few years to correct them, an Office of Inspector General report said.

Navy issues guidance to provide more sleep for sailors at sea

Vice. Adm. Tom Rowden has ordered ship captains to establish routines no later than Dec. 20 that will give sailors predictable watch schedules and sleep periods, according to a copy of the directive obtained by Stars and Stripes.

New Navy unit will keep tabs on warship readiness in Western Pacific

The Navy is standing up a new unit to look at warship readiness in the Western Pacific following a string of serious accidents.

Navy relieves two more commanders in 7th Fleet after deadly collisions

The Navy relieved two more commanders in 7th Fleet on Monday amid fallout from two deadly collisions involving the destroyers USS Fitzgerald and USS John S. McCain.

Career aviator takes charge of 3rd Fleet as Pacific role widens

Vice Adm. John Alexander recently took command of the Navy’s 3rd Fleet, vowing to continue expanding its role in the Pacific.

No fast answer for Navy’s manning issues, top enlisted sailor says

The service is trying to add new sailors and retain those already enlisted, allowing some to stay in uniform longer without being promoted. The Navy’s budget for the 2018 fiscal year aims to add 4,000 sailors, bringing its roll up to 327,900.

Small Army unit plays big role for Japan-based exercises

When a large unit like the Army’s 25th Infantry Division needs to ship enough helicopters, vehicles and equipment into Japan to support a 600-soldier exercise like Orient Shield, they look to subject-matter experts for help.

Collision-damaged USS McCain to depart Singapore for Japan

The USS John S. McCain will head back to its homeport in Japan for a damage assessment later this month, Naval Sea Systems Command announced Wednesday.

Navy’s blueberries to give way to green cammies starting next month

The first sailors to get the new uniforms will be at the Navy’s Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Ill., at Officer Candidate School in Newport, R.I., and in the Southwest Region, the Navy said in its message.

Engineering issues will keep USS Blue Ridge in dry dock into 2018

Unexpected engineering problems will keep the USS Blue Ridge in dry dock through early next year — months past its scheduled completion date of August 2017.

Most USS Fitzgerald sailors to be transferred off collision-damaged ship

Only about 50 sailors from the Fitzgerald’s crew of about 300 will remain aboard the ship when it travels this fall to Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, Miss.


UFC fighters bring MMA clinic to Yokosuka Naval Base

More than 40 sailors and local American and Japanese civilians punched, wrestled, grappled and choked their way through a mixed martial arts clinic led Saturday by a retired Ultimate Fighting Championship competitor.

USS Shiloh sailor develops app to help shipmates study for advancement exams

Marquise Hubbard developed the Sailors Mobile and Readily-Accessible Trainer over a two-year period. The app functions like flashcards, allowing sailors to study for and or take practice exams in preparation for their advancement exams.

Sailors who died in McCain collision receive posthumous promotions

The Navy has posthumously promoted the 10 USS John S. McCain sailors who were killed Aug. 21 when the guided-missile destroyer collided with a merchant ship just east of Singapore.


USS Wasp departs Norfolk to join 7th Fleet in Japan

The amphibious-assault ship USS Wasp departed Naval Station Norfolk Wednesday for its new home at Sasebo Naval Base Japan.

Navy recovers bodies of all 10 missing USS McCain sailors

Navy and Marine Corps divers have recovered the bodies of all 10 missing USS John S. McCain sailors killed in a collision last week, the Navy said Monday.


Littoral combat ship successfully tests ship-killing missile off Guam

The USS Coronado tested a harpoon block 1C missile, striking a target beyond the littoral combat ship’s visual range, Navy officials announced this week.

Swift tells 7th Fleet sailors to focus on fundamentals during operational pause

The Navy’s Pacific commander warned sailors against complacency and urged a back-to-basics approach to their duties during an operational stand-down ordered after a U.S. warship collided with a commercial ship for the second time in two months.

Body found by Malaysian military not a missing McCain sailor, Navy says

A body recovered this week in waters near Singapore by the Malaysian navy is not one of the missing sailors from the USS John S. McCain, Navy officials said Thursday.

