Repeal overbroad AUMFs that run contrary to the Constitution
War is more than the deployments themselves; it is the lifetime of aftermath we warriors must live with, from the aches and pains to the terminal diseases to the battles that rage in our minds. Congress needs to step up and do its rightful job.
NASA studying UFOs won’t prove alien life exists. They should do it anyway.
NASA announced last month that its new panel to study Unidentified Aerial Phenomena — i.e. UFOs — was staffed up and ready to get working. But, is this interest in the contentious domain of UFOs really something that NASA should give time and money, potentially risking the agency’s credibility?
Sunak’s appointment is a milestone for all minorities
Rishi Sunak’s ascension to Britain’s highest leadership is larger than an Asian minority story, larger than a British-African-Asian story. Sunak’s premiership captures the efforts made by all racial equality activists through the generations.
Qatar achieving goals on and off the sports field
By hosting the World Cup, Qatar is opening itself up for international evaluation. Despite pre-World Cup opposition from the critics, the world will not be disappointed in what is observed on the field or throughout the country.
Bipartisanship on Ukraine was nice while it lasted
Cracks in the consensus have begun to appear, and the divided government that’s likely after the midterm elections will almost surely worsen them.
Blame the economy, not landlords, for higher rents
Like other business owners, landlords respond to the costs of producing their product by pricing it accordingly. Ultimately, higher rents are the result, the symptom, of decisions made by county tax assessors, taxing bodies, utility companies and legislators.
Don’t exaggerate the Macron-Scholz cold snap
After a canceled summit and a not-quite-convincing handshake and working lunch, the two leaders are struggling to rekindle the magic of Franco-German unity.
Leaders, lettuce and crisis in Britain
New Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s lineage is from India, a first among Britain’s prime ministers. That may foster fresh, imaginative approaches to public policy that current circumstances require.
As border crisis continues, where should migrants go?
This is not a “gotcha” question. It’s a policy matter of national importance sparked by the Biden administration’s decision to admit millions of migrants without regard to the law or congressional limits.
Japan, Australia unite to balance a formidable China
Faced with a more bellicose China, the smaller nations that operate in the same region have no intention of submitting.
Voter beware: Divided government will be a disaster
Every president for the last four decades has contended with divided government. Sometimes, that has arguably been a good thing — a constructive check on executive power. Not now.
The West has failed — North Korea is a nuclear state
Decades of pursuing the “denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula have failed. After North Korea declared itself a nuclear weapons state, it’s time for the U.S. and its allies to accept this reality — and learn to live with it.
State, local elections are critical, deserve coverage
The phrase “midterm elections” is often taken to refer to Congress. But there are thousands of other elections next month.
The world’s worst war you aren’t watching is in Ethiopia
Accurately estimating the dead while war continues is difficult, but the best estimates available suggest at least half a million people have died so far from direct violence, starvation and lack of access to health care.
Iran’s young protesters challenge the regime’s legitimacy
Hoary tales of revolution and war don’t resonate with Gen Z.
College crisis: Male students are struggling emotionally
If colleges, whose counseling centers are taxed, are going to truly address this — if they are truly invested in male students — then they need to find new ways to better serve students’ emotional and mental health needs.
Ukraine doesn’t need American air defense
Air defense can mitigate the threat from missiles, drones and warplanes. But in Ukraine’s context, these weapons would be more useful on paper than in reality.
The Parkland massacre and the flawed argument against capital punishment
Capital punishment demands the highest price for murder. What you exact from killers says much about what you think of killing.
A short historical lesson on the long-standing practice of cheating
Cheating is wrong, it’s unfair, it should be condemned and it inculcates a corrosive cynicism in our young people. The problem is, whether it’s performance-enhancing drugs or deflated footballs, we all have a little larceny in our hearts.