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Letters to the Editor, Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thanks for George F. Will’s column "Ending ‘birthright citizenship’ a good start" (Opinion, March 29).

Though a good start, much more needs to be done. Illegal immigration and the unwanted population increases it is bringing upon America is a destructive force that threatens America and the traditional American way of life probably more in the long term than jihadist terrorists.

The U.S. Census Bureau projects America’s population to dramatically continue to rise to 400 million within the next 30 years, 500 million in the next 70 years — with no end in sight to the increases. It attributes these increases to the immigrant population, mostly of the illegal variety. Our population would remain stable if we halted all illegal immigrants and severely limited legal immigration.

I’ve read articles by pundits and politicians making the point that we should be worried that Hispanics/Latinos are angry about denying illegal immigrants amnesty and continued deportations of illegal immigrants. We should be worried that they are angry? On the contrary, we should be angry at the Hispanics/Latinos who support their criminal ethnic brethren over the rest of Americans. Any ethnic group’s first loyalty should be to America and fellow legal residents of America, not to their foreign or illegal resident ethnic brethren.

The Hispanic/Latino community needs to reform and support America first, with English as our common language first, and start obeying and supporting the enforcement of our immigration laws, something they are woefully lacking in doing. It is up to the rest of us Americans, of all races and other ethnic groups, to start putting pressure on the Hispanic/Latino community to do so. They also need to drop their Spanish-as-a-second-language push and end the divisiveness, confusion and the schism the country is experiencing because of this.

Master Sgt. Matthew J. Brandstetter (retired)Grayslake, Ill.


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