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Dating app hookups by quarantined troops rile enlisted leader for US Forces Japan

To prevent the coronavirus’ spread, U.S. service members and civilians arriving in Japan are placed in “restriction of movement.” But authorities say some under quarantine aren’t following the rules.

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US commanders in Japan urge compliance with coronavirus measures as civilian cases mount

A second wave of the virus is coursing through Japan, particularly in urban areas, and U.S. military commanders in the country are reemphasizing public health orders.

Army garrison commander near Tokyo calls out soldiers for partying in off-limits areas

U.S. Army Japan, which has been in an elevated health protection status since late February, increased its coronavirus risk level to “substantial” Thursday after discovering three new cases in its community.

Yokota airman injured in ‘major vehicle accident’ while under the influence, officials say

The accident, which is under investigation, happened at approximately 12:34 a.m. Sunday in Tachikawa, Yokota’s 374th Airlift Wing said in a statement. All four airmen are assigned to the base, which is also home to U.S. Forces Japan and 5th Air Force.

Air Force powers up Yokota’s $30 million Super Hercules flight simulator in Tokyo

During Monday’s opening ceremony, 374th Airlift Wing commander Col. Andrew Campbell said the facility that houses the simulator would provide realistic training for 200 personnel.

Air Force tweaks the way it welcomes troops to Tokyo amid pandemic

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, newly arrived airmen and their families must spend their first two weeks in Japan under quarantine. That’s prompted the Air Force to change the way it receives them.

Home of US Forces Japan announces a fourth active coronavirus case

Yokota’s 374th Airlift Wing announced a fourth active coronavirus Thursday at its base in western Tokyo, which also serves as the home of U.S. Forces Japan and 5th Air Force.

Chinese fighter jets spotted on tiny base in disputed South China Sea territory

The aircraft were on a runway at Woody Island, China’s largest military base in the Paracels, a group of islets in the northern part of the South China Sea that is claimed by China, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Soldiers battle it out near Tokyo to earn US Army Japan’s best-warrior titles

Soldiers from across Japan competed in infantry-style skills as part of a competition to find the best warriors in U.S. Army Japan.

Three new coronavirus cases in US military in Japan; Marines on Okinawa testing hundreds

Two cases at Marine Corps Air Station Futenma were reported to Okinawa prefecture over the weekend, raising the total associated with a cluster outbreak on two Marine bases there to 136. One case was reported at Yokota Air Base.

Japanese citizens feel anxious and concerned about US alliance, security expert says

Japan values its security pact with the United States and will never accept Chinese hegemony in the region, a Keio University expert on international politics recently told foreign journalists.

Veterans group sues VA over alleged use of toxic herbicides on Guam

Military Veterans Advocacy's chairman said the goal of the lawsuit is to force the government to address toxic exposure of troops in the Pacific.

Japanese defense minister voices alarm over US forces’ coronavirus control

The commander of U.S. Forces Japan on Wednesday admonished his personnel to adhere to public health restrictions a day after the Japan’s defense minister cited “problems” with military personnel arriving during the coronavirus pandemic.


San Diego community rallies around USS Bonhomme Richard sailors who lost possessions in blaze

The Fleet and Family Support Center San Diego on its Facebook page Monday warned people to avoid scammers seeking donations for the sailors.

Former Osan Air Base vice commander moves from Korea to Japan to lead ‘Weasel Nation’

An Air Force Academy graduate who helped enforce a no-fly zone in Libya and supported combat squadrons in Afghanistan is the new commander of Misawa Air Base in Japan.

Marine assigned to Darwin rotational force tests positive for coronavirus in Australia

The Marine received the test result two days after arriving in Darwin on Wednesday in a third wave of troops arriving Down Under as part of the annual rotational force.

State Department OKs sale of F-35 stealth fighters to Japan worth more than $23 billion

Japan has asked to buy 63 F-35As and 42 F-35Bs — the short-takeoff and vertical-landing versions of the aircraft.

More-lethal littoral combat ships flex their muscles during Pacific deployments

A decade after the debut of the U.S. Navy’s littoral combat ships, the military says it has tweaked the vessels’ design and honed the way it operates them during rotational deployments.

Former Thunderbird pilot takes command of 36th Wing at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam

Brig. Gen. Jeremy Sloane will oversee U.S. Indo-Pacific Command’s Bomber Task Force, theater security packages, contingency response, and humanitarian and disaster-relief operations.

US approves Osprey sale to Indonesia as Japan preps to deploy the aircraft

The State Department has approved the sale of eight MV-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft to Indonesia, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced Monday.

Heavy rain, flooding and landslide threats in Japan prompt Sasebo Naval Base to close

Heavy rain in southern Japan on Monday prompted landslide and flood warnings from Japanese officials and early closures at Sasebo Naval Base.

Japanese general, prepping for new Global Hawks, surveys US fleet at Yokota

The top U.S. general in Japan showed off an RQ-4 Global Hawk surveillance drone to one of his Japanese counterparts Thursday as the country prepares to field its own fleet of the unmanned aircraft.

Report: Marine Corps finds ‘many inaccuracies’ with probe into 2018 fatal midair collision

A Marine Corps review has found multiple inaccuracies in the investigation of a midair collision off Japan’s coast that killed six Marines more than two years ago, according to a report by Military.com.

Australia to boost military spending amid ‘most challenging times’ in Indo-Pacific region

Australia 's 10-year defense spending plan includes working with the United States to develop missile defense for deployed forces and acquiring long-range missiles to protect shipping lanes.

Air Force grants Tokyo troops more freedom to roam ahead of July Fourth weekend

People who live or work at the home of U.S. Forces Japan in western Tokyo have been authorized to travel much of the country’s main island in time for Independence Day, although Tokyo Disneyland and popular nightlife districts in the capital remain off-limits.

With Yokota troops ordered to stay close to home, Outdoor Rec tweaks its gameplan

Coronavirus restrictions have led the Outdoor Recreation office and service members at Yokota Air Base to adjust the ways they enjoy the outdoors.

Travel restrictions ease for some US troops in Japan, but Tokyo remains off-limits

Soldiers are still barred from using public transportation or visiting bars, clubs and karaoke establishments, according to U.S. Army Garrison Japan.

Air Force is testing cruise missiles launched from cargo planes

Launching missiles from pallets makes it easy for flight crews to deploy them without much training, said Col. Gary Haase, director of the Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.

Japanese jets scramble daily to meet probing Chinese aircraft, says nation’s defense chief

Japanese military planes now must scramble daily — sometimes several times a day — in response to Chinese aircraft approaching Japanese airspace, Japan’s defense minister told foreign journalists in Tokyo on Thursday.

US Army Japan confirms first coronavirus case in its community since April

“This person was asymptomatic during travel and had no reason to believe he/she was infected prior to undertaking the trip to Japan,” according to a U.S. Army Japan statement.

Tokyo reports 55 coronavirus cases, its highest daily tally since early May

Japan’s capital city reported 55 new coronavirus cases Wednesday, the highest number since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe lifted a state of emergency there on May 25.