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Hundreds receive vaccinations after soldiers show signs of mumps in Italy

Army medical staff vaccinated some 200 soldiers against mumps after several paratroopers in Italy showed symptoms of the virus and one tested positive for it in Germany.

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Supreme Court asked to reverse military court decision limiting rape prosecutions

The office of the U.S. Solicitor General petitioned the Supreme Court to revisit a decision by the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces that prohibits prosecution of alleged rapes that occurred before 2006.

US Army Garrison Italy says ‘ciao’ to its outgoing and incoming commanders

Col. Daniel Vogel took command of U.S. Army Garrison Italy from Col. Erik Berdy, who is headed to the Pentagon, where he’ll be special assistant for legislative affairs to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Commandant praised by advocates for examining longer Marine parental leave

The new Marine commandant’s pledge to significantly expand parental leave has buoyed advocates for military families, who say they hope that policies allowing for more caregiving time will spread beyond the Marine Corps.

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Visit ancient ruins, enjoy Italian cuisine, smell blooms in Sirmione, on the southern tip of Lake Garda

Roman gifts to western civilization are many: arches, roads, plumbing, numerals, the republic, to name a few. I would also add Sirmione.

Are Navy submariners more likely to father daughters? New military study says no

The new study examined the sex ratio of 7,087 infants born between 2001 and 2015 to the partners of sailors assigned to nuclear-powered attack submarines, ballistic missile submarines or cruise missile submarines.

173rd Airborne Brigade gets a new commander as his predecessor heads to the Pentagon

Commanding the 173rd Airborne Brigade, said Col. James Bartholomees, had been the best job of his career. “The autonomy, the mission, the focus. This is the pinnacle,” he said. “I feel like I won the lottery with this job.”

Vicenza’s Magazzino Del Caffe brewing up excellent filtered coffee alongside standard cafe treats

You can’t swing a cat in Vicenza without hitting a coffee shop. That’s great because you’re never far away from a selection of sandwiches, pastries, candy, alcoholic beverages and espresso drinks. What you can’t get, however, is filtered coffee.

An HBO crew hoped to film at a base in Italy. Then the Army saw the script.

An upcoming HBO series co-written and directed by Luca Guadagnino, called “We Are Who We Are” and focusing on American military teenagers in Italy, won’t have the Defense Department’s support, said Lt. Col. Robert Bockholt, film and television liaison at the Los Angeles office of the chief of public affairs.

Navy captain’s lust for teenager rightly brought him eight years in prison, court rules

A Navy captain who brought wine, a piggy bank and condoms to a purported sleepover with an adolescent he met at a Naples base library was properly found guilty of attempting to sexually abuse and assault a child, the Navy’s appellate court ruled.

From weightlifter to bedridden: Marine’s tale reflects military’s growing heatstroke problem

Bryant Scott was a fit 28-year-old aiming for a long Marine Corps career when his plans were derailed by severe exertional heatstroke. Incidents of heatstroke and heat exhaustion have increased steadily among servicemembers in recent years, though some experts say the numbers still might be grossly underreported.

No officer and gentleman would write such obscenities, appellate court agrees

A former Air Force officer’s online conversations about sexually abusing young children were not constitutionally protected, the military’s highest court has ruled, as it affirmed his conviction for conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.

New efforts mean a crash course in Italian traffic tickets for some servicemembers

Italian authorities recently complained that Americans weren’t paying or even responding to their traffic tickets. As a result, some on base said they’re receiving hundreds or thousands of euros in ticket fines at once.

‘A Talent for Trouble’: Woman involved in chat scandal with general shares her story

Michela Morellato, 32, who went unnamed in reports about the 2017 texting scandal that forced former Maj. Gen. Joseph Harrington into retirement as a brigadier general, is revisiting the incident in her recently published memoir.

Gourmet pizza goes way beyond chicken and goat cheese at Vicenza’s Fattore F

Gourmet pizza — a contradiction in terms? Not anymore. And it’s gone way beyond chicken and goat cheese. The newest local addition to the concept is Fattore F, a small pizza place in downtown Vicenza named for its two owners whose last names start with the letter F. It's clear that they know how to make some yummy pizzas. Sixteen types, in fact.

More Iraq and Afghanistan troops survived critical injuries as wars went on

An analysis of all U.S. casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan found that critically injured troops were far more likely to survive in the wars’ later stages than those at the start, largely due to efforts aimed at stemming blood loss among the wounded.