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Indian helicopter lands for the first time on a US Navy ship deck

The UH-3H helicopter landed on the USS Anchorage, an amphibious transport dock ship carrying personnel with 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

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Army dog handler found dead in Alaska home during welfare check

Alaska law enforcement officers discovered the body of Sgt. Jorden Thomas Williams, who was stationed at Fort Wainwright, during a welfare check that had been requested by family members living outside the state.

Oahu’s Ka Moana Luau offers a family-friendly feast for the eyes — and the stomach

Sea Life Park’s Ka Moana Luau is among the best on Oahu, offering diners a bountiful banquet — as well as activities for young and old, a gorgeous seaward vista and hula dancers aplenty.

Air Force looks to use fleet’s largest cargo plane for medical evacuations

Nearly as long as a football field, the Super Galaxy has significantly more capacity than the C-17, the largest aircraft used by the Air Force for aeromedical evacuations in the cargo area.

Air Force looks to use fleet’s largest cargo plane for medical evacuations

The Air Force is moving ahead to certify the cargo hold of its largest plane, the C-5M Super Galaxy, for use in medical evacuations for both casualties of war and victims of natural disasters.

Combat-capable Coast Guard cutter to homeport in Honolulu

Arriving from Pascagoula, Miss., where it was built, the Kimball is the seventh of the Coast Guard’s new breed of national security cutters to enter the fleet since 2008.

Agency imposes further limits on Navy training harmful to sea mammals

The National Marine Fisheries Service announced Thursday additional measures to protect marine mammals from “incidental” harm caused by Navy vessels training and testing in waters near Hawaii and California.

Pentagon awards Lockheed a $585M subcontract to create Hawaii-based missile radar

Homeland Defense Radar-Hawaii system would identify, track and classify long-range ballistic missiles while they are in mid-course flight. Interceptors would be fired from outside Hawaii.

Oahu’s Kukaniloko Birthstones State Monument offers the chance to explore the birthplace of Hawaiian royalty

Treading the five-acre Kukaniloko Birthstones State Monument is to stroll upon the bellybutton of Oahu island. It was here, long before the first Europeans stepped foot on this island chain, where the pregnant wives of Hawaii’s chiefs came to give birth.

Soldier killed in 2009 Battle of Kamdesh to receive Distinguished Service Cross

In 2009, soldiers stationed at Combat Outpost Keating fought one of the deadliest battles of the long war in Afghanistan. Staff Sgt. Justin Gallegos, who was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his actions, will have that medal upgraded to the country’s second highest award for valor.

Civilian pilot hospitalized after jet crashes off Honolulu coast during military exercise

A civilian pilot was hospitalized Wednesday after his plane crashed about five miles off the coast of Honolulu during a military exercise by the Hawaii Air National Guard, military officials said.