Dave Ornauer

Typhoon 22W (Soulik), #10

Forecast track edges west again; Sasebo and Korea’s southeast coast should get some of Soulik.

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Dragons counting on quality, not quantity

Kubasaki opens camp with 27 players, so keeping them healthy is a key for season's success.

Guam might have numbers to contend for title again

Panthers have 12 returners from last year and are strong on the line, giving them hope they can match up better this season with island powers.

Tropical Storm 20W (Bebinca), # 6 FINAL

Bebinca continues moving west away from Hong Kong; all warning signals canceled.

Tropical Storm 19W (Leepi), # 8 FINAL: All clear at Sasebo

Fleet Activities Sasebo sets All Clear as Tropical Storm Leepi moves on.

Tropical Storm 18W (Yagi), #24 FINAL

Yagi arcs southwest of Okinawa, remains on track to make landfall and die out over eastern China.

Typhoon 17W (Shanshan), #24 FINAL: All clear in Kanto Plain

U.S. bases in the Kanto Plain set TCCOR All Clear as Shanshan skirts up east coast away from Tokyo.

Hurricane 10E (Hector), # 6 FINAL

Hector weakens to Category 3 hurricane, forecast to pass between western Hawaiian islands, Johnston Island.

Tropical Depression 15W (Jongdari), #42 FINAL

Jongdari continues journey across East China Sea with Shanghai in its sights.

Tropical Depression 13W, #5, plus four others

Warning Signal 1 raised for Hong Kong, expecting some effect from TD Son-tinh.

Tropical Storm 12W (Ampil), # 22 FINAL: Okinawa enters TCCOR 4

Ampil accelerating away from Okinawa; maximum gust 44 mph Saturday afternoon at Naha; 106 flights canceled.