I am writing with a request to Stars and Stripes (and other news media, too): Please stop the repetitive printing of photographs of the bad guys. If it’s done once for information, fine. After that, just print whatever news updates you have without making your readers look at the faces of these heinous people.

The cover boys du jour seem to be Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan and Jared Lee Loughner. In Stars and Stripes’ Feb. 4 edition, we were treated yet again to the odious visage of Hasan on Page 1 (“Report on Fort Hood criticizes Army, FBI,” article), while the photographs of four military heroes were relegated to Page 2 (“WWII chaplains’ actions still inspire,” article).

I realize that the story of the four hero chaplains is not current news. However, I found the article detailing their selfless actions more than 60 years ago inspiring and very moving, and I learned a hero story I had not yet heard. Thank you for at least putting this on Page 2.

The only excuse for the regular publishing of bad-guy photos is that they are still being sought (Osama bin Laden, for example). If they’re already in custody, on trial or in prison, then please spare us having to look at their faces over and over. In these cases, less is more.

Another consideration: an exonerated innocent who had been falsely arrested, tried and imprisoned would likely find it easier to start over if his or her face hasn’t been plastered all over the newspapers.

But please continue to print pictures of the heroes who inspire us.

Catherine Arnold

Heidelberg, Germany

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