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Mattis urges Senate to approve $30 billion boost for military

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Wednesday went to the Senate to make the case for a boost in defense spending this year and met with skepticism from Democrats and indications of the tough political road ahead.

White House budget proposal cuts domestic spending, boosts military

The White House will release a budget blueprint Thursday that includes $603 billion for defense in 2018 as well as an additional $30 billion in defense spending this year, said Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Senate vote allows McMaster to retain 3 stars as Trump adviser

The Senate voted Wednesday to allow Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster to stay on active duty and retain his three stars as national security adviser.

Senators skeptical of top Marine's vow to change service culture in wake of photo scandal

Democrats on the Senate Armed Services Committee told Gen. Robert Neller on Tuesday that they were skeptical of his promises to change the Marine Corps culture in the wake of a nude photo-sharing scandal.

Votel: More conventional forces could be used to stabilize Syria

The general in charge of U.S. Central Command said Thursday that more conventional military forces might be needed in Syria in the future for stability operations.

Marine Corps defends subdued response to nude photo scandal

The sergeant major of the Marine Corps said Wednesday that the service has toned down its response to a nude photo-sharing scandal because it could impede an investigation and prosecution.

Senate panel gives nod to McMaster's 3-star status

The Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday recommended that White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster should be allowed to continue serving in the position as an active-duty, three-star general.

Senate Marine veteran pushes new war authorization

A Marine veteran newly elected to the Senate is hoping to reignite calls for Congress to pass its first new war authorization of U.S. military operations in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere since 2002.

House bill requires Pentagon report on firefighting foam pollution at bases

A House budget bill unveiled this week requires the Defense Department to submit a report to Congress on how potentially dangerous firefighting foam has affected drinking water around its former and current military bases.

Aboard carrier, Trump touts plans for big Navy fleet

President Donald Trump said Thursday he spoke with the Navy and shipbuilding industry about a major expansion of the U.S. fleet as he pushes ahead with a proposed boost to defense spending.


Trump touts increased military spending but some lawmakers call for more

In his first address to Congress, President Donald Trump on Tuesday touted his plans to build up the military with more spending, a promise he has pursued since his campaign.

McCain, Thornberry: Trump's proposed defense spending hike isn't enough

The Republican chairmen of the Senate and House armed services committees said Monday that President Donald Trump’s proposal to boost defense spending by $54 billion for fiscal year 2018 is not enough.

Rieckhoff denies claims IAVA misused grants

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America founder and CEO Paul Rieckhoff has denied allegations that he had pressured the staff to misuse grant money and mislead donors.

Former DOD comptroller: Be skeptical of military claims of readiness crisis

A former Defense Department comptroller said Tuesday the public should be skeptical of the dire warnings of a readiness crisis coming from the military this year.

Thornberry: US unlikely to send large ground force to Syria

The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said Thursday that he doubts the United States will send a large-scale ground force to fight in the Syrian war after reports the Pentagon might consider the option.

Lawmakers urge Marines to clear platoon exonerated of killing Afghans

House lawmakers on Thursday urged the Marine Corps to publicly clear the names of 30 special operators dogged by false claims that they indiscriminately killed Afghan civilians a decade ago.

McCain: Russian missiles, military moves testing Trump

Russia is testing President Donald Trump with its treaty-busting deployment of cruise missiles and other recent military provocations, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Wednesday.

Republicans join renewed calls for probe after Flynn resigns

Top Senate Republicans on Tuesday joined a renewed call by Democrats on Capitol Hill for a full investigation of the Trump administration’s ties to Russia following the resignation of National Security Adviser Mike Flynn.

Former NATO general warns against Russia partnership in Syria

The former U.S. supreme allied commander of NATO said Thursday that Russia has little interest in fighting the Islamic State group and the United States should be wary of partnering with the country in war-torn Syria.

Military: Maintenance workers getting waivers to Trump hiring freeze

The military is keeping work going at its depots and shipyards by giving needed maintenance employees waivers to President Donald Trump’s federal hiring freeze, the services’ four vice chiefs said Wednesday.

House looks to rebuild as military warns of shortfalls

The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said Tuesday that a new Congress and president could begin repairing the military this year as uniformed leaders again painted a grim picture of depleted forces.