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Officials knock on doors to ask Pacific base residents about housing issues

Officials at U.S. military installations across the Far East are going door-to-door, holding meetings and seeking feedback from residents following recent testimony to Congress and media reports about health and safety issues in military housing.

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Typhoon Wutip interrupts three-nation Cope North military drills on Guam

The Joint Typhoon Warning Center upgraded Wutip, with winds of 75 mph and gusts up to 90 mph, to a typhoon that day. It was forecast to pass 167 miles southwest of Andersen at 5 a.m. Sunday, possibly as a Category-3 storm.

On suicides, Air Force’s top chaplain preaches hope over darkness to Yokota airmen

Even a two-star general has “moments of darkness,” the Air Force chief of chaplains told servicemembers Thursday at the home of U.S. Forces Japan in western Tokyo.

Nearly 100 aircraft, thousands of troops deploy to Guam for three-nation Cope North drills

Pacific Air Forces’ largest multilateral exercise, which kicked off Monday, is designed to enhance air operations among the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps as well as the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and Royal Australian Air Force.

Indulge your inner foodie and sample Hokkaido’s world-famous seafood at Nijo Market in Sapporo

The seafood section of Sapporo’s Nijo Market isn’t on the scale of Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Market — but the monster king crabs for sale there look like they could compete for Japan’s crustacean crown.

Air Force Ospreys make first-ever stopover in Vietnam

The U.S. normalized relations with Vietnam in 1995 and lifted an arms embargo in 2016. Last March, the USS Carl Vinson made a port call there, the first in that country by a U.S. carrier since the Vietnam War.

Jozankei Onsen is a hot spot for those seeking a relaxing getaway in Hokkaido

A great place to relax after a hard day of skiing or marveling at snow sculptures is only an hour’s drive or bus ride from downtown Sapporo. Jozankei is one of Hokkaido’s most popular hot springs drawing 1.6 million visitors each year, including 180,000 foreigners — twice as many as came a decade ago.

POW’s son works to build hospital memorial on Bataan Peninsula

Bob Hudson’s late father, Richard Hudson, was among tens of thousands forced to march nearly 70 miles to Japanese prisoner-of-war camps after the Bataan Peninsula fell on April 9, 1942.

Director Rob Reiner visits Tokyo to talk about Iraq War movie ‘Shock and Awe’

Hollywood director Rob Reiner drew a crowd of reporters on his first visit to Japan in more than three decades to promote his Iraq War journalism film “Shock and Awe.”

Tokyo residents complain of lights and vibrations from Yokota-based Ospreys

Residents as far as 6 miles from Yokota Air Base in the cities of Hachioji and Akiruno have felt vibrations when the tiltrotor aircraft fly nearby.

Celebrate all things sweet at the Shiroi Koibito Park, dedicated to Hokkaido’s famous souvenir

On Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, Shiroi Koibito is, quite possibly, the region’s most popular omiyage, and has attained an almost mythical status among Hokkaido’s visitors.

Facility for US forces opens on Philippines’ main island; another slated for Palawan

The newly opened warehouse is about 15 miles from Clark Air Base, which was America’s largest overseas military installation before it closed following severe damage after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991.

US military, Japanese government agree to let civilian flights share Yokota airspace for Olympics

Japanese officials plan to use the airspace to increase capacity at Haneda International Airport, one of two major gateways for visitors to the Japanese capital.

Airmen re-enact disaster response as ‘Fukushima 50’ filming takes off at Yokota

Airmen at Yokota Air Base were given special permission to work as extras in the film, which tells the story of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant workers who mounted a heroic effort to bring damaged reactors under control after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Far from home, unpaid Coast Guard members in Japan visit food pantry for essentials

Coast Guard members around the Yokota pantry can take as many expired grocery items as they want and up to two bags of other items — one bag more than is usually allowed — each week.

Colin Powell praises man who lost leg in Afghanistan for roadside assistance

Anthony Maggert — a self-described Marine Corps veteran who walks with the aid of a prosthesis — got a surprise when a motorist he stopped to help turned out to be retired four-star Army Gen. Colin Powell.

Yokota begins $5.2 million road project to keep motorists from stopping for aircraft

A $5.2 million road construction project at the home of U.S. Forces Japan will eventually allow motorists to drive across the base without giving way to aircraft, Air Force officials said.

USFJ plans video edit to clarify that it doesn’t recognize North Korea as a nuclear state

The United States does not recognize North Korea as a nuclear state, a U.S. Forces Japan spokesman said Friday, clarifying an online video in which the command refers to the communist country as one of three nuclear-armed nations in the Far East.

No injuries, damage after Misawa-based fighter jet loses plastic part during flight

The part fell at about 12:20 p.m. west of the Hakkoda Mountains and south of Aomori City before the pilot landed without incident back at Misawa, according to officials.

Filmmakers seek Yokota airmen to serve as extras in ‘Fukushima 50,’ starring Ken Watanabe

“Fukushima 50” tells the story of powerplant workers who mounted a heroic effort to bring the damaged reactors under control after they were struck by a massive earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

Enjoy stunning views of Sapporo atop Hokkaido’s Mount Moiwa

If you fare well in cold weather, or own enough warm clothing, you can experience some spectacular views of Hokkaido’s largest city from the summit of Mount Moiwa.

Leaky seal to blame for fighter jet’s precautionary landing in northern Japan

An Air Force F-16D Fighting Falcon assigned to Misawa Air Base in northern Japan was forced to make the precautionary landing at a Japanese regional airport Monday.

Misawa-based F-16 makes precautionary landing at Japanese airport

An Air Force F-16 fighter jet made a precautionary landing at a Japanese regional airport Monday, according to a Tohoku Defense Bureau spokesman.

Pair of Chinese firms eye Subic Bay shipyard, causing alarm in the Philippines

The Chinese are seeking a commercial foothold in a strategic port that was once the United States’ largest naval facility in the Far East.

China mobilizes anti-ship missiles after Navy patrol in South China Sea

China has mobilized a missile designed to target American warships following a patrol by a Navy destroyer through disputed waters in the South China Sea, according to a state-run broadcaster.

Japan’s oldest beer company offers specialty brews and food at Hokkaido's Sapporo Beer Garden

In order to sample Sapporo Beer's best brews, however, you’ll have to travel to Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido, where Sapporo began producing its famous eponymous beer in 1876.

US forces must keep training hard in Japan, commander says after deadly midair collision

United States forces in the Far East need to train hard at night and in bad weather to deter adversaries, America’s top general in Japan told local reporters Wednesday.

Navy may have detected signals from Marine tanker, jet after midair collision off Japan

The Navy appears to have detected “pingers” from a KC-130J tanker and F/A-18D Hornet involved in a deadly midair collision last month off Japan’s southern coast, according to III Marine Expeditionary Force.

Servicemembers won’t have to pay Japan’s new departure tax if on official travel

Starting Monday, Japan will charge travelers 1,000 yen, or about $9.25, each time they leave the country by aircraft or ship.

Air Force spending nearly $27M to turn vacant Yokota apartments into dorms

The renovations will transform 140 two- and three-bedroom apartments, built by the Japanese government decades ago, into two-bedroom dorms for airmen.

Many Chinese think Americans lack resolve to prevail in battle, expert says

Too many in China think the United States will cut and run if war breaks out in the Far East, a U.S. defense expert warned Wednesday in response to threats by a Chinese war hawk.