Matt Burke

Pair of Okinawa-based Ospreys make emergency landings in Japan

No injuries or damage were reported after two Marine Corps tiltrotor aircraft made separate precautionary landings Tuesday in Japan.

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Okinawa to hold special election Sept. 30 in wake of anti-base governor’s death

A special election to choose a replacement for Takeshi Onaga, who died suddenly of pancreatic cancer on the evening of Aug. 8, has been set for Sept. 30.

Work on Guam's $8.7 billion portion of Pacific realignment gaining momentum, officials say

Guam is undergoing a metamorphosis that will see about 4,000 Okinawa-based Marines relocate there in the mid-2020s. While no firm date has been set for the massive project’s completion, military leaders on Guam say they’ve overcome significant challenges to keep things on track since ground was broken.

Sexually charged behavior draws outrage at MCCS Okinawa bodybuilding competition

The 19th annual Far East Bodybuilding Competition was supposed to be a celebration of months of training — but overly sexual comments from emcees have now drawn a flurry of complaints from participants and spectators alike.

Vice governor duo to fill in after sudden death of Okinawa’s Onaga

A pair of vice governors will take turns leading Japan’s southern island prefecture following the sudden death of Okinawa Gov. Takeshi Onaga.

Okinawa’s anti-base governor dies of pancreatic cancer at 67

Okinawa’s anti-U.S. base governor died of pancreatic cancer Wednesday evening, less than two hours after officials announced he would step down temporarily due to health concerns.

Bill seeks combat pay for Korean War POWs — some who were imprisoned for years

American troops in war zones have received combat pay since 1952. Yet for one group of warfighters, Korean War POW-MIAs, the supplemental compensation was capped at three months for their entire time in captivity.

Judge tosses suit seeking to block Okinawa base relocation over endangered species

A U.S. district court judge has thrown out a lawsuit brought by environmental groups looking to block Marine Corps Air Station Futenma’s relocation within Okinawa because of an endangered species.

Nicholson bids farewell to III Marine Expeditionary Force on Okinawa

Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Robert Neller called Lt. Gen. Lawrence Nicholson the service’s “most operationally experienced and capable commander.” Nicholson is planning to retire after over 30 years of service in the Marines.

Okinawan group collects over 100,000 signatures for relocation referendum

The Henoko Referendum Group wants voters to decide whether to fill in a section of Oura Bay so that a Marine Corps runway can be built at Camp Schwab. That runway would facilitate Futenma’s closure and relocation to the remote northern coastal base.

Sailor accused of slashing Okinawa man’s neck after vandalizing vehicle

In a separate weekend incident on Okinawa, a 23-year-old airman was arrested on drunken driving accusations shortly after 12:30 a.m. Saturday after hitting a vehicle and fleeing the scene.