Hana Kusumoto

Japan to upgrade island air defenses in response to China

Japan's Ministry of Defense plans to upgrade the FPS-2 radar already in place on the island with a fixed warning and control radar that can interface with the Japan Aerospace Defense Ground Environment system.

Japan considers placing surface-to-ship missiles on mainland Okinawa, reports say

There have been calls in Tokyo to install the missiles in response to China’s navy transiting the 180-mile straight between Okinawa and Miyako in the East China Sea.

Ship that participated in Pearl Harbor attack found off Japanese coast

Discovery of the destroyer Isokaze was kept from the public until this month to distance the find from a highly publicized survey on the legendary World War II superbattleship Yamato, which was found nearby in the 1980s.

Japanese fishermen to seek compensation after F-16 ditches fuel tanks into lake

An F-16 Fighting Falcon assigned to Misawa Air Base’s 35th Fighter Wing dropped two external fuel tanks into Lake Ogawara after an engine caught fire shortly after takeoff on Tuesday morning. No one was injured in the incident, and the aircraft was able to return safely to the base.

Okinawan murder victim’s family to seek compensation from US government

The family of an Okinawan woman slain by a former U.S. base worker plans to seek reparations from the U.S. government because the convicted killer is unable to pay a court-ordered settlement.

Futenma-based Osprey drops part in latest aviation incident on Okinawa

No injuries or damage has been reported after a large piece from a Marine Corps aircraft was lost this week off the coast of Okinawa.

Okinawa’s anti-base movement suffers major setback with election loss

The movement to halt the relocation of Marine air operations within Okinawa prefecture suffered a major setback Sunday when Nago’s anti-base mayor was defeated by an independent candidate backed by Tokyo.

Chinese military wants more nukes to counter US stockpile

China’s military is calling for the expansion of the country’s nuclear weapons stockpile to counter what it sees as similar growth by the United States, media reports said.

Japanese inspectors to verify US aircraft safety on Okinawa

The plan involves dispatching Japan Ground Self-Defense Force aircraft maintenance specialists to Marine Corps Air Station Futenma to be briefed about recent aircraft malfunctions in AH-1Z Viper and UH-1Y Venom helicopters.

Japanese minister replaced after heckling lawmaker over Okinawa aviation incidents

Fumiaki Matsumoto, who resigned last week, shouted “How many people died?” on Thursday while Japan Communist Party leader Kazuo Shii criticized recent emergency landings by Marine Corps helicopters.

3rd Marine Corps helicopter emergency landing this month draws ire on Okinawa

An AH-1Z Viper from Marine Corps Air Station Futenma’s 1st Marine Aircraft Wing was brought down at a municipal helipad on Tonaki Island, Marine and Okinawa Defense Bureau officials said.