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Pups will have a pawsitively great time at this Italian beach

Desi is not welcome at a lot of Italian beaches. And despite poodle propaganda, he’s no water dog. Standoffish after being forced into a brief swim in the Ligurian Sea, my pet was downright surly at Lake Garda. Beach vacations were problematic.

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Flyer-based vehicle to give 173rd Airborne troops speed on the ground

The 173rd Airborne Brigade is one of the five airborne brigades scheduled to receive the Ground Mobility Vehicle, a high-performance, four-wheel drive vehicle based on the Flyer Advanced Light Strike Vehicle, sometime next year.

Sergeant who sent 3 Humvees plummeting from plane found guilty

Sgt. John Skipper, 29, was found guilty at court martial in Vilseck, Germany, of destroying military property and giving a false official statement, according to a statement from the 7th Army Training Command, based in Grafenwoehr.

Vicenza single soldiers get fitter, win $25,000 for BOSS

A team of Vicenza-based soldiers won an Armywide health competition together with its $25,000 prize, the military said Friday.

173rd Airborne Brigade likely to receive its first female infantry officer

Taylor England, the top-rated infantry cadet at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, chose Italy and the 173rd as her first duty assignment, according to a report.

US Italy-based soldiers walk in Denim Day anti-sexual assault event

Denim Day got its start after a 1998 court decision in which justices overturned the rape conviction of a driving instructor who attacked a teenager, saying the girl’s tight jeans would have been impossible for the instructor to remove without her assistance. The day after the decision, women in the Italian Parliament wore jeans and held placards that read “Jeans: An Alibi for Rape.”

Army art programs help soldiers tap into their creative sides

Art therapist at Vicenza encourages people who’ve never painted a sunset, sketched a songbird or even doodled a doodle to give it a try. For many, such activities are relaxing, rewarding, even therapeutic.

USARAF hosts African army chiefs at security conference

Army defense chiefs, military attaches and other senior officers from about 40 African nations will meet in Nigeria’s capital next week to discuss security cooperation on the continent.

Ex-Army officer kept knife under pillow, was in trouble at work before apparent murder-suicide

Sources say Bradley Kinser, the former U.S. Army Africa major who killed himself and his Russian-born wife in Italy last week, had been was acting paranoid, irritable and combative at his job in recent weeks.

Couple found near Vicenza in apparent murder-suicide identified as retired soldier, wife

Maj. Bradley Kinser, formerly a strategic intelligence research officer for U.S. Army Africa who retired in 2015, and his wife, Leila, were found dead in their home.

US couple found dead near Vicenza

Italian Carabiniere investigating the deaths said it appeared that the man had killed his wife then slit his own throat. According to reports, the man, who was a contractor, and his wife were former soldiers stationed in Vicenza.

A US soldier’s story links WWII, the Holocaust and immigration

Alessandro Sabbadini’s son, Roger, who wrote a book about his father and the Allies’ Italian campaign, gave a talk on Thursday at Caserma Ederle recounting his dad's story.

Norway basic-training study concludes unit cohesion unaffected by adding women

Men in boot camp units that include women are just as likely to be satisfied with their training and esprit de corps as those serving in all-male contingents, says a new Norwegian study.

Tradition of touching Juliet statue's breast for luck now cause for rebuke

Colleagues complained after an American surgeon went to a medical conference and showed a slide of himself touching the statue, which is at a popular Verona tourist attraction near U.S. Army Garrison Italy.

Vicenza base survey cites family employment woes as most pressing social problems

“Work-life” imbalance drew the second-most responses by nearly 51 percent, followed closely by financial issues.

Flirty messages with subordinate's wife lead to general officer's demotion, forced retirement

Maj. Gen. Joseph Harrington will retire as a one-star, the last rank at which he served satisfactorily, according to media reports.