The writer of "Replace tasteless cartoons" (letter, Dec. 24-25) and other letter writers feel that certain newspaper comics should be removed because they aren’t funny.

Maybe not to them, but to millions of others, they’re hilarious. I could write an essay on the subject, but will pick my words carefully.

Just because it has the word comic or cartoon in the name doesn’t mean the only point is to make you laugh. Numerous cartoons serve to enlighten and entertain, such as political cartoons. Graphic novels are cartoons that tell a story. Comic books are serialized stories of a less-serious nature. The cartoon is not just about being funny, it is about telling a story, and some stories make you laugh, while others … don’t.

I read daily five of the seven comic strips the writer listed. I bet we have strongly divergent backgrounds, so our concept of humor is very different. That the comics are nationally syndicated means that a significant number of other people enjoy them to warrant keeping them around.

In fact, "Over the Hedge" was made into a motion picture.

If the writer really wanted to find cartoons aimed at him, he has no further to look than the Internet, where millions of comic artists now publish cartoons every day for free. Just as not every cartoon in the newspaper is his cup of tea, not all the ones there will be either. But at least then I won’t be bothered with letters trying to remove content I happen to enjoy.

I don’t find the sports section entertaining, but do I try to have Stars and Stripes remove it to save paper? No, because I understand that not everyone is like me, and I don’t assume that mine is the only opinion that matters.

Second Lt. Aaron FreedCamp Adder, Iraq

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