Five Eyes spies bring their China warnings in from the cold

Spies are supposed to operate in the shadows. The sight of security service heads from the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand sharing a stage in California is a reminder of how radically the world has changed since the cloak-and-dagger days of the first Cold War.

America is no longer raising a nation of risk-takers

The best way for any parent to make sure their children aren’t left behind is to teach them how to manage the risks they will need to take to get ahead.

What Israel must do in Gaza after the bombing stops

Once all the killing is done, Israel will have to do something even harder if it’s to have any hope of preventing the next war and the one after that: It will need to rebuild Gaza into something better than it was.

California has right idea, wrong plan for the homeless

Homelessness is, at its core, about a lack of affordable housing, not a lack of medical care. Solving the problem that the state government can solve is not the same as solving the actual problem.

Tuberville’s ‘hold’ doesn’t command respect

Sen. Tommy Tuberville is guilty of dereliction of duty. He must lift his stupid and cruel “hold” and start supporting those who lead America’s sons and daughters in the crucible of land, sea and air combat.

As in past Mideast conflicts, US must show clear vision

The massive, deadly Hamas attacks on Israel are rightly condemned by the United States and many nation. Beyond the shocking scale of the attacks, there are disturbing strategic implications. United States leadership is crucial, to secure Israel and pursue regional stability. Here, history is instructive.

More than 2 decades later, how do we strengthen our ability to prevent another USS Cole terrorist attack?

If we make smart investments in technology like autonomous uncrewed vehicles, we can give our nation’s warriors the tools they need to protect our assets, maintain safety in ports and ensure freedom on the high seas.

Blame the House, not the Constitution, for the speaker mess

On the surface, the gridlock caused by the Republican Party’s failure to elect a speaker of the House of Representatives looks like a dysfunction of our old-fashioned Constitution.

Time to rethink CDC’s failing COVID booster strategy

If officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were hoping that tying an annual COVID booster to the fall flu shot would increase uptake, it isn’t working.

In new global order, Americans and Kurds need to continue to work together

As the U.S. focuses on big global challenges and gets away from American costs in blood and treasure in the Middle East, it must not walk away all together from supporting its allies and friends in the region.

Israel and Ukraine? Americans should remember that it’s the same war on 2 fronts

Putting all other obvious moral and strategic considerations aside, America simply has a vital interest in maintaining its credibility to keep its commitments not just to Ukraine and Israel, but to our broader coalition of allies.

4 myths exposed by the Hamas attack on Israel

America can have retrenchment from the Middle East, or it can have a tolerable situation there — but it can’t have both. The sooner America and Israel learn these and other lessons of this crisis, the better positioned they will be for the difficult times ahead.

Even the US military has a fake parts problem

As the fallout from a spate of fake jet engine parts ripples across the globe, civil aviation operators and regulators may take some solace in the dark truth that they’re not alone. Even the world’s most powerful military has suffered at the hands of counterfeit goods slipping into its supply chain, and is struggling to close loopholes and train personnel to stamp out the problem.

Indonesia’s strategic importance enhances profile of its presidential election

One very viable successor to Indonesia President Joko Widodo (Jogowi) is part of the current government: former general and current Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto, who has run for the office of president twice before.

Parochial politics must not imperil a fiscally responsible Marine Corps transformation

The Marine Corps’ transformation plan, Force Design 2030, represents a groundbreaking approach to military evolution. Yet, this vision is jeopardized by multiple factors — congressional unwillingness to decommission costly, outdated ships and the new commandant’s push for unduly rapid implementation.

Israel should not fight its war alone

Even now, the full scale of the horror visited on Israel by Hamas terrorists last weekend is hard to fathom.

No, Palestinians can’t just leave Gaza

Why don’t they just leave? The short answer to that question is: They can’t. Before I explain why, consider the lay of the land and the situation in which Gazans find themselves right now.

In 2 videos, Hamas has already lost the war of images

Hamas’ defeat in the war of images will have consequences for the real war Israel has declared against the group and for the Palestinian civilians who, as ever, are bearing the brunt of Israel’s vengeance.

The circus came around on wild animals. So must we.

The time has come for all industries to recognize animals as sentient beings worthy of respect and protection.