Matt Burke

Marines suspend use of illumination flares after ‘several’ land off base on Okinawa

Mortar flare rounds were found Thursday and Friday outside training grounds near Camp Hansen.

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Best authentic Chinese cuisine on Okinawa awaits at Ryu’s Dining

Chinese food back home in Massachusetts always consisted of greasy, over-battered chicken fingers; tough-as-leather strips of teriyaki beef; Rangoons devoid of any crab; and fried rice that tasted like it was already a day old.

Coast Guard to name new cutters after reservists who died responding to 9/11 attacks

Petty Officer 2nd Class Vincent Danz was a New York City police officer in the Bronx, and Petty Officer 1st Class Jeffrey Palazzo was a New York City firefighter. They were among many first responders who lost their lives on 9/11.

Marines fire commander of award-winning transport unit after less than five months on the job

Lt. Col. Jeremy Davis was fired Monday from his post as commander of 3rd Transportation Support Battalion. Marine officials did not respond to requests Wednesday seeking specifics on why Davis was fired.

In military first, Army gives Marine Corps rocket system platoon a lift off Okinawa

The Marine Corps on Okinawa is working to improve its ability to defend the southernmost islands of Japan, and the Marines’ M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, or HIMARS, is a key weapon in its arsenal.

Sailors arrested on Okinawa after disturbance that involved damage to a police car

Sailors Desmond Ruffin, Mark Elam, Colter Krebill, and Todd Casselman were described as acting “violently” at restaurant in Okinawa's Onna village Sunday evening.

Marine visiting Okinawa with USS Boxer accused of assaulting local bar manager

Sgt. Jeison Mendez is suspected of punching a bar manager in the face and chest and body slamming him to the ground during a liberty port call Wednesday in the Okinawan city of Naha.

Eight-pound part falls from special ops aircraft and lands at US air base on Okinawa

A torque tube from the landing gear was missing during an aircraft inspection Friday morning at Kadena Air Base and later found on a U.S. airfield, a report said.

PT deaths spurred Air Force to screen for sickle cell trait ahead of fitness assessments

The addition of sickle cell trait screening to the questionnaire was made in direct response to several high-profile training deaths. Three physical fitness training deaths have occurred in the force in the past six months.

Capturing the soldier’s perspective: Exhibit honors Vietnam War-era cartoonist Vernon Grant

Cartoonist and Army officer Vernon Grant is being honored with an exhibit showcasing his work at The National Stars and Stripes Museum and Library in Bloomfield, Mo. It runs until Nov. 30.

Mother Coffee on Okinawa offers hot, fresh take on sweet or savory pancakes

Scientists believe that pancakes — in one form or another — may have been eaten as far back as prehistoric times, so it’s hard to find a fresh take on the universally adored food item.