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N. Korean leader says Trump will ‘pay dearly’ for threats, hints at weapons test

North Korea’s leader called President Donald Trump “mentally deranged” and a “dotard” on Friday, hinting at new missile tests as the war of words between the two leaders evolved into personal insults.

S. Korea to provide humanitarian aid to North for 1st time since 2015

South Korea approved a plan Thursday to provide $8 million via U.N. agencies to help North Korean children and pregnant women in a bid to separate humanitarian issues from political pressure over the communist state’s nuclear weapons program.

US Forces Korea warns of fake evacuation messages

The command stressed the evacuation order claim was false, saying “USFK did NOT issue this message” and warning recipients not to click on any links or open attachments included in them.

US bombers, jets fly near N. Korean border in show of force after missile test

U.S. supersonic bombers and stealth jets flew near the border with North Korea on Monday, officials said, in a show of force after a senior American diplomat warned the communist state it could face military action if it persists with its nuclear weapons program.


N. Korean missile test raises questions about why allies didn't try to shoot it down

U.S. and Japanese officials said they could have targeted the missile but did not make the effort because it was not aimed at land.

N. Korea hails missile test as step toward ‘equilibrium’ with US

The comments were reported Saturday, hours after the U.N. Security Council convened in an emergency session and strongly condemned the launch that occurred the day before.

N. Korean missile flew over Japan but may have been meant as message for Guam

North Korea defiantly fired a missile over Japan on Friday, achieving its longest such flight less than a week after the U.N. Security Council approved new sanctions aimed at punishing the communist state for its recent and most powerful nuclear test.

N. Korea warns US it will face the ‘greatest pain’ after new sanctions adopted

North Korea warned the United States it will face the “greatest pain” after the U.N. Security Council unanimously adopted new sanctions to punish it for conducting a sixth nuclear test.

S. Korea rejects idea of redeploying US nuclear weapons on peninsula

South Korea said Monday that it’s not reviewing its policy on the redeployment of U.S. nuclear weapons after Sen. John McCain said the idea should be “seriously considered” as a way to counter the growing threat from the North.

Camp Humphreys gives opening dates for key facilities amid growing pains

Camp Humphreys had good news and bad news for its growing population as it announced plans to open several new facilities.

USFK adds 4 launchers to THAAD as protesters clash with police

Protesters scuffled with police Thursday as the United States deployed four additional launchers to complete an advanced missile-defense system in South Korea.

S. Korea on lookout for radiation after North’s nuclear test causes landslides

South Korea said Wednesday that it’s monitoring closely for any signs of radiation after North Korea’s sixth and most powerful nuclear test, which satellite images show apparently caused numerous landslides on the mountain that provided its cover.

US military to complete THAAD deployment in S. Korea despite protests

The U.S. military will deploy additional launchers for an advanced missile-defense system Thursday in a remote area of South Korea despite local protests, the defense ministry said.

S. Korean warships conduct live-fire drills in new show of force against North

South Korean warships took to the sea as the navy began a live-fire drill Tuesday, the latest show of force after the North conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test.


Crisis with N. Korea tests US military response

The usual U.S. response to Kim Jong Un’s saber rattling is to send bombers, fighter jets and warships to South Korea in a show of solidarity and military might. But analysts say President Donald Trump’s administration has several alternatives short of war if it decides to step up its military response.

S. Korea ready to install 4 more launchers to complete THAAD deployment

South Korea is ready to install four more launchers to complete the deployment of a controversial U.S. missile-defense system to counter the growing threat from the North, the defense ministry said Monday.


South Korea stages mock attack on North Korean nuclear-testing site

South Korea fired missiles in a mock attack on North Korea’s nuclear test site Monday, a show of force hours after Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned that the United States would answer any threat from the communist state with a “massive military response.”

Trump condemns North Korea for conducting nuclear test

Donald Trump has bounced between warning he would meet threats from the North with “fire and fury” and urging a diplomatic solution as the growing threat from Pyongyang has emerged as one of his top security challenges.

US sends bombers, stealth jets over S. Korea as tensions rise

Two U.S. supersonic bombers and four stealth jets soared over the Korean Peninsula on Thursday in a powerful display of military might after North Korea fired a missile over Japan and renewed a threat to target the waters near Guam.

