When did "diversity" become the primary mission of our armed forces? Are the lives of our soldiers really less important than the feelings of our enemies? How many lives will have to be sacrificed at the altar of multiculturalism before we realize that antithetical cultures should not be embraced and protected? We are currently spending $178 billion annually to harass innocent citizens with undue scrutiny rather than "profile" those most likely to attack us.

The pendulum of tolerance has swung far too wide of anything resembling rational thought on this issue. Our politicians and leaders are more worried about the damage to "diversity" from this hate crime than to the families of the innocent.

Those of us who are not Muslim will now endure ever greater inconvenience and pay the costs of stepped-up security and new programs that have nothing to do with what happened, just as we did after the Sept. 11 attacks.

What would have happened if the FBI had arrested the Sept. 11 conspirators on Sept. 10 — the day before they killed 3,000 people? Agencies who knew about the conspiracy could not act because of "official guidelines," a clever euphemism for political correctness. Had those conspirators been arrested, there would have been outcries among the left-leaning press and the Muslim community about our insidious racism. It is the same PC that protected Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan from interference.

Hasan enjoyed all the benefits of U.S. citizenship and the respect accorded to an officer in the U.S. Army, yet he [is accused of attacking] unarmed members of his country and his service because he placed his religious beliefs above his duty. [A man counseled by Hasan recalls Hasan] being disturbed about deployment because Muslims shouldn’t kill other Muslims. He should have deployed. I see Muslims killing other Muslims every day.

James WolfeCamp Speicher, Iraq

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