A turning point for sexual assault in the military
President Joe Biden soon will honor his commitment to survivors by signing into law historic legislation taking sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking and other serious crimes out of the chain of command and to trained, independent prosecutors.
Don’t despair about US democracy - fix it
Last week, I promised a bit of optimism about US democracy given the very real threats the republic is facing. I’ll repeat that no one should dismiss those threats. But the defeat of democracy is hardly a done deal.
No, Biden’s agenda isn’t radical. Here’s why.
They argue that with exceedingly narrow Democratic majorities in both chambers of Congress, Biden never had a shot to match these Democratic luminaries, but hubris led him to think otherwise. But this narrative misreads Biden’s agenda. He isn’t proposing radically new public policies. Rather, he is simply pushing to complete the legislative program of his predecessors.
The gas weapon in a Russia-Ukraine conflict
According to Vladimir Putin, “true sovereignty of Ukraine is possible only in partnership with Russia.” Besides the delicious contradiction there, it shows how far the Russian president’s designs on Ukraine stretch beyond the gas pipelines that fueled previous crises. (You can read the whole, rather turgid essay here.)
Maxwell’s case puts a spotlight on trafficking’s victim-defendants
Perhaps we will never know if Ghislaine Maxwell was truly a victim of Jeffrey Epstein. What we do know is that most victim-defendants in trafficking cases in the U.S., unlike monied socialite Maxwell, are more likely to be people of color, indigent and have suffered a history of abuse.
Fund an expansion of the KC-46 Pegasus tanker fleet
The next logical fleet improvement is the KC-46, with its increased fuel off-load capacity and significant improvements in mission capability enabled by its larger cargo deck area and volume.
In the Navy, I buried my emotions to protect myself and others; my dog, in his last days, helped me recover them
As I retired, I decided that I wanted to be the type of person that was allowed to feel things in the moment. I’m choosing to sometimes prioritize the emotion of today over tasks of tomorrow. I’m choosing to prioritize my own joy and sadness over that of others.
What the high court would gain if it reverses Roe
Overruling Roe would strip away the pretension to political and moral leadership that the court has built up over the years. It would amount to an admission that its attempt to impose its will on the public had failed. And maybe that would be a good thing.
Biden’s diplomacy could unintentionally benefit Putin
President Joe Biden’s administration has gone out of its way to signal toughness toward Russia’s military buildup on Ukraine’s border. Biden himself said on Wednesday that he told Russian President Vladimir Putin that if he ordered an invasion, the U.S. was prepared to unleash economic consequences on Russia “like none he’s ever seen or ever have been seen.”
4 ways the US can keep Putin from invading Ukraine
When I became the supreme military commander at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 2009, the alliance was focused on the war in Afghanistan. But one of the first senior delegations to visit me came to discuss Russia: the military chiefs of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.