US troops leaving Afghanistan is bad news for Taliban
A year from now, the Taliban could be talking about “the good old days” when they were fighting a holy war. Now they have one logical choice: join the political process and return to normal life.
Japan and the United States: Special allies
Today, free markets, and global trade and investment, encourage stability and the rule of law. Today, Japan’s leadership in this often vexing but manageable environment is undeniable.
My children are total brats, and I couldn't be prouder
From the time I toddled around in droopy diapers, to the day I drove off to college in my Volkswagen Beetle, I lived in one small Pennsylvania town. The kids who picked their noses next to me in Mrs. Rowley's kindergarten class were the same ones who walked across the stage with me at our high school graduation. I had one hometown, one high school, one brick house, one yellow bedroom, and one best friend who I gabbed with each night on one rotary phone while draped across one mock brass twin bed.
Parenting during pandemic: There’s light at the end of the tunnel
If there is any good that has come of this pandemic, it is this: We have expanded ways for isolated people in need to connect at a greater rate. Whether that be through telehealth, remote jobs or stronger social networks, we now have options.
Bad recipes and why I keep them
Fueled by a rare rush of spring cleaning adrenaline, I lifted the bloated behemoth off of my crowded shelf of cookbooks, careful to catch the loose clippings stuffed haphazardly between her cracked covers. The 30-year-old binder full of collected recipes was surely in need of a good purge after all this time.
Signs of spring: Flora, fauna, fur
What does the month of April represent to you? For those of us north of the equator, we’re watching new bees buzzing among the spring daffodils.
Don't let anything block US energy independence
Although the United States’ energy reserves and domestic production capabilities would have enabled it to endure a lengthier blockage, current efforts to forcibly shift the United States away from traditional fuel sources will leave it more exposed to future disruptions. The Ever Given fiasco demonstrates why such an approach is fundamentally irresponsible.
Check vets’ mental wellness at vaccination visit
If we hope to effectively decrease the veteran suicide rate, we need to evolve our approach. We need to take advantage of this opportunity to connect with our veterans, and when we do, take a proactive approach to introduce secure, private and trusted monitoring for our friends and loved ones for signs of distress.
Living with a not-so-smoothie operator
My husband has been working from home since the pandemic began more than a year ago. Francis took his cybersecurity job in 2017 after retiring from the Navy, and initially commuted to New York City weekly. For those years, his neglected home office on the third floor of our house was more of a shrine than anything else. He would take friends up there on weekends to show off his military coins, plaques and photos. I called it his “Yay me!” room.