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Soldier appeals sex crime conviction, says jury was likely to be confused by SHARP testimony

A soldier convicted of a sex crime is arguing that testimony explaining the military’s sexual assault prevention training “unfairly prejudiced” a jury, documents filed to the nation’s highest military court say.

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Skating rink in Vicenza city center entertaining for skaters and observers

Ice is slippery; skates are thin blades. That people fall down is to be expected.

Combat medics learn how to use their skills to help military working dogs

Combat medics learned how to apply their lifesaving skills to four-legged troops at a seminar with the help of vets, two dog dummies and a greyhound named Nacho.

Accused of war crimes, pardoned by Trump: Army major wants his medals, Special Forces tab back

First hailed a hero, then stripped of his medals and charged with murder only to be pardoned by the president, Maj. Mathew Golsteyn now wants his Silver Star and Special Forces tab restored. Golsteyn also wants the Silver Star he was awarded in 2010 to be upgraded to the Distinguished Service Cross.

Major dismissed for affair with deployed soldier’s wife gains sentence review

A helicopter pilot who had an affair with the wife of a Special Forces soldier fighting in Afghanistan and who harassed her after she broke off the relationship says his dismissal from the Army was too harsh a punishment.

‘We said a prayer for him every night’: Family gathers in Italy to honor US pilot shot down in 1945

A two-decade journey led 1st Lt. Loren Hintz's descendants to the spot where his plane and remains lay entombed 15 feet below ground. Three generations of his family will bury the last of his remains this weekend.

Want to be an Army battalion commander? You’ll need your head examined

Beginning Jan. 1, lieutenant colonels on the centralized selection list will undergo a five-day audition at Fort Knox, Ky., through the Battalion Commander Assessment Program, the Army said in a statement Nov. 6.

Belgian Malinois: ‘No better dog’ to track down insurgents, bite armed terrorists, trainer says

The canine that led the charge into a tunnel to corner the Islamic State group’s top terrorist has a soft, cuddly side, said the man who works with the famous military working dog’s trainers. But the fierce breed has been widely embraced by the U.S. military.

Army sex offender argues that prison’s ban on contact with his children violated rights

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Lamont Jessie will argue in the military’s top court that a prison policy preventing him from contact with his own children violated constitutional protections of freedom of association and his right not to incriminate himself.

Pregnant service members urged to get whooping cough immunization

Military health officials are concerned that pregnant service members may be going without an immunization for a respiratory disease that kills more newborns than any other age group.

Soldier on death row will ask the military’s highest court to overturn his conviction

A master sergeant sentenced by a civilian court to death for three murders, acquitted in an appeal and then sent back to death row decades later for the same crimes by a military court, will argue Tuesday that he should be a free man again.

Europe Quick Trips

Tour impressive ruins of ancient Roman villa perched above Lake Garda

The Grottoes of Catullus, the ruins of an old Roman villa in Sirmione, Italy, offers an archaeological lesson and numerous photo ops.

Vicenza jazz club Bar Borsa offers unbeatable breakfast

You can’t get a “Moons over my Hammy” or a “Grand Slamwich” in Italy. There are no Denny’s, no IHOPs or Waffle Houses where you can begin your day with 1,000 calories or more. Breakfast in Italy isn’t really a thing.

Want to try the new Popeyes chicken sandwich? It hasn’t deployed to overseas military bases

Troops and their families are wondering when they will get a taste of the fast-food chicken sandwich that last month launched the “chicken sandwich wars” on social media and drew mouth-watering reviews.

A Marine's sex assault conviction was overturned. Now the Navy is asking for a review of the decision.

Invalid search warrants led to the dismissal of a master sergeant’s conviction, prison sentence and dishonorable discharge. Now the Navy is asking the nation’s highest military court to reverse the decision.

Public health potentially endangered at Fort Carson by ‘parrot fever’ last year, report says

The medical report blamed a private housing company for exposing the community to the highly contagious disease by refusing to replace carpeting in a privatized base home. The company came under congressional scrutiny earlier this year after reports of squalid homes and numerous servicemember complaints.