Inside the bunker: A look at war games that anger North Korea

A rare look inside the bunker that serves as ground zero for the 2nd Infantry Division at Camp Red Cloud underscores the complicated reality of training for a conflict while the threat is unfolding in real time outside.

Trump warns ‘all options’ possible after N. Korea fires missile over Japan

North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan on Tuesday in one of its most brazen provocations in years, prompting President Donald Trump to warn that “all options are on the table.”

Analysis: Muted response to N. Korean missile test may suggest hopes for easing tensions

The relatively muted response from Washington and Seoul suggests efforts to restore calm and leave the door open for Pyongyang to move onto a diplomatic track are continuing.

North Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles, US says, breaking lull

PACOM’s first news release cited initial assessments indicating that the first and third missiles failed in flight while the second appeared to have blown up almost immediately. But a spokesman later issued updated information saying the first and third missiles did not fail in flight but flew about 160 miles in a northeastern direction.

Missing American teen found in Seoul, spokesman says

A U.S. soldier’s teenage daughter was found safe in Seoul and was reunited with her family Thursday, two weeks after she vanished from Camp Humphreys, a spokesman said.


Many South Koreans shrug off threat from the North during civil-defense drill

Sirens wailed across Seoul and other South Korean cities on Wednesday, signaling the start of a nationwide civil-defense drill to prepare for a possible threat from the North.

North Korean leader orders production of more solid-fuel rocket engines

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered the production of more solid-fuel rocket engines and warhead tips, the country’s state-run media said Wednesday.

Harris says naval operational pause won’t affect ability to defend against N. Korea

A top U.S. commander said the military’s ability to defend against any threats from North Korea won’t be affected by an operational pause by the Navy following a devastating collision that left 10 sailors missing.

US commanders say joint war games key to deterrence as N. Korea vows revenge

U.S. commanders defended joint war games with South Korea on Tuesday as the North warned the United States will face “merciless retaliation” for going through with them.

US, South Korea kick off war games as North issues fresh threat

The United States and South Korea began joint war games Monday, raising fears of a fresh crisis in the standoff with North Korea over its nuclear weapons program.

Father of American teenager missing in S. Korea says last time he saw her was to say good night

The father of an American teenager who went missing from Camp Humphreys more than a week ago says his daughter “is a very happy person” and he and his family desperately want her back home.


What to watch for as war games begin between US, South Korea

Tents have gone up and rows of computers are in place as the United States and South Korea gear up to begin joint war games Monday despite the growing nuclear threat from the North.

US says war games in S. Korea to include fewer troops than last year

The Pentagon said Friday that U.S.-South Korean war games beginning next week will involve fewer American troops than last year.

South Korean soldier killed in blast during artillery drill

One South Korean soldier was killed and six others injured Friday in an explosion during an artillery drill near the border with North Korea, officials said.

No plans to ‘dial back’ joint US-South Korean war games, Dunford says

Gen. Joseph Dunford said Thursday that he has advised U.S. leadership not to “dial back” joint war games with South Korea that are due to begin next week despite threats from North Korea.


Why do so many South Koreans hate THAAD? It’s complicated

How can South Koreans still oppose a U.S. missile-defense system even though the North shows rapid progress in its nuclear weapons program?

S. Korean president says his nation can’t rely only on US for security

In vowing to prevent a new war on the divided peninsula, President Moon Jae-in said Tuesday that South Korea needs to do more to ensure its security.

N. Korea puts Guam plan on hold as sides move to de-escalate crisis

North Korea’s leader put on hold a plan to fire missiles near Guam as all sides expressed a desire to pull back from the brink in the worst crisis to face the divided peninsula in years.

‘Nobody’s looking for a war,’ Dunford says in Seoul

The United States is prepared to defend South Koreans and Americans against “a limited attack” by North Korea, the Pentagon’s top military official said Monday.

Senior South Korean diplomat says Trump threats sowing confusion

A South Korean presidential adviser expressed concern about President Donald Trump’s recent threats to the North, breaking the new administration’s silence on the escalating rhetoric between the two sides.

Defiant N. Korea rejects talks, says it might fire 4 test missiles at once to Guam's vicinity

North Korea on Thursday defiantly rejected President Donald Trump’s “fire and fury” warning, unveiling a detailed plan to launch a salvo of missiles toward the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam.

