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Policy experts urge Congress to back new round of base realignments and closures

A bipartisan group of policy experts issued an open letter Monday urging members of Congress to drop their opposition to what would be the first round of BRAC in more than a decade, saying it could save billions of Pentagon dollars and offset spending on other military needs.


Israeli program brings elite units together to begin psychological healing

Ben Chitrit was a paratrooper — trained, fit, ready. When a disturbance came in the middle of the night, he reacted instinctively, as if the war he had left years earlier had reached the shores of his idyllic island retreat.

Trump’s 2018 Navy budget calls for more Tomahawk cruise missiles

If the Navy gets what President Donald Trump’s budget requested, one item on its 2018 shopping list will be 100 Tomahawk cruise missiles, including 66 to replenish those fired in the last year at targets in Syria and Yemen, according to the service.

Senator's findings: Wounded Warrior Project on the right track after addressing problems

A senator’s investigation into the Wounded Warrior Project after allegations of lavish spending last year has concluded that there were problems, but the organization is working to repair them.

Marines zero in on overseas contingency operations with 2018 budget request

More than half of the funding for the Marine Corps in fiscal year 2018 will be spent on personnel, but the force will remain constant at its current goal of 185,000.

Navy looks to increase personnel, ship maintenance with 2018 budget

With a presidential budget request that seeks to restore naval readiness, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson said Wednesday that he is “hopeful” the Navy is heading in the right direction after a long stretch of wear on its ships, aircraft and sailors.


McCain: US 'woefully unprepared' to fight Russian cyber attacks

Russian meddling in elections around the world is not slowing, and the United States does not have full capability to defend its key infrastructure from their rapidly growing cyber threats, Adm. Michael Rogers, director of the national security agency and the U.S. Cyber Command, acknowledged Tuesday.

Wounded Warrior Project donations drop $70 million, but CEO says charity is on the rebound

Donations to the Wounded Warrior Project veterans’ charity plummeted in the second half of the 2016 fiscal year, down $70 million, according to newly released financial records. The drop reflects a charity in crisis after last year’s uproar that led to the ouster of the top two executives.

Special Ops general: Rate of deployment 'unsustainable'

At the front of nearly every fight the U.S. is engaged in around the world, special operations forces are deploying at a rate that is “unsustainable,” their top commander said Thursday.


Defense gets big boost in proposed bipartisan spending deal

A bipartisan spending deal reached by lawmakers this weekend provides a $25 billion increase for defense spending and, if passed, will jump-start the military buildup that President Donald Trump has promised.

Congress has 1 more week to negotiate 2017 spending bill

Over many of their own protestations, lawmakers voted Friday to avert a government shutdown by extending a temporary 2017 spending bill for one more week. The stopgap measure, known as a continuing resolution, is aimed at giving negotiators from both congressional chambers time to complete a consensus omnibus spending bill.