Dianna Cahn

Pentagon: Military-civilian disconnect could endanger all-volunteer force

Americans are less connected to the military than ever before and Defense Department leaders — facing what could amount to a recruitment crisis in coming years — has started to take note.

Sick children – including several from Walter Reed – fly to Santa’s workshop

Call it magic. For a few hours on a snowy Saturday before Christmas, some of the sickest children among us forgot that they were sick.

One Marine’s journey: summoning the courage to go back to Vietnam

Every time John Musgrave saw a picture of a contemporary Vietnamese soldier he was consumed by the terror and hatred that had taken hold of him in 1967, when he watched his buddies go down one by one on the battlefield until finally it had been his turn.

Bureaucracy, economic woes, logistics slow return of electricity in Puerto Rico

More than two months after Hurricane Maria, the list of what’s needed to fix the island’s devastated electrical grid is staggering: 60,000 poles; more than 6,000 miles of electrical wire and tens of thousands of electricians – much of it from the mainland.

The last straw: Puerto Rico's vulnerable — veterans, the elderly — outmatched by Maria

The top commander of the U.S. military response pulled out last week, along with troops and helicopters, saying it was time to transition to the next phase of recovery. But the most vulnerable – among them the island’s aging veterans – are still overwhelmed.

Study: Work-life balance difficult for military families

For years, issues of pay and benefits have been high on the list of concerns that servicmembers and their families have about their military lifestyle.

Veterans Day in Puerto Rico: A time for thanks as crisis mode ends

For the more than 95,000 veterans in Puerto Rico, Veterans Day marks the tremendous pride many there have in their service. They put on their uniforms, don their pins, badges and caps and stand proud as they are recognized. Saturday’s commemoration had all of that. But Hurricane Maria’s aftermath was very present, too.

In the mountains of Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria still rules

The roads are mostly clear, so now some supplies can get in. But life in this mountain region in the heart of Puerto Rico is still very much in the grips of Hurricane Maria.


San Juan VA hospital eases burden of veterans in storm aftermath

Since the one-two punch of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the emergency room at the VA hospital in San Juan has been operating at maximum capacity. In many instances the VA has kept people after they were stabilized, simply because they had nowhere else to go.

Reservists deliver aid to storm-ravaged areas of Puerto Rico

Because of the enormity of the devastation, the assignment of Army Reserve soldiers in Puerto Rico has been extended long after they would have handed off to other entities.

Documentarians peel back decades of pain in 'The Vietnam War'

The camera captured something unthinkable: American veterans going back to Vietnam and embracing men who once tried to kill them. It’s a culminating chapter in the long journey home from war for these veterans and it punctuates the final episode of “The Vietnam War,” the epic documentary by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.