For its 'temple food,' Balwoo Gongyang boasts a Michelin star

Balwoo Gongyang, near the popular tourist district of Insadong in downtown Seoul, opened in 2009 as a way to promote Buddhist temple food, which it promises on its website will make the “body and mind healthy.”

Rising tensions dash South Korea’s hopes for talks with North

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has found himself balancing his desire for dialogue with North Korea with a need for punishing sanctions and strengthening defenses as the communist state has test-fired a steady drumbeat of missiles.

N. Korea threatens Guam after Trump warns North of ‘fire and fury’

North Korea threatened Wednesday to rain down missiles on the U.S. island territory of Guam after President Donald Trump warned that threats from the North “will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

South Korean general, wife accused of treating conscripts like ‘slaves’

Issues concerning possible military abuses receive a lot of attention in this U.S.-allied nation because all able-bodied South Korean men are legally required to serve about two years in the military.

North Korea threatens to retaliate against US for sanctions

North Korea lashed out Monday against tough new U.N. economic sanctions, threatening to retaliate against the United States and insisting its nuclear weapons program is not up for negotiation.

North Korean missile worries grow on eve of armistice anniversary

Concern about North Korea’s rapidly advancing nuclear weapons program rose Wednesday as officials prepared to mark the 64th anniversary of the armistice that ended the Korean War.

Jill Stein leads US activists in protesting THAAD in South Korea

Former U.S. presidential candidate Jill Stein called for a halt to the deployment of an advanced U.S. missile defense system in South Korea, saying it’s more likely to stoke a conflict than protect people against the North.

N. Korea calls South’s efforts to improve ties ‘nonsense’; Seoul still hoping for talks

A day before South Korea hoped to hold talks aimed at easing border tensions, North Korea’s main newspaper called efforts to improve ties “nonsense” as long as Seoul maintains what it called confrontational policies and a dependence on the United States.

N. Korea lacks ability to strike US ‘with any degree of accuracy,’ general says

Officials have said the missile – called Hwasong-14 – reached an altitude of about 1,550 miles and traveled about 580 miles before crashing into the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

2nd Infantry Division gets new commander amid rising tensions with N. Korea

Maj. Gen. Scott McKean took command of the Army’s 2nd Infantry Division on Tuesday, inheriting a combined force that is gearing up to complete a long-delayed relocation south even as it faces a growing threat from North Korea.

South Korea offers olive branch to North with proposal for border talks

South Korea’s new government proposed rare talks with the North on easing border tensions and holding family reunions, offering an olive branch despite rising tensions over the communist state’s nuclear weapons program.

N. Korea may have boosted nuclear weapons stockpile with plutonium production, experts say

Recent thermal images show intermittent activity at the radiochemical laboratory that suggests the production of “an undetermined amount of plutonium” at the North’s Yongbyon nuclear facility, 38 North said Friday.

8th Army celebrates opening of new headquarters on Camp Humphreys

The 8th Army marked the inauguration of its new headquarters on Tuesday, a milestone in more than a decade of efforts to relocate the bulk of U.S. Forces Korea south of Seoul.

Outgoing 2ID commander: Rotational units increase readiness in S. Korea despite critical report

The outgoing 2nd Infantry Division commander defended the use of rotational forces as the best way to maintain readiness against an increasingly threatening North Korea despite a recent report concluding that forward-based units would be more efficient.

North Korea warns US bombing drills risk pushing peninsula to ‘tipping point’

North Korea’s state-run media called the peninsula the “world’s biggest tinderbox” and said the deployment of U.S. strategic assets was playing with fire.

US sends B-1B bombers in show of force after North Korean ICBM test

A pair of supersonic bombers fired inert weapons at a range in South Korea, the Air Force said Saturday, in a show of force days after North Korea tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile.


Reaction to ICBM test underscores lack of good options in dealing with N. Korea

The U.S. administration warned it’s prepared to use military force if necessary after North Korea ratcheted up tensions this week by test-firing a missile that may be capable of hitting Alaska.


US, S. Korea respond to North’s ICBM test with missiles of their own

The exercise came as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirmed that North Korea fired an ICBM on Tuesday, a move that sharply raises the stakes in the international standoff over the communist state’s nuclear weapons program.

