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Aviano airmen charged in hit-and-run accident

Police said the driver’s BMW 330 approached a traffic circle at high speed, lost control and hit four cars in the parking lot. A person in the back seat of one of the four cars sustained minor injuries.

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Aviano, Sigonella play to competitive split

The Jaguars prevailed 40-33 in the girls game, and the Saints won the boys contest 43-38. Both games were undecided until the final seconds.

Oderzo: Italian market town has seen many conquerors

One of the most famous quotes attributed to Julius Caesar is “Veni, vidi, vici.” In English, that’s: “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

D-II teams enjoy seeing new foes

Rota sweeps AOSR, while Aviano and AFNORTH split on first day of two-day cross-Alps event.

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Evidence of devastation remains in Italian city of Gemona

A couple of months before Americans were celebrating the bicentennial in 1976, this city in northeastern Italy was in ruins after an earthquake that killed more than 300 people.

The menu doesn’t tell the whole story at La Casa Gialla near Aviano

Rarely does a restaurant live up to its name as thoroughly as La Casa Gialla. Indeed, much of it is yellow (gialla in Italian). And it used to be a farmhouse.

Aviano airman guilty of attempted murder in stabbing of fellow airman

An airman who stabbed another airman in her dorm room was sentenced to 18 years in prison at a court-martial Tuesday.

Train service resumes near Aviano Air Base to Sacile and Maniago

Americans who have been based at Aviano only in recent years will see something new starting this week: the passing of trains through the city.

Wins are just icing on the (low-calorie) cake

Coaches at Aviano meet say they're interested in getting their wrestlers as many matches as they can right now and have them demonstrate what they've worked on in practice.

Hoop summit gets off to sluggish start

Stuttgart is Day 1 winner, with both teams securing victories against Vicenza, while Vilseck and Naples each taste victory and defeat.

Defense: Airman charged with attempted murder at Aviano dorm didn’t aim to kill victim

The airman accused of entering a fellow airman’s dorm room and repeatedly stabbing her in April was “just interacting with things in his environment” and didn’t intend to kill her, his lawyers said Wednesday.

D-II semifinal

Rota tops Aviano to advance to title game

Sophomore Cameron Wilson scores runs for 208 yards and three touchdowns as Admirals avenge regular season defeat to Saints.

Saints, Admirals trade blows before Aviano earns late win

The result was a 33-30 Aviano victory in a what might have been the most competitive game in Europe this year. Giacomo Fabbro’s 38-yard field goal with 29 seconds to play kept the Saints’ record perfect.

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Trail makes a good introduction to the Dolomites near Aviano

For those who want to hike in the mountains — and not hiking while at Aviano is a missed opportunity — the trail from Gorgazzo to Mezzomonte is a good introduction.

Search for Aviano housing extends farther off base as airmen numbers rise

The Air Force is looking for Italians with homes to rent within an hour’s drive of Aviano, as it faces a looming housing crunch due to an influx of new airmen.

Pair makes up one of the largest restaurant operations in Italy's Pordenone

If you like to eat out with family and friends but have a hard time finding a place where everyone can find something they like, there might be a place for you in Polcenigo, Italy.

Wildcats take on a course they've never run - and dominate

Led by winners Daniel Aleksandersen and Clair Elliot, the Wildcats dominated the largest cross country race held at Aviano’s home course this century.

Stuttgart, Vicenza win thrillers in finals-like atmosphere

Two-time defending champion Panthers hold off Naples in four games, while Cougars outlast Vilseck in five games.

New players will have to come up big for Vicenza

Cougars coach Jessie Woods said he only has six players who saw the field last year returning to this year’s squad.

All the numbers appear better for Aviano

Coming off an 0-5 season, Saints have slighter larger, more experienced roster with linemen expected to provide strong play.

Family-run Antica Osteria Mingot near Pordenone great for those who like variety

If you’re the type who likes to order the same thing from the menu every time you visit a particular restaurant, Antica Osteria Mingot may not be the best choice. The family-run restaurant in the Pordenone suburb of Rorai Grande not only changes the menu options virtually every day, but diners often face different choices from lunch to dinner.

Authorities investigating attempt to enter Aviano base with false ID

A Moroccan national remains under house arrest after trying to get into Aviano Air Base by using an ID card bearing the name of an active-duty servicemember.


Aviano eats up the chance to chat with Carla Hall of 'The Chew'

Carla Hall and her husband just finished a Mediterranean cruise and agreed to visit Vicenza and Aviano in Italy and then Rota in Spain on Friday before she heads back to the States to resume taping “The Chew.”

Funky Go puts Italian twist on American-style chicken

There’s far from one way to cook a chicken in the United States. So it shouldn’t be surprising that a restaurant in Italy that specializes in American-style food makes it with a bit of a twist.

Funky Go puts Italian twist on American-style chicken

There’s far from one way to cook a chicken in the United States.


You won’t find crowds at Italy’s pebbly Lago di Santa Croce

The mountains or the beach: Which is a better option for overcoming sweltering summer days in northeastern Italy?

Aviano airman faces attempted murder charge in attack on fellow airman

Airman Cameron Ashley Owens faces a court-martial, though no date has been set, said Capt. Tom Barger, chief of public affairs for the 31st Fighter Wing. He has been in military custody since he was suspected of committing the acts in the early morning hours of April 11.

Forc-Eat offers an alternative to base food at Aviano

Forc-Eat is obviously a restaurant. It says so on the sign. Of course, that sign also refers to a website that doesn’t exist (at least yet). But what does that odd-sounding name stand for? And is it worth a visit?

Aviano shows a hint of old form to top Sigonella

Two-time defending champion Saints pick up first two victories of the season thanks to timely hitting and enough pitching and defense.

Rota wins battle of attrition with Marymount

If one had to pick a team that the Rota boys soccer team would defeat for its first victory of the season, the defending European champion wouldn’t be the first choice.

Stuttgart girls turn showdown into rout

Three of the four soccer games Friday between the annual Division I regular season north/south battle were close enough they could have gone either way.

Aviano stabbing suspect will stay in military custody pending charges

An airman suspected of stabbing a fellow servicemember in her dorm room will remain in military custody until it’s determined if he’ll face a court-martial, officials said Thursday.

La Conca in Vigonovo, Italy, offers a varied menu of regional food

At unassuming La Conca, workers from nearby factories and warehouses make up the majority of customers during lunch hours on weekdays. The food is typical of Alto Livenza, an area west and northwest of Pordenone that is home to many Americans.


Robots take center stage at Aviano tech challenge

International teams from Netherlands and Germany showed eight teams from Department of Defense Education Activity schools that they’ve got some work to do if they want to compete against the best in the world.

Robots take to the court for regional tournament at Aviano

Basketball season might have just ended, but McNeely Gym will be full of competitors playing a variation on hoops this weekend.

Ruled by many nations, Trieste, Italy, boasts an international flavor

It’s hard to find any place in Italy without much history. And Trieste, the capital of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in the northeastern corner of the country, is no exception.