Navy relieves commander of 7th Fleet after second deadly collision

Vice Adm. Joseph Aucoin, the head of the Navy’s 7th Fleet, was relieved of command Wednesday in the wake of a string of accidents across the Pacific involving Navy ships. The search for the missing USS John S. McCain sailors continued Wednesday.

5 missing sailors identified as search continues for McCain survivors

The Navy has not released the names of the 10 missing USS John S. McCain sailors, but five among the missing have been identified by their families. The search continues aboard the ship and at sea, but already a number of bodies have been found.

USS Fitzgerald will go to Mississippi shipyard for repairs after deadly collision

A Mississippi-based company has been awarded a contract to repair the USS Fitzgerald after it was damaged in a June 17 collision that killed seven sailors off Japan.

Sepsis caused sailor’s death last fall aboard USS Ronald Reagan, Navy says

The Navy says sepsis was to blame for a USS Ronald Reagan sailor’s abrupt death last fall during a patrol in the Yellow Sea.


Amphibious assault ship bolsters search for missing USS McCain sailors

Navy and Marine Corps divers from the America and Yokosuka have been searching the guided-missile destroyer for the missing sailors using surface-supplied air rigs to access sealed compartments in damaged areas of the ship.

Search continues for 10 missing sailors after USS McCain collision near Singapore

Search-and-rescue efforts continued Monday evening for 10 sailors missing after the USS John S. McCain collided with a civilian oil tanker near Singapore, the second collision involving a Navy and civilian vessel in Asian waters since June.

Report details terror, heroism in aftermath of USS Fitzgerald collision

An initial report into the USS Fitzgerald collision released by the Navy on Thursday details the terror sailors experienced in the moments after the collision along with the heroic efforts crew members undertook to save lives.

3 USS Ronald Reagan jet squadrons to relocate to Iwakuni this fall

Strike Fighter Squadrons 115 and 195, along with Electronic Attack Squadron 141, will transfer from Naval Air Facility Atsugi to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni after the Reagan completes its fall patrol, the Navy announced Friday.

Navy relieves senior Fitzgerald leaders after ‘avoidable’ deadly collision

Adm. Bill Moran, the vice chief of Naval operations, said leadership aboard the guided-missile destroyer was at least partially at fault in the middle-of-the night collision that left seven sailors dead.

Sailors who died in Fitzgerald collision receive posthumous promotions

The Navy has posthumously promoted the seven USS Fitzgerald sailors who perished in a deadly June 17 collision with a merchant ship off the coast of Japan.

USS Fitzgerald will be transported stateside for repairs this fall

The collision-damaged USS Fitzgerald will be transported via heavy lift ship to the United States this fall to undergo further repairs, the Navy said Tuesday.

Japan sees North Korean missiles, Chinese incursions as top security threats

Japan’s latest defense white paper depicts the country as vulnerable to North Korean missiles and hard-pressed to defend its southern territory against China’s rapidly growing and aggressive military.

Navy probe blames captain’s judgment in USS Antietam grounding

The former commanding officer of the USS Antietam was “ultimately responsible” for the cruiser running aground and spilling roughly 1,100 gallons of hydraulic fluid into Tokyo Bay in January, a Navy investigation concluded.

Nimitz carrier group launches its first strikes against ISIS targets

The USS Nimitz officially joined the fight against the Islamic State Monday when it launched its first round of strikes against targets from the Arabian Gulf.

US gives surveillance planes to Philippines to help defeat Islamic militants

The Philippine Air Force received two new Cessna 208B Grand Caravan intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance planes during a ceremony Thursday at Villamor Air Base, Pasay City.

Japan’s maritime force hones skills to protect US Navy vessels

The U.S. and Japan trained together recently to improve the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force’s ability to protect Navy vessels.

Army contractor found guilty of assaulting Misawa Air Base hotel workers

An Army contractor was found guilty Thursday in Aomori District Court on assault charges stemming from an altercation at Misawa Air Base last November.

Yokohama museum displays North Korean spy ship

Get a close look at a North Korean spy ship on display at the Japan Coast Guard Museum in Yokohama.

Navy officials look at giving 7th Fleet a higher manning priority

Sailors could see their chances of deploying to the 7th Fleet increase after Navy officials gathered recently to address personnel gaps in the region.

