The US just fired a first diplomatic shot at Israel

This week’s decision by the United States to abstain from casting its veto in the United Nations Security Council turned a page in history.

Political pandering in Pennsylvania, Ohio over steel deal boosts China

A sensitive local issue involving the purchase of U.S. Steel, an iconic American company based in Pittsburgh, by a Japanese corporation has led to political pandering in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Looking back at Operation Homecoming 51 years later

This Friday, March 29, marks the 51st anniversary of the completion of Operation Homecoming. It resulted in the return of 591 American POWs held by North Vietnam, the Viet Cong, the Pathet Lao and the People’s Republic of China. We need to remember these POWs for their courage and sacrifice.

The military’s #MeToo reckoning is in full swing

As the military faces ramped-up government efforts and increased public support for reform, it is long past time to rethink the Feres doctrine with respect to sexual assault claims.

George Marshall: A public servant and the public good

One antidote to our poisonous, nasty political atmosphere is to consider especially significant positive leaders of our past, such as Gen. George C. Marshall. Marshall, one of the greatest soldiers produced by our or any other nation, was a dedicated public servant.

Voters eyeing justices’ ruling in medication abortion pill case

The Supreme Court will now decide whether to restrict what has become the most common procedure in states where abortion remains legal, and what’s virtually the only method available — through the mail — in states with abortion bans.

Truth was worse than Kate Middleton speculation

Finally, there was the explanation everyone was clamoring for but no one was expecting.

March Madness as we know it today faces extinction

Within a decade, March Madness could be obsolete. Fans, now settling into their sofas to watch some great basketball, should enjoy this year’s tournament as if it’s a last dance.

The more government ‘borrows,’ the more we pay

If you think the Treasury Department borrowing trillions of dollars is a problem only for future generations, think again. The interest rates on your credit cards, student loans — even your mortgage — are all up now because of the Treasury’s borrowing spree, and it’s costing you thousands.

GOP lawmakers are overriding local will

The pattern of Republican state officials overturning the acts of democratically elected local officials, and seizing local power, is growing ever more disconcerting.