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A Green Beret says the military failed to detect his cancer. Now he seeks to hold the government accountable.

A Green Beret may be dying of cancer. Military doctors may be to blame. But a law prevents servicemembers from suing the government for anything. Now, Sgt. 1st Class Rich Stayskal is fighting two battles. One, for his life. The other for the lives of others in similar situations.


A military family, divided: After deportation, a Marine veteran’s wife searches for a future

Alejandra Juarez was deported Aug. 3, leaving behind her home of 22 years, where she and her Iraq War veteran husband, Cuauhtemoc or “Temo,” had two American children and planted roots. Now, they are a family divided.

'We are just tired of this fight:' Special-needs families say military is still failing them

Eight years after Congress set in motion legal requirements for the military “to enhance and improve Department of Defense support around the world for families with special needs,” and create an office to provide direct oversight, those families say the military has failed to live up to those requirements.

US-led coalition fight against ISIS in Syria, Iraq 'far from over'

The Islamic State problem in Iraq and Syria is “far from over” and U.S. and coalition forces are not letting up on efforts to neutralize ISIS fighters from cities where they still have strongholds, military officials said Tuesday.

Final plea: Combat veteran's wife facing Friday deportation reaches out to Trump

Alejandra Juarez and her husband, Sgt. Cuauhtemoc “Temo” Juarez — who came to the U.S. from Mexico as a child and naturalized days before his Iraq deployment — always expected that one day, in recognition of his service, she too would be naturalized. But after two decades of building a life here, Juarez is set to be deported.

USS Fitzgerald junior officer enters no plea in arraignment for court-martial

Lt. Natalie Combs did not enter a plea Monday at her arraignment for a general court-martial on charges stemming from the deadly collision involving the USS Fitzgerald Navy destroyer last year.

Votel: Time for Pakistan to step up in peace efforts in Afghanistan

A successful cease-fire between Afghan forces and Taliban fighters last month helped create an “unprecedented opportunity” for peace efforts in Afghanistan, and now Pakistan – as a key regional player - must step up to the plate, the top commander of U.S. operations in the region said Thursday.

Former Fitzgerald commander pleads not guilty to criminal charges from collision

Details of the USS Fitzgerald collision revealed Cmdr. Bryce Benson was in his quarters the night of the collision leaving a more junior officer to serve as officer of the deck. Seven sailors died aboard the Fitzgerald on June 17, 2017.

Senators urge Pentagon to rethink sending military lawyers to be immigration prosecutors

The senators' letter came just hours after the Pentagon confirmed that it had approved sending 21 active-duty and reserve judge advocates to help the Justice Department with its growing backlog of cases created after the government adopted a policy to prosecute adults who cross the border illegally.

2 USS Fitzgerald officers face courts-martial in wake of fatal collision a year ago

Prosecutors portrayed the defendants as failing in their jobs — not using the tools at their disposal properly, not trying to get faulty equipment fixed and therefore failing to see close calls in busy waters over the course of the night — in the moments leading up to the 2017 collision.