American-Japanese couple juggles marriage with service to their respective nations

The Reeds, who wed in 2012 and have two children, met while both were stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni. Through careful coordination with their respective services, they managed to secure orders for both to be stationed at Yokosuka.

NCIS special agent to co-author novel with best-selling author James Patterson

Yokosuka-based Naval Criminal Investigative Service special agent Tucker Axum III beat out thousands of other competitors in the James Patterson Co-Author Competition. The organization pairs participants with experts in their field, allowing them to learn from a “master.”

USS Milius deployment to Japan delayed amid ‘incredible’ workload in Asia-Pacific

USS Milius, originally scheduled to arrive this summer, was rescheduled so the ship can undergo additional testing and certification. The announcement comes at a time when 7th Fleet is already down a destroyer.

Pentagon nominates Vice Adm. Aquilino to lead Navy’s 5th Fleet

The Pentagon has nominated Vice Adm. John Aquilino to lead the Navy’s 5th Fleet, as naval forces in the region continue airstrikes against the Islamic State and face increased tensions with Iran.

USS Shiloh sailor admits hiding aboard ship, charged with abandoning watch, dereliction

The USS Shiloh sailor who was presumed lost at sea only to be later found in the ship’s engine room admitted to intentionally hiding from his fellow sailors and has been charged with abandoning watch and dereliction of duty, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Pentagon nominates new commander as 3rd Fleet’s role expands in the Pacific

The Pentagon has announced its pick to lead the Navy’s 3rd Fleet, as its role in the Western Pacific continues to expand amid regional tensions.

Verdict expected this month for civilian worker charged in Misawa hotel assault

A verdict is expected later this month for an Army contractor facing assault and weapons charges stemming from a “physical altercation” at Misawa Air Base, Japan.

Air Force’s largest combat wing welcomes new commander on Okinawa

Brig. Gen. Case Cunningham, who was recently promoted to brigadier general, took command of the 18th Wing — also known as the Shoguns. The force he leads includes nearly 18,000 Americans and more than 4,000 Japanese employees and contractors.

Injured Fitzgerald commander temporarily relieved of duties

The USS Fitzgerald’s commanding officer has been temporarily relieved of his duties because of medical reasons, Navy officials announced Tuesday.

USS Fitzgerald moves into dry dock at Yokosuka for full damage assessment

Officials are trying to determine if the Fitzgerald is able to travel to the states under its own power or will need to be towed there for repairs.

New Zealand navy frigate subs for damaged Fitzgerald during drills

A Royal New Zealand Navy frigate recently filled in for the USS Fitzgerald during training with the USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group in the Western Pacific.

China wary as US, India and Japan prep for Malabar naval drills

The U.S., India and Japan are gearing up for trilateral Malabar naval drills next week amid reports of increased Chinese activity in the Indian Ocean.

Yokohama’s Hamagin Space Science Center is actively educational

It takes years of hard work and training to become an astronaut. For kids looking to get a head start on their path to the stars, Hamagin Space Science Center in Yokohama, Japan, has everything an aspiring spacekid could want.

Nimitz sailors pay tribute to those who fought in WWII’s Battle of Leyte Gulf

The USS Nimitz aircraft carrier held a ceremony at sea Monday to remember the sailors who fought in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, which is considered to be the largest naval contest of World War II.

Navy starts drills with Vietnam days after sailing near disputed South China Sea island

The Navy has kicked off naval drills with Vietnam, just days after sending a guided-missile destroyer near a South China Sea islet claimed by China, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Shiloh sailor who spurred 3-day search released from confinement

A USS Shiloh sailor who was presumed lost at sea only to be found a week later in the ship’s engine room has been freed from the brig while awaiting court-martial.


Thousands pay their respects to lost USS Fitzgerald sailors at Yokosuka

Thousands of people lined the streets of Yokosuka Tuesday to pay their respects to the seven USS Fitzgerald sailors who died after the destroyer collided with a cargo ship off the coast of Japan on June 17.

‘Missing’ Shiloh sailor who launched three-day search now facing court-martial

A USS Shiloh sailor who sparked a massive three-day search after appearing to have fallen off the ship only to be later found in the ship’s engine room is now facing court-martial.

