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‘A gnarly journey’: Skydivers jump in all 50 states to raise awareness for veterans

The jumps were intended to raise awareness of Operation Enduring Warrior, a veteran-founded nonprofit organization with programs to aid wounded military and law enforcement veterans with physical and emotional rehabilitation.

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Mattis cancels China trip after Chinese, US Navy destroyers nearly collide

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Tuesday that U.S.-Chinese relations have not worsened despite canceling his visit to the rival nation one day after a Chinese ship veered within 45 yards of a U.S. Navy destroyer.

Chinese destroyer almost hits US Navy ship in South China Sea

The USS Decatur was conducting a routine freedom-of-navigation patrol Sunday near Gaven Reefs when the People’s Republic of China destroyer Luyang approached the ship.

Chinese destroyer imperils Navy ship with ‘unsafe’ move in South China Sea

SUGHED: Chinese destroyer imperils Navy ship with ‘unsafe’ move in South China Sea

'Magnificent' scenery, elevation was breathtaking for US troops training in Himalayan foothills

“Joint Base Lewis-McChord is at about sea level,” said Col. Leo Wyszynski, commander of the 1-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team. “We’re at about 7,500 feet here at Fort Chaubattia, which is great for our soldiers as they conduct physical training in an oxygen-depleted environment."

Hawaii lab turns over remains of 64 South Korean soldiers in airfield ceremony

The remains of 64 South Korean soldiers began their final journey home Thursday following a repatriation ceremony in Hawaii that included a front-row audience of American veterans of the Korean War.

Remains of 64 South Korean soldiers to be repatriated this week

South Korean officials and dignitaries will attend a ceremony at Hawaii’s Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam to accept and repatriate the remains of the soldiers killed during the Korean War from 1950 to 1953.

Battered dog tag is family's precious bond to father identified from Korean War remains

Charles McDaniel, Jr. held onto a precious few things that made his father real. A handwritten letter and a single memory of his dad sweeping him up in his arms. Now there is the dog tag. “This was around my father’s neck,” he said with a tone of wonder that he could ever be this close to him.

Aussie and US sailors celebrate 100 years of ‘mateship’ at Pearl Harbor

Australia's HMAS Hobart made its first international port visit to Hawaii Tuesday as a part of a celebration of 100 years of “mateship” between two the U.S. and Australia.

Food truck trend hits Waikiki, bringing good eats and a casual atmosphere — but just temporarily

Throngs of diners are drawn in by the hubbub of a popular Honolulu food truck haven — but most stay for the diversity of offerings, which includes everything from Hawaiian, Thai, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese and even Laotian food.

Army officer, ‘Amazing Race’ runner-up vies for Ms. Veteran America crown

Lt. Col. Tara Carr will compete against 24 other finalists in the Ms. Veteran America competition, which celebrates current and former female servicemembers' military service and history of advocacy, next month in Los Angeles.