Democrats need more Joe Manchins
It would be interesting to see more candidates in red states define themselves as “Joe Manchin Democrats,” drawing fundamental distinctions between their views and President Joe Biden’s.
Veterans who need help become political pawns
Today, many thousands of military veterans who are suffering from the same exposure that killed Bill Florey are coping with their latest reality: While it is nice when Republicans sincerely thank them for their service, “obviously it doesn’t help” them as they struggle to pay their medical bills and survive.
Biden should act to save Tunisia’s fading democracy
The U.S. could use economic leverage to press for democratic reforms. For now, all it has offered is faint criticism of the North African nation’s shabby constitutional referendum.
We want you: Railroads are hiring
Understanding the unique challenges veterans face, the rail industry stands ready to help by providing purpose, quality pay and benefits and a sense of belonging.
Online schooling is the bad idea that refuses to die
Schools should now be focusing on creative ways to fill classrooms, socialize kids and convey the joy of collaborative learning — not on providing opportunities to stay home.
Biden’s Mideast trip was promising in context
President Joe Biden’s trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia highlights the stark contrasts between two very different, very important nations in the Mideast
The strong dollar is a vote of confidence in America
The U.S. economy, and U.S. soft power, are far more robust than many critics would care to admit.
Permanent change of station or military exercise?
With “less than one-half of 1% of the U.S. population” volunteering to serve as active-duty service members and protect their country, it should be a small price to pay to provide those service members and their immediate families with quality travel to international duty stations.
Beijing’s military experts are putting a microscope on how the Russian military subdued the Ukrainian ‘fortress’ of Mariupol
Taiwan is a highly urbanized environment with three cities over 1 million and a higher population density than Japan or even South Korea. No wonder Beijing strategists have been prioritizing the study of urban warfare tactics for some time.
Democrats are scapegoating Biden for their own misjudgments
Yes, President Biden is a problem for the Democrats. But they’re a bigger problem for him.
On National Hire a Veteran Day and every day, vets have all the tools to succeed in civilian life
If I could offer any advice on National Hire a Veteran Day, July 25, I would tell transitioning military personnel that the best way to figure out what’s next is to rely on the values that got them to where they are today.
Florida saved my veteran-owned business. Will California do the same?
The solar industry employs 20,000 veterans nationwide. That’s about 9% of the solar workforce, substantially higher than the 6% of veterans employed economy-wide. When utility companies push for fixed monthly fees for rooftop solar customers and a reduction in solar credit, it can be costly for everyone.
Moral injury and moral recovery: Military leadership’s role in healing the wounds of the Afghanistan withdrawal
Since that tragic two-week ordeal, many servicemembers have struggled with or are just coming to terms with the “moral injuries” they experienced -- invisible wounds that only grow deeper as time moves on and leadership fails to acknowledge their grief.
Biden should call off Iran nuclear talks
The president can use this week’s Mideast trip to signal that the U.S. won’t tolerate Tehran’s menacing activities.
Ukraine shouldn’t overplay its hand with Western allies
Getting involved in their domestic politics would be unwise under any circumstances but even more so now, as voters grow frustrated with the costs of a protracted war.
After Roe v. Wade reversal, a new war between the states
Perhaps the only way to soften these divisions will be through old-fashioned political competition — not only in national elections, but critically also in the state and local elections that Republicans have learned to dominate. 
Undiagnosed brain injuries contribute to vet suicides
The new DOD panel on military suicides can save lives by raising awareness about the connection between brain injury and suicidal behavior. Our leaders must focus on understanding the prevalence of mTBI in the armed forces and develop better screening to treat personnel and veterans well before they spiral into an abyss.
Google masterfully protects its business as abortion bans arrive
For days after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, big tech companies remained silent on what they would do with their troves of newly incriminating data on women in America.