I am writing to take exception to a poster that has recently appeared in Multi-National Division–Baghdad. To promote the importance of recycling, it shows a picture of an American flag made out of garbage.

I’d like to ask the creator of this travesty if he would have presented the Iraqis with a similar illustration of a Quran made of garbage? If not, why are Muslim sensibilities more important than those of patriots?

That flag represents everything I am here to fight for: justice, freedom, the value of the individual human being, the Constitution and "the republic for which it stands." [More than 4,300] of us have died for it here. How can you put a picture of a flag made of garbage in front of American soldiers?

I believe that this poster resulted from thoughtlessness, not from an intention to offend, but offend it did. That flag is sacred to me. Long may she wave.

Maj. Michael D. HomillerBaghdad

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