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Seven Springs does a fresh take on Korean fare

Seven Springs, a buffet chain focused on healthful, fresh fruits and vegetables, is a refreshing change from the meat- and rice-heavy dishes found at a typical Korean eatery.

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US warns North Korea against tests during regime celebrations

A top U.S. diplomat warned Pyongyang on Wednesday that any rocket launch or nuclear tests conducted during this weekend’s key political anniversary would bring further international punishment to the regime.

Photos show no prep for North Korea launch or nuclear test

There is no evidence that North Korea is preparing for a rocket launch or nuclear test, despite rampant speculation that it might stage such an event to mark the birthday of its ruling party, a top official with a U.S. research institute said Monday.

Army joins other services with breast-feeding policy

The Army has issued a policy requiring that mothers be given time to breast-feed and express milk on the job, making it the final branch of service to adopt a policy.

South Korea making a case for reunification to kids

South Korea’s government, worried about growing apathy toward the prospect of reunification with North Korea, has taken its campaign to the elementary level — literally.

North Korea rocket launch not imminent, monitoring group says

North Korea is unlikely to launch a rocket by Oct. 10, despite widespread speculation the communist nation might do so to mark the 70th anniversary of its ruling party, according to some analysts who monitor North Korea’s movements.

South Korea says it's producing 'mini' surveillance drones

As North Korea watchers look for signs of a missile launch in upcoming weeks, South Korea’s defense acquisition agency has announced it is producing “mini” drones for surveillance.

American extradited to South Korea to face trial in 1997 stabbing death

Arthur Patterson was 18 and the dependent of a U.S. Forces Korea contractor when Cho Joong-pil, 22, died of multiple stab wounds in a Burger King bathroom.

South Korean sentenced for selling fake USFK jobs

A former Camp Stanley employee has been sentenced to five years in prison for fraud and related charges after selling nonexistent base jobs to more than two dozen South Koreans.

North Korea says it's restarted nuclear facilities, threatens US

North Korea said Tuesday it has resumed operations at a key nuclear facility and is prepared to use nuclear weapons against the United States.

Military has important role to play in health crises, DOD official says

Last year’s Ebola virus outbreak demonstrated that the U.S. military has an important role to play in such a health crisis, a top Department of Defense official said Thursday.

Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise ends after dramatic 2 weeks

The U.S. and South Korea ended their annual Ulchi Freedom Guardian war games Friday after a tense two weeks that brought the two Koreas to the brink of conflict and, ultimately, to a negotiated deal to back off.

Camp Casey school to welcome its final students Monday

Casey Elementary School will open Monday for its final year as the number of command-sponsored families in Area I shrinks due to the upcoming relocation of most U.S. forces in South Korea.


Agreement to ease Korea tensions raises hope of better relations

The two Koreas’ ability to defuse an escalating crisis raises hopes that they may be able to negotiate other improvements in their tangled relationship and suggests that youthful North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un may be shrewder than most people thought, analysts say.

US, South Korea considering show of force, media report

South Korea’s news agency reported Monday that the U.S. and Seoul were discussing the deployment of B-52 bombers or nuclear-powered submarines to the peninsula as three days of marathon talks have not eased the latest crisis between the rival Koreas.

US Forces Korea vigilant as Korean talks stretch into third day

With saber-rattling in full swing on both sides of the Demilitarized Zone, the two Koreas engaged in a third day of marathon talks Monday to defuse their latest crisis without looking weak at home.

North, South Korea agree to talks at border village

Military officials say the hastily-called meeting, announced Saturday afternoon, is expected to avert immediate military action by the North.

Libertine is a standout among restaurants in Itaewon and Haebongchon

With its high ceilings and sleek black, white and gray interior, Libertine feels like a French bistro, the kind of place where you would take clients you hope to impress or linger after a romantic dinner.

Military exercises not ‘game changers’ for US-North Korea relations, study says

Every year, U.S.-South Korean military exercises draw a strong rebuke from North Korea, who not only complains about the provocative nature of the war games, but also issues threats of destruction and retaliation.

