If another 9/11-type attack happened tomorrow, would our country come together as it did after 9/11? Sadly, I do not think so.

After seeing how Republicans have responded to the attempted Christmas Day plane bombing, it is clear that it is a political, not a national security, issue for them.

After 9/11, Democrats stood behind President George W. Bush in support. Not until the president decided to invade Iraq was he really shown any opposition in the war on terror. And then, if you were against him, you were attacked as unpatriotic.

[Convicted] shoe bomber Richard Reid was tried in federal courts with Republican support. Why now are Republicans against the accused Christmas Day bomber being tried in federal court?

Former [Bush] presidential adviser Karl Rove said President Barack Obama showed weakness against terrorists by taking 72 hours to issue a statement [about the attempted Christmas Day bombing]. Why did Bush take six days to comment on Reid? Let’s see, Republican president takes six days to respond, Democratic president takes three days. Politics again, maybe?

Former Vice President Dick (five Vietnam deferments) Cheney stated the president has chosen to ignore the war on terrorism and not take America’s defense seriously. This from the man who had the U.S. turn away from Afghanistan (which supported the 9/11 attackers) to create its own war. What does he call what Obama is doing by sending 40,000 more troops into the place Republicans withdrew from? I call it cleaning up the prior administration’s mess.

Who released the current al-Qaida leadership from Guantanamo? The Bush administration. Way to be tough on terrorism, guys.

The Republican Party has drawn its line in the sand, and it’s not on the side of supporting and defending the United States. It’s on the side of politics.

Staff Sgt. John LambertCamp Casey, South Korea

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