Matt Burke

Landfill work begins on controversial Futenma relocation facility in Okinawa

The new U.S. military runway will eventually facilitate the relocation and closure of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma. A small protest movement — backed by popular support — has stood fervently opposed to the relocation of Marine air operations within the prefecture.

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Japanese high court upholds guilty verdict for Okinawan protest leader

An appeal was denied Thursday for Hiroji Yamashiro, an anti-base protest leader who was convicted in March of a string of offenses that included cutting barbed wire on a fence surrounding a U.S. military installation.

Stray bullet that struck Okinawa farmer’s shed came from Marine Corps firing range

Investigators have concluded that a Marine's failure to follow firing range procedures was responsible for a June 21 incident where a bullet broke two windows in a mango farmer's shed near Camp Schwab.

Vigilance: Dog teams work to keep America’s largest Pacific air base safe

U.S. and Japanese military working dogs - and their handlers - took part in a bilateral training exercise last month, part of the constant drive to keep these dog teams' skills sharp.

Japan’s Self-Defense Forces consider all-female training units to accommodate growing recruit numbers

The island nation is finding it increasingly difficult to accept female recruits with its existing units stretched to capacity, the Jiji Press news agency reported, and is considering all-female training units in response to higher numbers of female trainees.


Saving lives and making ice cream: Kadena AB's cryogenics lab critical to Pacific operations

Nestled close to Kadena’s flight line sits a small, unassuming off-white building with nondescript lettering on the side. Without it, operations at the largest air base in the Pacific would screech to a halt.

Business as usual: Cash, weapons flow between US and Saudi Arabia following Khashoggi’s death

Money and military hardware have continued to flow between Riyadh and Washington in the weeks since the Oct. 2 killing of Washington Post contributor and U.S. resident Jamal Khashoggi, despite calls in Congress and elsewhere for a halt in arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

Okinawa-based Marine faces multiple sexual-assault charges in April incident

A member of the Okinawa-based III Marine Expeditionary Force must answer to multiple charges in the April sexual assault of a female Marine who was reportedly too intoxicated to consent.

Japanese fighter jet makes emergency landing at US air base on Okinawa

A jet from the Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s 9th Air Wing landed at about 9 a.m. after the pilot reported seeing a hydraulic system warning light 32 minutes earlier. No injuries were recorded.

Wayward mortar damages civilian vehicle as Japanese soldiers train east of Kyoto

The mortars came from the JGSDF’s 37th Infantry Regiment, the Asahi newspaper reported Thursday. It is believed that the soldiers had dialed in the wrong setting ahead of the drills.

Former paratrooper is second US veteran arrested in connection to brutal killing on Taiwan

Jason Hobbie was arrested Oct. 18. He is now the fourth suspect and second U.S. military veteran being held in the death of a 43-year-old Canadian man killed and dismembered with machetes on Taiwan.