Matt Burke

Marine Corps helicopter makes ‘precautionary landing’ at Japanese airport

No damage or injuries were reported after a U.S. military helicopter made an emergency landing Wednesday at an airport on the island of Kyushu, Marine Corps and Japanese officials said.

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Marine gets 4 years with hard labor for drunken-driving death of Okinawa man

Lance Cpl. Nicholas James-McLean, 22, had been charged with negligent driving causing death and driving under the influence of alcohol in the Nov. 19 head-on collision that took the life of Hidemasa Taira.

Japan to upgrade island air defenses in response to China

Japan's Ministry of Defense plans to upgrade the FPS-2 radar already in place on the island with a fixed warning and control radar that can interface with the Japan Aerospace Defense Ground Environment system.

Navy investigates after Bible was included in Okinawa POW/MIA display

Officials were first alerted to the issue Thursday evening, when a complaint was received from the New York-based Law Office of Donald Rehkopf Jr. on behalf of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and 26 families on Okinawa. It was addressed to Rear Adm. Paul Pearigen, Navy Medicine West commander.

Advocacy group pushes Navy to remove Bible from Okinawa POW/MIA display

A nonprofit group dedicated to safeguarding servicemembers’ constitutional right to religious freedom has lodged a formal complaint with the Navy after a Bible was spotted in a POW/MIA “Missing Man” table display at U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa.

Honor vs. dishonor: The story of the Pacific’s 4th Marine Regiment

Rumors have swirled among Marines that the 4th Marine Regiment is doomed to wander the Pacific — much like the mythical ghost ship The Flying Dutchman — due to the dishonor over surrendering. It is the largest organized Marine unit to ever do so in battle.

Breaking rocks: ‘Correctional Custody Unit 2.0’ coming soon to Okinawa

“CCU 2.0” is a penal institution and program that provides intensive training — such as combat fitness, educational coursework, formal uniform inspections, values-based relapse prevention and hard labor — to give commanders an alternative to discharging undeveloped or immature servicemembers who get in trouble.

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force to experience ‘biggest restructuring’ ever

Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force will undergo a sweeping reorganization this week designed to improve responses to natural disasters and incursions from countries like China.

Okinawa-based Army unit holds its 1st comprehensive live-fire exercise on the island in a decade

The day-and-nighttime training at Camp Schwab was designed to ensure that all soldiers — even the Army’s cooks, paralegals and mechanics — are ready for any situation that might pop up in the Pacific.


USS Juneau, final resting place of the Sullivan brothers, found off Solomon Islands

The USS Juneau became a symbol of wartime sacrifice after it was sunk by a Japanese torpedo during the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942. Nearly 690 sailors – including five Iowa brothers known as “The Sullivans” – went down with the ship.

Prosecutors seek 6 years with hard labor for Marine charged in drunken-driving death on Okinawa

Lance Cpl. Nicholas James-McLean was charged with negligent driving causing death and driving under the influence of alcohol after a Nov. 19 head-on collision took the life of a 61-year-old Japanese man.