Police praise Wisconsin students for prank that was illusion

What looks to be a car that crashed into the principal's office at Cumberland High School in Cumberland, Wis., is actually an illusion created for a senior class prank.


By ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: May 16, 2018

CUMBERLAND, Wis. — Police had praise for students who created an illusion for a senior class prank that appeared to show a car crashed into the principal's office.

Students at Cumberland High School in Wisconsin used a junk car, some bricks, some tape and a black tarp to make it look like the car had crashed into their school.

Police arrived on the scene only to realize it wasn't really a wreck. The Cumberland Police Department wrote on Facebook that it was "one of the best senior pranks."

The school district also congratulated the students for their ingenuity.

Cumberland is about 90 miles northeast of Minneapolis.

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