What’s good for Biden politically is bad for the country

The president and his Republican opponents are more eager to wage political battles than to govern competently.

On Okinawa, shared bases remain a chimera

Because military bases are a key resource for the conduct of military operations, the military puts a premium on exclusive control over their use. Sharing those bases undermines that autonomy by compelling them to compete for limited facilities in a more constrained space.

Beijing’s balloon and practical Asia realities

The purpose of China’s spy balloon soaring over the U.S. remains puzzling — and intriguing. By tangible contrast, there is no denying China has become aggressive in Asia, claiming territories and waters well beyond established jurisdictions.

Cap credit card interest rates, not just late fees

It is the interest rates that can hit 20% or even 30% that are crushing people.

Spy balloon is clear metaphor for American people

The invasion of U.S. airspace by an unarmed, unmanned balloon the size of three school buses also sends a very clear message, especially during a time when the two countries involved are at a critical juncture in their relationship.

A military strike would not guarantee a nuke-free Iran

A strike would not guarantee that Iran never nuclearizes, but it would immediately backfire against Israel and the United States. Deterrence and diplomacy, not preemption and provocation, should guide Washington’s relationship with Iran.

To help properly inform, infuse modern journalism with more military veterans

Several thousand military veterans continue to serve our democracy and our nation by working as journalists. Newsrooms would be smart to take advantage of their dedication to service and the trust that veterans bring with them. 

US efforts in Africa go beyond eliminating terrorists

Historically, Americans have been absent-minded about Africa. But enormous growth in private philanthropy means there are unprecedented opportunities to raise living standards across Africa. Basic safety and security, however, remain a challenge.

Why Tom Brady’s reluctant retirement is relatable

When we sacrifice so much for our jobs, it can leave us feeling even more committed to them.

Biden’s escalation in Ukraine is about diplomacy, not victory

President Joe Biden’s administration is ramping up support for Ukraine now in hopes of producing an eventual diplomatic resolution — an “escalate to de-escalate” strategy that may prove very difficult to execute.

The West is getting in too deep in Ukraine

The drive to defeat Vladimir Putin is taking on a dangerous and heedless momentum all its own, just like Iraq.

The grinding persistence of America’s police problem

America has a police problem. And its police problem is rooted in (though not exclusive to) its race problem, which is a problem, in turn, rooted so deep in our national character that it was written into the Constitution.

Virginia shooting demands a school safety paradigm shift

Sadly, we are growing too accustomed to school shootings, which speaks to the need for change in our system.

Consider the benefits of closing excess bases abroad

There is a first step toward compromise that could satisfy both sides on the Pentagon budget debate by freeing up resources for the military without increasing the top line: Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC). This process allows the military to redirect money from obsolete installations toward more strategic needs.

Consolidate, strengthen the international effort to stop the use of rape as a weapon of war

Rape and other forms of sexual abuse have long been used as means of control, humiliation and dominance in wartime situations. These vicious acts have been perpetuated by systems that call for world peace over all else. 

Vietnam War: Anniversary, legacies and lessons

The 50th anniversary of the event provides a benchmark for analysis. Intense, angry division among Americans over the war tore our country apart for many years. Fading of that is a blessing. Yet accurate assessment of lessons can remain elusive, clouded by misconceptions and passage of time.

50 years later, remembering Col. William Nolde, the last American casualty of the Vietnam War 

The peace treaty marking a formal end to the Vietnam War was signed on Jan. 27, 1973, 50 years ago. Thus, it seems an appropriate time to pay tribute to U.S. Army Col. William Benedict Nolde, considered to be the last American combat casualty of the war.

Lexicon of lag: Republicans lacking in political branding

Democrats have methodically and effectively branded Republicans and their issues over the last six years, and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy needs to take this into consideration going forward.

Is Germany letting Ukraine down? It’s not that simple.

A revolution in Germans’ military outlook will only go so far, so fast. Given history, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.