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Navy deploys salvage ship to NATO migrant mission

The Navy is sending a civilian salvage ship to join a NATO mission targeting smugglers in the Aegean Sea.

Under former Navy commander, clarity on threats in Europe

As he ended his tenure as commander of U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa on Tuesday, Adm. Mark Ferguson said he sees proof, as he looks around the European theater, that the Navy is again taking the Continent seriously.

1st African-American woman takes command of joint unit in Naples

Adm. Michelle Howard took the reins of U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa and NATO Allied Force Joint Command here on Tuesday, becoming the first woman and African-American to assume command of the joint billet.


Truman finds a familiar mission in a new, Mediterranean setting

The enemy is the same, as are the bombs being dropped against them. Only the setting has changed.

Truman launches airstrikes against Islamic State from Mediterranean

The USS Harry S. Truman launched airstrikes against Islamic State targets from the Eastern Mediterranean on Friday, a first in the nearly two-year long campaign against the group, U.S. European Command announced.

Navy: No decision on hospital downsizing in Italy

The Navy surgeon general says no decision has been made about how to downsize base hospitals in Naples and Sicily.

Kerry: Navy ship to join NATO mission against migrant smuggling

A U.S. naval vessel will join a NATO deployment targeting smugglers in the Aegean Sea, Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters on Thursday.

Navy’s highest-ranking female officer to command Europe, Africa

As vice chief of naval operations, Adm. Michelle Howard is the second-highest-ranking officer in the Navy and one of its chief advocates for new policies.


Jobs, not geopolitics, biggest concern near Romanian missile base

When asked about the new American base in the nearby village of Deveselu, 59-year-old bakery employee Ilie Stoica mimicked the whistle of an incoming bomb and pantomimed an explosion. “Russia!” he laughed.

Navy joining search for EgyptAir flight missing on flight to Cairo

The U.S. Navy is joining the search for a missing EgyptAir flight believed to have crashed in the Mediterranean Sea.

Bagels in Naples? Yep, and they’re good at Hoop Bagel and Salad

Add bagels to the list of new food offerings in Naples, a city still dipping its toe into non-native fare.

Navy breaks ground on Poland anti-missile site

Poland will break ground on the northern European wing of the U.S. missile shield Friday, a day after Russia condemned the defense umbrella as an act of aggression as Romania inaugurated rocket batteries to the south.

US certifies missile site, tries to reassure Russia

The U.S. and NATO declared their missile interceptor system here ready for operations on Thursday while attempting to reassure Russia it is not the target.

European missile shield marks milestone as new threats emerge

The United States on Thursday will move a step closer to establishing a missile shield over Europe at a time when new threats are emerging that could curb its utility.

Better NATO coordination needed to ease Baltic Sea tensions

The Navy destroyer USS Donald Cook left the Baltic Sea this week after a visit that raised new concerns over increasingly contested waters.

Busy as always, command ship USS Mount Whitney turns 45

From a bridge wing of the USS Mount Whitney, executive officer Lt. Cmdr. Chris De Leon pointed out the exterior radar arrays to be swapped out during a coming maintenance period.

Museum displays artifacts from naval support site in Italy

Few people were surprised when construction crews working on the future U.S. Navy support site in the farming town of Gricignano in the mid 1990s began uncovering artifacts. Those artifacts are displayed today in the Archeological Museum of Agro Atellano.

Navy mulling whether Russian jet encounter violates agreement

The Navy’s top officer will ultimately decide if the latest encounter between Russian jets and a U.S. warship rise to a violation of the two navies’ agreement on conduct at sea.

Commissaries look to limit cyber breaches

The military wants to shore up an agency vulnerable to cyber-attacks — the one overseeing its 240 commissaries.

Russian missiles prompt Navy to look at ships’ close-in defenses

The addition of a new weapon on a warship already bristling with advanced systems might not seem like a big deal for the U.S. Navy in Europe.

Aviano splits with Naples, Sigonella to open softball play

The Wildcats and Jaguars each finished 3-1, although the two teams never played each other, a matchup that comes later this month in Sicily. Aviano finished 2-2, while Vicenza wrapped its first four games without a win.

Naples takes two; Aviano wins for first time in two seasons

Wildcats host Saints, Vicenza and Sigonella as baseball season opens in Italy with eight games in two days.

EUCOM: Armor brigade rotations to begin in 2017

The U.S. Army will begin rotational deployments of an armored brigade combat team in Europe starting next February, the military announced Wednesday, in a move that will raise the number of American troops on the Continent in response to a more assertive Russia.

Military downgrading 3 hospitals in Italy

The military will downgrade three of its hospitals in Italy to outpatient clinics within the next three years.

Missile defense task force stands up in Naples

U.S. 6th Fleet formally established its new air and missile defense task force here Thursday, giving added weight to one of the Navy’s primary missions in Europe.

New missile task force marks growing mission in Europe

At first glance, not much will change when Navy Capt. Jeffrey Wolstenholme assumes command of U.S. 6th Fleet’s new air and missile defense task force Thursday. That doesn’t mean that Wolstenholme’s job will remain the same.

Pizzeria Brandi in Naples invented the Margherita pizza

As birthplace of the Margherita pizza, Pizzeria Brandi in downtown Naples secured its place in the city’s pie-making pantheon long ago.

Marine’s death in Iraq highlights risks of 'noncombat' role

The death this weekend of a Marine in Iraq highlights the risks faced by the growing number of American troops purportedly serving in noncombat roles on the ground against the Islamic State group.

NATO's Aegean mission grows, moves south

Two more warships have joined a NATO mission to stop smugglers bringing migrants across the Aegean Sea, an effort soon to extend south of the Greek island of Lesbos.

Bus break-in ends Seattle Seahawks cheerleader tour of Europe military bases

When in Rome ... don’t leave your tour bus unguarded.

DARPA drone opens new possibilities for vertical takeoff aircraft

Placing rotors on a fixed-wing aircraft means making trade-offs in performance. What makes for stable, land-anywhere hovering often slows aircraft speed and limits range. An experimental aircraft might come a little closer to the best of both worlds.


'Mother of All Battles' lasted only 100 hours

Saddam Hussein had boasted the coming ground war between the U.S.-led coalition in Saudi Arabia and his Iraqi forces occupying Kuwait would be the “Mother of All Battles.”

Navy cuts housing costs by moving admirals on base

Three years after it was singled out for the high cost of housing its admirals, the Navy command in Naples, Italy has cut expenses by moving most of its flag officers on base.

Ancient Naples street offers the best of the city

Naples is known for its pizza, churches and ancient ruins, a trifecta that can easily be found on Via dei Tribunali, one of the city’s oldest thoroughfares.

Navy aircraft returning to former Cold War base in Iceland

The Navy is asking for funds to upgrade an aircraft hangar at its former base in Keflavik, Iceland, as part of the DOD’s fiscal 2017 budget request, according to Navy officials. The hangar will house the P-8 Poseidon, successor to the sub-hunting P-3 Orion once stationed at the base.

'Serial': Bergdahl says toxic battalion commander prompted walk-off

A corrosive commander. An unclear mission. An inflated sense of his own abilities. The factors that pushed Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl to walk off his post in eastern Afghanistan in 2009 were the focus of the sixth and latest installment of the podcast “Serial,” which is examining Bergdahl’s case.