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Banned pollutant detected in water running under Marine base on Okinawa

High levels of a banned pollutant have been detected in water running under Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, a year after the substance was found in streams and underground water wells adjacent to Kadena Air Base.

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Veterans honor famed war correspondent Ernie Pyle as signs, memory fade

Every year since 1952, Okinawa’s American Legion Post 28 has made a solemn pilgrimage to Ie Shima to honor the life of famed World War II correspondent Ernie Pyle.

Japan responded to record number of Chinese, Russian aircraft in fiscal year 2016

Japanese jets scrambled a record number of times to intercept foreign aircraft approaching its airspace in fiscal year 2016, according to figures released Thursday by Japan’s Ministry of Defense.

Nuke-sniffer aircraft arrives on Okinawa as tensions rise on Korean peninsula

A U.S. aircraft that specializes in detecting radioactive debris after the detonation of a nuclear device has arrived on Okinawa amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Protester bites cop outside US military base on Okinawa

A woman was arrested Thursday after authorities said she bit a police officer outside a Marine Corps base on Okinawa – one of three arrests that day near U.S. military installations on the island.

Visa denials lead Guam to oppose Marine Corps move

Gov. Eddie Calvo said Guam will no longer support a planned U.S. military buildup critical to realignment plans in the Asia-Pacific region, unless the federal government allows more foreign workers to come to the island.

Cambodia kicks out Navy Seabees with no explanation

Cambodia has canceled a longstanding Navy program that provided humanitarian assistance throughout much of the country, in a sign that U.S relations with the Southeast Asian nation may be in decline.

4 US servicemembers arrested over the weekend on Okinawa

Four arrests — two on drunken-driving charges — mark the most over a single weekend for servicemembers on Okinawa since a string of alcohol-fueled incidents last year inspired protests and efforts to combat the problem.

Okinawa Zoo offers a pleasant day out among the animals

The Okinawa Zoo and Museum is a nice, clean, little zoo. The animals are well fed and taken care of; you can tell this by watching the dedicated staff. There are lions, giraffes, elephants, hippos, bears and a whole lot in between.


Navy artists record military history on canvas

Since World War II, sailors with the Naval History and Heritage Command’s Combat Art Program have been deploying with paints and brushes to tactfully record U.S. naval history.

Zakimi Castle witnessed intrigue in Okinawa's Ryukyu kingdom

Zakimi Castle in Yomitan might be a great place for family or wedding photos, a picnic, to read a book or just for solemn reflection, but it is much more than that. It is the story of Okinawa and its people.