Matt Burke

PT deaths spurred Air Force to screen for sickle cell trait ahead of fitness assessments

The addition of sickle cell trait screening to the questionnaire was made in direct response to several high-profile training deaths. Three physical fitness training deaths have occurred in the force in the past six months.

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Capturing the soldier’s perspective: Exhibit honors Vietnam War-era cartoonist Vernon Grant

Cartoonist and Army officer Vernon Grant is being honored with an exhibit showcasing his work at The National Stars and Stripes Museum and Library in Bloomfield, Mo. It runs until Nov. 30.

Mother Coffee on Okinawa offers hot, fresh take on sweet or savory pancakes

Scientists believe that pancakes — in one form or another — may have been eaten as far back as prehistoric times, so it’s hard to find a fresh take on the universally adored food item.

Guam-based sailor dies after losing control of motorcycle, crashing into guardrail, report says

Petty Officer 2nd Class James Dyer, 23, was taken to Guam Memorial Hospital after a motorcycle accident. He died the next day.

US and Taiwan strengthen ties by signing agreement to formalize consular functions

The U.S. regards the status of Taiwan as unsettled and supports the island with arms sales and other measures, such as by steaming warships through the Taiwan Strait that separates the island from China.

Toritama’s heavy, delicious chicken nanban dish something special

Chicken nanban might not seem like a novel concept, but in 1965 when the chefs at Ogura restaurant in Miyazaki first put tartar sauce atop their fried chicken — already slathered in sugared vinegar — it started a culinary revolution.

Spokesman for DODEA’s Pacific schools arrested on suspicion of driving drunk on Okinawa

DODEA public affairs official Paul Stevenson, 56, was taken into custody at approximately 5:30 a.m. Sunday, according to Kadena police.

Japanese sailor killed by propeller while working on aircraft engine

The sailor was working with several others in a hangar to detach the engine from a P-3C Orion when it fell. He was struck by its propeller.

Japan Coast Guard seeks charges for Marine Osprey pilot involved in 2016 crash

Coast Guard officials requested that the unnamed Marine pilot be charged with negligence resulting in an aircraft crash under Japanese aviation law, which could bring three years in prison or up to $1,863 in fines.

Beach patrol complains about US litterbugs at popular island destination near Okinawa

The issue was first raised on Labor Day, Sept. 2, when the Zamami Island beach patrol posted photos of litter to Instagram. Village officials said the trash was left by both Japanese and U.S. military visitors to the island.

Protesters block Marine boat launch at port on Okinawa

The incident started at approximately 7 a.m. Tuesday when a Marine truck towing a 32-foot boat arrived at Motobu Port from Camp Schwab. The Marines were met by about 100 Okinawan demonstrators and turned away after a nine-hour protest.