Dianna Cahn

Congress has 1 more week to negotiate 2017 spending bill

Over many of their own protestations, lawmakers voted Friday to avert a government shutdown by extending a temporary 2017 spending bill for one more week. The stopgap measure, known as a continuing resolution, is aimed at giving negotiators from both congressional chambers time to complete a consensus omnibus spending bill.

Pardons give deported veterans hope, but no promises

The California governor on Saturday pardoned Army veteran Hector Barajas-Varela and two other honorably discharged veterans who were deported from the United States after serving prison terms for criminal convictions.

Advocates: Virginia Beach failing military families with special-needs children

The Virginia Beach City Public School district has many programs supporting military families that are often recognized for excellence. But when it comes to special education, some military families say Virginia Beach is failing their children.


Falling through the cracks: Military families say their special-needs children are especially vulnerable

When Navy Capt. Cassidy Norman was assigned executive officer of the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman, he and his wife, Michelle, were relieved. They were going back to Virginia Beach — where they’d lived before and knew to be a good fit for their severely disabled daughter. But they soon concluded that they were in a battle — with their daughter’s future hanging in the balance.

Lawmakers largely support Syria strike, but say Trump must consult with Congress

Lawmakers in both parties Friday largely supported the U.S. airstrikes targeting Syria in the wake of a nerve gas attack by the Syrian government on its own people.

Groups say Marines slow in integrating women into combat arms jobs

Critics say the Marine Corps is trailing the Army in integrating women into combat arms jobs, opening some roles but not addressing barriers to ground combat officer positions.

Fathers of 3 slain Green Berets: Jordanian soldier murdered our sons

The fathers of three Green Berets killed in Jordan in November declared Tuesday that, in the wake of Army and FBI investigations, they believe their sons were murdered by a Jordanian soldier standing guard outside the air base where they were staying during their deployment.


Officials envision a Navy win in Trump’s military buildup plan

“If you consider the Navy is like a corporate entity, it’s the entity that has the right product for the time,” said retired Vice Adm. Peter Daly, chief executive officer of the U.S. Naval Institute.

Army 75th Ranger Regiment to get its first female soldier

A female soldier has become the first to pass the selection course for the exclusive Army 75th Ranger Regiment and will become the first female special operator in the military sometime in the spring, a spokesman for the unit said.

Some veterans will join women’s march to protest after Trump inauguration

In keeping with tradition, military and veterans groups are participating in all aspects of Friday’s inauguration, from ceremonial roles to logistical ones. Less traditional is the participation of veterans and some military members in a day-after protest.

Kerry: 'America first' could be a dangerous policy

The United States is facing the most challenging global security environment in recent memory, two key Obama administration officials warned Tuesday as they urged the next administration not to turn its back on the world.