Your child’s favorite teacher may soon be a chatbot

Most students have a favorite teacher. In the future, could that teacher be … a chatbot? The answer depends in part on whether AI succeeds in becoming the next great educational technology innovation, or joins the long list of ed-tech disappointments.

SEALs’ ultimate sacrifice provides Iranian link to Houthi terrorism

It tragically took the loss of two courageous SEALs to establish direct evidence of an Iranian link to Houthi terrorism. The mullahs have crossed the line. It is now up to the Biden administration to show the loss of the lives of these two SEALs was not in vain.

Biden is late but right to strike against the Houthis

Even if, for some tendentious reason, you do not believe the Houthi attacks qualify for the exception, it’s worth remembering they’re just one facet of broader Iranian aggression — and escalation.

The US debt is now $34 trillion. Don’t worry. Seriously.

Politics is the real threat, not the level of borrowing. A country that prioritizes the size of the federal debt has bad priorities.

The generational Frankensteins of antisemitism

Nearly eight decades ago, the Nazis feared the consequences of a civilized world learning about their inhumane acts; today Hamas boasts about theirs.

Launching an effort to protect, check Stars and Stripes

With information coming at us from multiple outlets — some true, some deliberately false — it is vital to have a source that can be trusted. Stars and Stripes is that source. And the ombudsman, a position created by Congress in 1990, is charged with making sure it remains so.

The Houthis’ provocations raise many thorny issues

The Yemeni group-turned-rebel army is increasingly treating the Red Sea as an area of active hostilities, forcing the United States into debating a number of policy options, including the use of military force, to keep the waterway open to global commerce.

How the best chance to win the Ukraine war was lost

Putin’s threats kept the U.S. from sending arms to Ukraine when they would have done the most good.

An unchecked Iran threatens Israel and America

A ruler of some 90 million people, some of whom fiercely resent these super ambitious, cruelty insistent controllers of their lives, Iran has a long view that includes joining with China and Russia to rule the world.

Blended Retirement System for service members is successful entitlement reform

Amid seemingly ubiquitous challenges in federal spending, one aspect of entitlement reform has emerged as successful: the Blended Retirement System, which was introduced by the military in 2016.

DeSantis is flaming out and blaming Trump

As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign flames out, he’s setting the table to blame everyone but himself. His argument? The dozens of indictments filed against former President Donald Trump have “distorted” the primary and “crowded out other stuff.”

I hoped to write less about Trump in 2023. Here’s why I failed.

Like it or not, the former president is the dominant political figure of our time.

Putin’s press conference: All is well in Putinland

Vladimir Putin has been doing his summing-up press conference almost every year for over two decades. He turned in his usual impressive performance, holding forth for four hours. One observer summed it up this way: “A world in which the Kremlin leader is right about absolutely everything.”

Castner Range: A model for defense conservation

Our nation may have found a model that works: defense conservation and land remediation. The ongoing Castner Range cleanup and community engagement process provides a tangible example of success.

How were so many economists so wrong about the recession?

Inflation and unemployment are headed in the right direction, and most economists expect the U.S. to avoid a recession this year. Economists have yet to figure out why things went so well, but it is already clear that a reckoning is due.

Will 2024 be the year fake news destroys democracy?

The defense of democracy has always been one of the major reasons for multilateral action. In 2024, that defense must include the protection of our national elections.

Gaza: The color of combat is not always black and white

Three men were suddenly observed running toward an Israeli Defense Force unit in Gaza, requiring a split-second decision as to whether they posed a threat and a shoot-to-kill response.  It was discovered after the three were killed that they were Israeli hostage escapees running for their lives.

Why I now believe in the horseshoe theory of politics

The horseshoe theory of political ideologies basically holds that the extreme right (“fascism”) and extreme left (“communism”) bend toward each other like the ends of a horseshoe.

Year-end grade for the 118th Congress: Barely passing

Fewer than 30 bills were enacted into law by the 118th Congress in 2023, by far the fewest since at least 1973. Even that’s probably an understatement, given the minimal effect of what did pass compared to what happens during a typical session.