Dianna Cahn

Fitzgerald collision hearing brings ship's ongoing radar problems into focus

Faulty radar was a way of life on the USS Fitzgerald and was a key contributing cause for its collision with a merchant vessel June 2017 in the busy waters off the coast of Japan.

Special visas dwindle for Afghan, Iraqi interpreters

Thousands of Afghans and Iraqis and their families have entered the U.S. since Congress enacted The Afghan Allies Protection Act in 2009 and a similar program for Iraq a year earlier. But the numbers of Afghans requesting the visas have surpassed the numbers allocated.

Army loosens restrictions on privileges for noncitizen recruits in MAVNI program

After more than a year of essential lockdown for noncitizen military recruits stuck in entry training programs, the Army has issued a policy memo loosening restrictions on privileges for these soldiers in recognition of their status, performance and conduct.

Wounded Warrior Project on the rebound financially following dismal 2017

Chief Executive Officer Mike Linnington said Wounded Warrior Project, which offers a myriad of services to wounded veterans and their families, has finally turned the corner after a long and difficult slump in donations.

California governor challenges Trump on National Guard role at Mexico border

California Gov. Jerry Brown has said that he wanted the National Guard to help prevent cross-border criminal and gang activities but would not allow his forces to be used to aid in rounding up “desperate mothers and children or unaccompanied minors.”

Greitens scandal casts shadow on Mission Continues veterans charity

Three separate investigations are looking at reports that a donor list belonging to The Mission Continues was obtained and used by the Greitens for Governor campaign — which would violate laws governing nonprofits and could cost the charity its tax-exempt status.

National Guard will add aerial surveillance at Mexico border

A primary role of the National Guard posted to the Mexico border will be to provide added aerial surveillance, the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection told Congress on Thursday.


Air Force technical sergeant loses rank over racially charged video

A noncommissioned officer in the Air Force whose profane video rant about black female subordinates at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada went viral earlier this year has been demoted, according to her personnel file.

Foreign-born recruits, promised fast track to citizenship, stuck in ‘mindless bureaucracy’

Well-educated Army recruits in the Military Accessions Vital to National Interest program are finding themselves sidelined and under suspicion, many stalled wherever they were when the rules changed in late 2016.

‘Unauthorized vehicle’ crashes, driver dies, on Travis Air Force Base

An unauthorized vehicle crashed shortly after it gained access through the main gate at Travis Air Force Base in Northern California late Wednesday, fatally injuring the driver, according to a statement from the base public affairs.

4 charged with using 'Wounded Warrior' name to collect donations

Using a variation on the name of one of the most well-known veterans charities, four suspects in Indiana have been charged with bilking people out of $125,000, according to federal and local law enforcement in Indiana.