Just got finished reading “Kicking the nicotine habit no easy task for military” (article, Aug. 8), on tobacco use in the military. I have come to the conclusion that enough is enough.

We all know tobacco is bad for us. Anyone who does not know this has his head in the sand. I find it ludicrous that tobacco companies in the U.S. are blamed for everything. I mean really, those guys can’t go to the latrine without being accused of a “marketing conspiracy.”

Has anyone thought that perhaps those mean ole tobacco guys may have just been trying to do their part for the war effort? I think that obesity is just as expensive, or more, to our heath care system. The difference is that smokers are taxed to death to pay for it, yet your average tub of lard can eat himself silly and no one says anything. Has anyone noticed the tremendous amount of Pop-Tarts sent to theater? Is anyone accusing Kellogg’s of a conspiracy?

I also think that the figures for the cost of smoking on the health care system may be fluffed in the interest of agenda. While being stationed in South Korea, I fell off an Army truck, catching myself with one arm while wearing individual body armor, and wrenched that arm. When I went to the hospital, I was told that because I smoked, my body could not release lactic acid. Stupid me! I thought it was because I almost ripped my arm out of its socket!

A friend of mine went in for bronchitis and was told it was due to smoking — the “yellow dust” had nothing to do with this, or the fact that half the battery was sick from running physical training in the filthy river.

Spc. Robert EvansCamp Speicher, Iraq

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