5 North Korean defectors sail to safety in the South, officials say

Four men and one woman were found Saturday evening after South Korea’s coast guard responded to a military request to check an unidentified boat off the peninsula’s east coast.

Operation Kiddy Car: Keeping a Korean War hero’s memory alive

A group of survivors, advocates and researchers is determined to keep alive the memory of an Air Force chaplain who led a campaign to save nearly 1,000 orphans as Chinese and North Korean forces closed in on Seoul in 1950.


Summit between US, South Korean presidents a chance to ‘open the aperture’

South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in and US President Donald Trump will meet for the first time at a summit Thursday in Washington. The novice leaders face potential disagreements over issues such as North Korea policy, trade and the stalled deployment of a U.S. anti-missile battery.

USS Dewey won’t participate in trilateral exercises with S. Korea, Japan

The guided-missile destroyer USS Dewey has left a South Korean island after making a port visit to complete “required maintenance” and won’t participate in upcoming joint war games, a Navy spokesman said Wednesday.

Training tunnel will keep US soldiers returning to front lines in S. Korea

U.S. soldiers are getting ready for a historic move from the front lines to new quarters south of Seoul, South Korea, as part of a relocation plan that has been in the works for more than a decade.


Trump may be signaling North Korean policy shift with China tweet

President Donald Trump told China thanks for trying to help with North Korea but “it has not worked out,” in what analysts said may signal a possible policy shift days after the death of a U.S. student who had been detained by the isolated state.

US sends supersonic bombers over Korean Peninsula

Two U.S. supersonic bombers flew over the Korean Peninsula while a guided-missile destroyer visited a southern island Tuesday in the latest shows of force against a defiant North Korea.

Dozens of S. Koreans hold pro-USFK rally to counter 2ID concert boycott

Dozens of South Koreans waved American flags and signs with slogans like “Deploy THAAD immediately” and “Strong ROK-US alliance” during a rally Monday to support the 2nd Infantry Division after several musicians boycotted a recent concert celebrating its centennial.

Guided-missile destroyer Dewey to visit S. Korean island ahead of joint war games

A guided-missile destroyer will make a port call to the South Korean island of Jeju on Tuesday ahead of joint maritime exercises, the Navy said, amid rising tensions with the North.

North Korean man swims south to defect, South Korean military says

A North Korean man defected to South Korea on Sunday after swimming south with plastic foam pieces on his shoulders to help keep him afloat, the military was quoted as saying.


North Korea says American student was released on ‘humanitarian grounds’

North Korea said Thursday that it released an American university student “on humanitarian grounds,” making its first official statement on the issue two days after Otto Warmbier was sent home to Ohio in a coma.

Army’s 1st openly gay general celebrates advances during pride observance in S. Korea

The U.S. military's first openly gay general says advances in granting rights to the military’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community have increased the ability “to fight tonight” in South Korea.

USFK holds evacuation drills amid rising tensions with North Korea

As North Korea conducted missile tests and the new U.S. administration threatened preemptive military action, many Americans living among the Camp Humphreys military community wondered what to do if war ever broke out.

Suspected North Korean drone spied on THAAD, South’s military says

A drone believed to have been sent by North Korea took photographs of an advanced U.S. missile defense system in South Korea, a defense ministry official said Tuesday.

S. Korea’s new president says threat from North Korea ‘more dire’ than ever

South Korea’s new president called for a stronger alliance with the United States and urged the combined forces to maintain a firm defense posture as they face a growing threat from the North.

South Korea says it will abide by US missile defense agreement

Saying North Korea poses a “very serious and urgent threat,” South Korea’s national security adviser said the new government will abide by the agreement with the United States on deploying a controversial missile-defense system.

8th Army trombone player meets role model at Philadelphia Orchestra concert in Seoul

An 8th Army Band member got to cross an exciting item off his bucket list thanks to a visit by the Philadelphia Orchestra — meeting his role model, world-renowned bass trombonist Blair Bollinger.

U-2s, other aircraft redeploy while Osan’s Korean War-era runway is rebuilt

U-2 spy planes, fighter jets and other aircraft have been deployed off the peninsula as the Air Force temporarily halts flights from Osan Air Base while it begins rebuilding a Korean War-era runway.