Donald Trump is the new Che Guevara

For decades, Ernesto “Che” Guevara has been the face of counterculture resistance, emblazoned across college kids’ T-shirts. But now they have Donald Trump’s mugshots on T-shirts, available through his candidate fundraising website.

To help the Iranian people achieve their democratic goals, protect Iranian dissidents

It is incumbent upon the international community to protect the people inside Iran who are still fighting to overturn a repressive theocracy.

Populist candidate Milei offers easy answers to Argentina’s hard problems

The economic woes facing Argentina have no easy fixes. Even the smartest recovery efforts will require sacrifice and years to take root, and democratic politicians are rarely accorded trust and power long enough for that kind of reform.

I’m banned from visiting my family in North Korea. When will the US change this policy?

While the two Korean governments have facilitated a handful of brief “reunions” between residents of South and North Korea, Korean Americans have been left out of this process entirely. This U.S.-imposed travel ban is unjust and inhumane.

The price American industry may pay for remote work

The time is ripe to explore what can make “work” work, so that coming back to the office is more attractive.

If Prigozhin is gone, long live Putin — and Wagner?

Yevgeny Prigozhin might have retired in peace some day. Or he could have been found writhing in the throes of Novichok, a nerve agent favored by Russia’s spy agencies. He might also have fallen out of a window, crashed in his car, or slipped in his bathroom - like so many Russians lately, and like any of us potentially.

Post-9/11 veterans can get the health care they earned and deserve

Among the PACT Act’s many provisions is one that that should be urgently highlighted, for it directly affects post-9/11 combat veterans: providing those who qualify the opportunity to enroll for VA’s full medical-benefits package.

Maui wildfire cleanup will cost billions, and some of those most responsible won’t pay a cent

Who will pay for this? Most of us will, to varying degrees, but some of those most responsible — the fossil fuel companies that play a key role in such climate-related disasters — won’t.

A US government shutdown should never be an option

While the current political climate poses a significant challenge to reaching agreement for the fiscal 2024 funding bills, longer-term fixes need to be considered.

Ukraine, celebrating its independence in the midst of war, needs the West’s commitment

On Ukraine’s Independence Day, the United States and its allies must recommit to the goal of helping Ukraine defeat Russia and restoring Ukraine’s full sovereignty, territorial integrity and freedom.

It’s time for a national security strategy for military recruiting

Our armed forces are shrinking in size and capacity. The current crisis in military recruiting qualifies as a direct threat to U.S. national security.

Plan to put US sailors, Marines on civilian vessels in the Persian Gulf is reckless

Tasking U.S. Marines to serve as de facto security guards for private ships is a different prospect than sending a few big-ticket weapons systems into the Middle East to make a statement or improve your surveillance capabilities.

Presidential impeachment and ‘the rule of law’

Impeachment is an extreme action once shunned by our congressional representatives. It has now apparently because almost routine, certainly discussed openly.

What’s tragic about the coup in Niger

It’s impossible to know if President Mohamed Bazoum would have succeeded, but extremist groups will undoubtedly take advantage of Niger’s political instability. So this coup will likely make matters worse in a country where things might have been getting better.

Increased security a must for nation’s election workers

Election workers serve on the front lines of American democracy, and Congress must do all it can to ensure they have the critical resources they need to stay safe while administering our elections safely and peacefully.

To stop Iran’s threat to Gulf ships, send the Marines

Putting U.S. Marines “on deck” of vulnerable civilian merchant ships makes sense, and shows Iran we are deadly serious about freedom of the seas.

US-backed protégés in Africa ditch their training wheels to stage a coup

Another group of Pentagon star trainees — this time in Niger — has taken over the shop, ousting their Western-allied president in a coup.

Trump-Biden rematch possible, but it’s not a certainty

The recent episode in which 81-year-old Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell froze in mid-sentence, unable to complete his thoughts, is inspiring new discussions about President Joe Biden’s decision to seek re-election at a similar age.

Trump polls don’t deserve this much attention. Not yet.

About half of all Republicans say they won’t vote for Donald Trump if he’s convicted of a felony, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll taken last week after his third indictment was announced. Don’t take those results too seriously.