In US politics, moderates still run the show
The consistently narrow margins of party control in the contemporary Congress ensure that the shrinking number of moderates continue to hold the balance of power between blocs of ideological stalwarts.
Stop linking the attack on Rushdie to cancel culture
Liberal society is endangered by many of those vehemently defending free speech and the prerogative to say offensive things.
A new bra reveals that the military is moving toward gender equality
Today, military leaders' attention to servicewomen's undergarments reflects a new focus on making sure all members of the nation's defense team are ready.
Saudi-backed LIV golf is nothing to be upset about
There is plenty about the Saudi regime to be unhappy with, but their golf activities should be far from the top of that list.
Students: Want to work from home in the future? Start networking now.
If young people won’t be interacting as much on the job, they’ll have to start early to make the contacts and develop the network and mentors that are needed for a meaningful career path.
Russia’s war is how the Soviet Union finally ends
Empires — especially the biggest ones — don’t end quickly or peacefully.
Record shows Biden’s no FDR. He’s not even Obama.
The Democrats’ crowing over their legislative victories is not persuasive. But it does help them rationalize coming down to earth.
All I want for Christmas is a reality check in Europe
European governments, facing an energy crisis, have put off preparing their citizens for Putin’s weaponization of winter. Making up for lost time will be painful.
Kabul’s fall hasn’t stymied US foreign policy as feared
Yes, Taliban rule in Afghanistan has been violent, repressive and chaotic. Beyond the country’s borders, though, the consequences of America’s failure have been more limited.
Japan could send a message to North Korea, China by amending its constitution
Japan’s constitutional provision barring it from maintaining a military has long been honored more in the breach than the observance. Notwithstanding the command of Article 9, Japan retains one of the largest militaries in the world.
Don’t blast Trump for pleading the Fifth
Everyone has a right to remain silent. You don’t need to be a MAGA fan to see that.
Finland and Sweden further strengthen NATO
The additions may encourage over the long term the trend for NATO to become engaged in other parts of the world. Last month, the alliance announced efforts to expand relations with Australia, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea. Russia has reconfirmed the validity of NATO.
Prepare to pay more under the so-called Inflation Reduction Act
Here’s the best possible spin on the staggering $369 billion in energy and climate handouts included in the Inflation “Reduction” Act: It’s not as bad as last year’s draft.
Stop funding the government through fines and fees
As long as courts and law enforcement are funded through fees, our justice system will continue to advantage wealth and criminalize poverty.
Presidents hire ‘yes men’ at their peril
Trump wanted a sycophant as chief of staff, an impulse all occupants of the Oval Office should resist.
Force Design 2030: Budgeting for battle
FD 2030 offers tremendous potential to modernize our national defense and save taxpayer dollars. We cannot allow it to open the back door to more “business as usual” in Pentagon spending.
Military recruitment woes endanger national security
Combating the threats to global order requires an American military that’s second to none. Keeping seasoned service members in uniform while harnessing the promise of new technologies can help the U.S. overcome its recruiting challenges without sacrificing the military’s core strengths.
Taiwan Strait military escalation would be perilous
So while Taiwan — and other regional powers — may well wish to push back on Beijing’s intimidating maneuvers, Washington is courting disaster if it does the same.
Fighting climate change through the courts will harm America’s national security
One of the biggest threats to America’s emergence as a global energy provider is a spate of lawsuits in the United States alleging that America’s energy providers should be financially liable for global climate change-related impacts around the country.