What have we learned from 20 years of war?
Twenty years ago the United States entered a new and unparalleled age of war.
The government has a cybersecurity talent deficit. Agencies should work with the private sector rather than going It alone
Both civilian and military officials are distinctly concerned by the state of their cyber personnel recruitment and retention and recognize that skills in fields such as data literacy, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence are as vital to America’s future as they are in short supply.
VA’s Supremacy Project threaten vets’ health care
This siloed approach is the antithesis of modern health care delivery, which emphasizes physician-led teams of health care professionals who share information and assist in decision-making based on their unique skills.
Pandora Papers show the rich will always find a way
While capital can move across borders without restraint, a portion of that money will always be available to those who want to keep their wealth out of the hands of legal or tax authorities.
JADC2 is key element in America’s defense future
Future wars, in which multiple unconnected enemies can be expected to exploit both existing and developing U.S. vulnerabilities, will require an integrated response. A major step in the right direction is the Department of Defense’s Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) strategy.
Warning: Jan. 6 was not a one-time event
Unfortunately, the former president’s disinformation campaign is succeeding — at least among the voters and donors he will need if he runs again. And it’s making violence around future elections more likely.
Religious accommodations are faithful to principles of military service
The Army and the Air Force have already taken the right step by updating their uniform and grooming accommodations policies. The other service branches should now make the same choice to embrace individuals like 1st Lt. Toor and ensure that we continue to pull from the widest possible talent pool of dedicated and qualified Americans.
Let’s summon our better angels to welcome Afghan refugees
While many of those evacuated are returning to America or abroad, tens of thousands of Afghan allies and their families face a new reality: beginning a new life in a new country with no more than the clothes on their back.
Consider potential Lockheed Martin-Aerojet Rocketdyne merger’s impact on the hypersonics race
A series of recent missile tests by North Korea has once again underscored how important it is for the United States to maintain a strong missile defense as well as offensive missile deterrent.
North Korea’s threat and South Korea’s success
Once again, North Korea is engaging in disturbing provocation. The totalitarian regime in Pyongyang has announced successful launch of a cruise missile. This follows many years of testing both rudimentary ballistic missiles and nuclear explosives.