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Coast Guard judging whether drones have place in service during monthlong Hawaii testing

The testing is intended to provide Coast Guard leaders with an assessment of the capabilities and limitations of unmanned vessels.

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Army holds supervisor responsible for uniformed reservists’ Democratic convention appearance

Two Army Reserve soldiers who appeared in uniform in a broadcast segment of the Democratic National Convention in August will not be disciplined for the breach in rules, but their supervisor will be, according to a news report.

If Navy wants that sailor for a lifetime career, treat ‘em like family, study suggests

Retention of personnel is a priority for the military, but the factors influencing why some sailors stay in while others leave are not fully understood, according to a study published this month in the journal Military Medicine.

Coronavirus outbreak aboard Roosevelt carrier ended swiftly with sailors isolated ashore, study says

The USS Theodore Roosevelt’s coronavirus outbreak peaked March 30 with 30 new infections. Roughly a quarter of the ship’s crew were ultimately infected during the outbreak. Six sailors were hospitalized, and one died.

Airmen can now grow their hair longer thanks to dress and personal appearance revision

The service approved the revision to its regulations on Sept. 15, the latest in a series of changes made in effort to “enhance inclusiveness."

Destroyer USS Stout breaks Navy record with 208 consecutive days at sea

The guided-missile destroyer USS Stout broke a U.S. Navy record Saturday for remaining at sea for almost seven months, the Navy said.

Guam Coast Guard receives first of three fast-response cutters planned for the island

The three Sentinel-class cutters will eventually replace Guam’s 110-foot Island-class patrol boats that the Coast Guard has been using for about three decades.

Marine Corps begins field testing pistol that will replace models used since Cold War

The Marine Corps Systems Command began fielding the Sig Sauer pistol, based on the company’s Model P320, earlier this month, the Marine Corps said in a news release Wednesday.

Congressional Gold Medal for famed Merrill’s Marauders awaits president’s approval

The Marauders were named for Brig. Gen. Frank Merrill, who led the Army unit as it fought behind Japanese lines in Burma during the war.

Guam exercise serves as laboratory for Air Force’s goal of an advanced warfare network

This year’s Valiant Shield exercise, which concludes on Friday, involves about 11,000 personnel from the Navy, Air Force, Army and Marine Corps. Roughly 100 aircraft are involved in the U.S.-only exercise, which is intended to hone joint warfighting capabilities.

Navy ousts Norfolk shipyard commander after losing confidence in his leadership

The decision to oust Capt. Kai Torkelson as Norfolk Naval Shipyard cpmmander was based on his oversight of the shipyard’s output, not due to a single specific incident, according to a Navy spokesperson.