There is a lot of unease in the world today due to Iran testing missiles. It seems there are no easy answers to get Iran to stop its aggressive assertiveness. However, I would like to interject an old/new idea.

There was a time back in the Reagan administration era when another country was flexing its muscle. President Ronald Reagan talked about "Star Wars" and how we could shoot a missile out of the sky from space. Back then, talk was enough to stop the aggressiveness.

It is time to show these insubordinate threat-talking countries that we mean what we say. We don’t have to shoot down these missiles from space, but we do need to shoot down these missiles. Watching this on television, we see the lift off of Iran’s test missiles. We know where they are and have the capability to do the job with our anti-missile systems on the ground already.

If it is politically unwise to shoot down Iran’s actual missiles without causing a major crisis by going into Iran’s airspace, I suggest using a very good commercial of our systems eliminating their systems. The best thing against any offense is a good defense. We need to make sure Iran gets the message.

It is not enough to tell them this time. Now, it is time to show them.

Sgt. 1st Class James M. Moore (retired)Brandenburg, Ky.

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