Wyatt Olson

Hawaii emergency agency puts kibosh on fallout shelters beneath Diamond Head crater

Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency fielded a wave of media inquiries after a Hawaii state legislator suggested the World War II-era underground tunnel complex at Diamond Head could be revamped into bomb shelters.

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Navy to commission ship honoring WWII’s first Medal of Honor recipient

On Saturday, the Navy will commission the USS John Finn, its latest Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer. The ship will be homeported in San Diego, but given Finn’s immortal connection with Hawaii, officials decided it was fitting to commission it there.

No-frills Hawaiian Railway takes passengers on the only working railroad on Oahu

If you want to get off the beaten track on Oahu, then get on the beaten track. Railroad track, that is.

Hawaii-based Army sergeant charged with attempting to support Islamic State

An Army sergeant in Hawaii has been charged with attempting to provide classified military documents and training to the Islamic State.

China steps closer to military dominance in South China Sea with missile shelters, hangars

China has not built missile shelters on two other islands it has militarized in the Spratly Island chain — Subi and Mischief reefs — but it has constructed fighter jet hangars and surveillance arrays on all three.


Pearl Harbor aviation museum displays famous warbirds of the Pacific

The Pacific Aviation Museum brochure suggests a tour of this expansive throng of aircraft will take an hour, maybe 90 minutes. That’s a highly optimistic — unless, of course, you fly through it.

US-Australian alliance key in stopping spread of ‘ISIS disease,’ PACOM chief says

Adm. Harry Harris was in Australia to kick off the Talisman Saber exercise the following day, which will bring together more than 33,000 troops from both countries for training that will include two amphibious landings.

Dismissal of Glock’s bid protest clears way for Army sidearms by Sig Sauer

The dismissal earlier this month of a bid protest by firearms maker Glock Inc., over a $480 million handgun contract clears the way for the Army to begin using its newest version of a sidearm in more than 20 years.

Satellite images show China’s newest sub-hunting aircraft now deployed to South China Sea

Satellite images taken in May show that China’s newest submarine-hunting aircraft have been deployed to its southern province of Hainan on the South China Sea. The planes were photographed while on the ground at Lingshui Air Base, which is in the southeastern part of the island province.

Compensation claim period opens for Guam victims of WWII Japanese occupation

More than 1,100 Guam residents were killed during the Japanese occupation, according to the War in the Pacific National Historical Park. Compensation is based upon what survivors endured.

Army Reserve colonel identified as victim in Hawaii fishing boat accident

The Army on Friday identified Col. Kirk R. Slaughter, 49, as the soldier who died in a fishing boat accident in Hawaii on Thursday.