US, South Korea ignore North Korea’s protests, launch war games

Amid protests from North Korea, the U.S. and South Korea quietly kicked off their annual Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise Monday.

Land mine blast highlights difficulty of monitoring Korea's long DMZ

A recent incident in which two South Korean soldiers were injured by a land mine highlights the near impossibility of thoroughly monitoring a swath of land that’s 160 miles long and 2½ miles wide.

South Korea has few options to land mine attack, experts say

South Korea announced a series of measures this week aimed at deterring another North Korean land mine attack, from broadcasting anti-Pyongyang messages across the Demilitarized Zone to changing patrol times for its soldiers.

S. Korea vows retaliation against North after land mines hurt 2 soldiers

South Korean officials are vowing to retaliate against North Korea for recently planting land mines that seriously injured two South Korean soldiers last week.

US naval command’s new South Korea headquarters nears completion

After five years of planning, construction on U.S. naval command’s new headquarters in South Korea is nearing completion, and a number of personnel have already relocated from Seoul to the port city of Busan.

US, South Korean task force probes anthrax procedures at Osan Air Base

A joint U.S.-South Korean task force on Thursday visited the Osan Air Base facility where a live anthrax sample was mistakenly shipped last spring.

Bermuda in Itaewon offers a good option near U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan

Bermuda, within sight of Yongsan’s walk-in Gate 5, is restaurant with a prominently featured, well-stocked bar.

Report: US has mapped North Korean underground escape facilities

A South Korean military journal says the U.S. Army has mapped a network of secret underground facilities in North Korea, based largely on defector accounts, that the provocative country’s leaders could use to hunker down or escape if war were to break out.

Blast near DMZ wounds 2 South Korean soldiers

Two South Korean soldiers were seriously injured Tuesday in an apparent land mine explosion south of the Demilitarized Zone.

For some, court cases show 'understanding of democracy has grown' in South Korea

In the fog of battle and then in the lean decades after the Korean War, South Korea’s authoritarian government squelched dissension and at times branded critics as communists. But in several recent legal cases, South Koreans have successfully held the government responsible for wartime deaths and other actions undertaken in the name of national security.

US, Korean officials to visit Osan to review anthrax procedures

The Osan Air Base laboratory where 22 people were possibly exposed to anthrax after a live sample was mistakenly sent there will get a visit from U.S. and South Korean officials next week.

USFK working with Korea on anthrax safeguards

U.S. Forces Korea said Friday it is continuing to work with South Korea on a review of its biological defense programs to ensure they continue in a safe and effective manner.

South Korea to spend $2.5B to upgrade F-16 fleet

The U.S. State Department has approved a possible $2.5 billion sale in F-16 upgrades to South Korea as part of Seoul’s effort to revamp its aging fighter fleet.

Job failures cited in Korean workers' deaths at Camp Humphreys

Failure to meet deadlines and pay contractors on time may have contributed to the deaths this past spring of three South Koreans working on the U.S. Army’s massive expansion of Camp Humphreys, according to local police.

US-Korea task force to investigate anthrax shipment

The U.S. and South Korea have formed a joint task force to investigate how a live anthrax sample entered the country undetected this spring, and to determine what steps are needed to prevent a reoccurrence, according to South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Korean Red Cross stepping up DNA testing for possible family reunions

Amid a backlog of requests from aging war survivors, the Korean Red Cross is dramatically expanding its collection of genetic material from South Koreans separated from their families during the Korean War.

Stolen valor can also be a problem among active-duty troops

A groundswell of support for U.S. troops after more than a decade of war has led some to take advantage of that goodwill — lying about military service for adoration and financial gain.

Ashley Rowland

Ashley graduated from the University of Alabama, and worked as a reporter at the Gainesville Sun and the Chattanooga Times Free Press before coming to Stars and Stripes’ Seoul bureau in April 2007. She is currently working on a master’s degree in international relations at Troy University.

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