US military community in Japan offers support after USS Fitzgerald tragedy

A number of groups across U.S. bases in Japan have stepped up to assist sailors from the USS Fitzgerald after seven of the ship’s crew members were killed last weekend in a collision off the Japanese coast.

Navy identifies 7 sailors killed in USS Fitzgerald collision near Japan

The Navy has named the seven USS Fitzgerald sailors who died after the destroyer collided with a cargo ship Saturday off the coast of Japan.

Flooding, weak bulkheads remain problems for USS Fitzgerald after collision

Sailors from multiple ships across 7th Fleet are volunteering to assist the USS Fitzgerald’s crew with damage-response efforts in the aftermath of a fatal collision off the coast of Japan.

‘Search and rescue is over’ for missing Fitzgerald sailors, 7th Fleet commander says

The Navy ended search-and-rescue efforts after a “number of sailors” were found dead in the aftermath of the USS Fitzgerald’s collision Saturday with a cargo ship off the Japanese coast.


Damaged Fitzgerald returns to Yokosuka as search continues for 7 missing sailors

Seven sailors are missing and three more, including the commanding officer, were confirmed injured after the USS Fitzgerald collided with a merchant vessel early Saturday off the coast of Japan.

Fenton takes helm of Naval Forces Japan at challenging time

Rear Adm. Gregory Fenton has taken command of Naval Forces Japan, which will be challenged with relocating six aviation units from Naval Air Station Atsugi to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni later this year.

Missing Shiloh sailor found alive on ship

A missing USS Shiloh sailor presumed to have fallen overboard last week has been found alive in the ship’s engineering room, a Navy spokesman said Thursday.

Tacos House YAS kicks Mexican food up a notch with fresh ingredients

Yokosuka has many restaurants offering some form of taco or burrito. Most are mediocre and geared heavily toward young sailors looking for a quick bite after a night of drinking.

Navy identifies Shiloh sailor presumed to have fallen overboard

The Navy has identified a sailor who went missing off the USS Shiloh during routine operations 180 miles east of Okinawa, Japan.

Navy children dress in kimonos, raise money for disaster victims in Japan

Children of Navy personnel in Japan tried on kimonos Sunday to help raise money for earthquake and tsunami victims.

Search underway after USS Shiloh sailor goes overboard near Okinawa

U.S. and Japanese navy ships are searching for a USS Shiloh sailor who went overboard Friday during routine operations near Okinawa.

Liberty Bells depart Japan after 44 years

The Liberty Bells of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 115 said goodbye to Japan after 44 years of service, departing Naval Air Station Atsugi for a new assignment stateside.

Navy’s new ‘fitness suit’ to launch in July

The Navy’s unveiling of a mandatory new “fitness suit” met with a tepid response from sailors based in Japan on Friday.

Navy says short-notice PCS moves will continue for families

Sailors should expect less notice — just two months — when it’s time for them to move to a new duty station, the Navy announced Monday.

See this before it closes July 25

Visitors enter a world of superheroes at Tokyo exhibit

Marvel Comics is giving Tokyo fans an up-close look at iconic heroes like Spider-Man and Captain America during its “Marvel Age of Heroes” exhibition running through July 25.

DOD officially lifts hiring freeze for civilian workforce

A memo signed by Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work authorizes Pentagon leaders to begin filling vacant civilian positions after President Donald Trump issued a government-wide hiring freeze on Jan. 23.

Safari puts African game on your plate in Tokyo

Hungry diners in Tokyo can go on safari without leaving Japan.

Japanese helicopter destroyer to escort Navy ship on supply mission

A Japanese warship will escort a Navy supply vessel for the first time as the allies work to counter North Korean missile threats, Japanese media reports say.

Crew rescued after Navy helicopter crash in Guam waters

The Navy says Thursday's crash happened as the helicopter was conducting routine flight operations. Guided-missile destroyer USS Dewey rescued the pilots and air crewman, who were uninjured.

Auto lender that specializes in loans to US troops is in trouble again

A finance company that engaged in illegal debt collection tactics will be fined an additional $1.25 million for failing to repay servicemembers, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced Wednesday.