Dianna Cahn

Study: Work-life balance difficult for military families

For years, issues of pay and benefits have been high on the list of concerns that servicmembers and their families have about their military lifestyle.

Reservists deliver aid to storm-ravaged areas of Puerto Rico

Because of the enormity of the devastation, the assignment of Army Reserve soldiers in Puerto Rico has been extended long after they would have handed off to other entities.

Documentarians peel back decades of pain in 'The Vietnam War'

The camera captured something unthinkable: American veterans going back to Vietnam and embracing men who once tried to kill them. It’s a culminating chapter in the long journey home from war for these veterans and it punctuates the final episode of “The Vietnam War,” the epic documentary by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.

Love, protest, music and ‘madness’

1967 was a time of change and hard questions, a coming of age for a generation with bipolar views about the war.

The sacrifice at home: Military spouses bear economic burden in service to their country

After her husband was medically retired from the Marine Corps in 2015, Patricia Ochan set aside her career as a lawyer with a cybersecurity degree to become a full-time caregiver to her husband while raising their young child.

Veterans among victims of Las Vegas shooting, others fought to save lives

No active duty servicemembers were among the dead or injured, the Pentagon said, but reports of National Guard, reserve and military veterans are slowly emerging from the horrific scene.

Army officer under fire for inflammatory social media posts

Second Lt. Spenser Rapone's tweets supporting communism went viral on social media, sparking outrage. The posts went up within days of his arrival at Fort Drum for his first assignment as an officer.

VFW, American Legion: NFL protests disrespectful to vets; others disagree

Top veterans organizations jumped into the fray this week over whether National Football League players sitting or kneeling during the national anthem is an affront to patriotism, “disrespecting” active-duty and former servicemembers. Fueling the controversy were tweets from President Donald Trump insulting protesting players and calling for them to be fired.

Air Force: Investigators reviewing statements by outspoken chaplain Hernandez

After initially denying an investigation, the Air Force said Friday that its inspector general’s office is reviewing complaints against reserve chaplain Capt. Sonny Hernandez, who proclaimed that Christian servicemembers are wrong to support the rights of other faiths to practice their religion, actions that he said will lead them to hell.

Air Force chaplain comments raise debate on religious freedom vs. personal faith

The Air Force said Tuesday it stands behind a Reserve chaplain who has come under fire for saying that Christian servicemembers should not support the rights of other religions to practice their faith because “that will lead them to hell.”


Ken Burns: 10-part documentary sheds light on Vietnam War

“The Vietnam War” turned into an 18-hour, 10-part project that took a decade to complete. It involved poring through 100,000 photographs, spending thousands of hours with archival footage and recordings, talking to 1,000 witnesses and ultimately, telling stories from 79 perspectives.