Conservatives won’t be able to repeal more than Roe
Banning abortion nationwide and narrowing the scope of women’s and gay rights are popular among Republicans, but they don’t have the votes or legal ammunition.
Many crucial reasons why the US should care about Afghanistan
Afghanistan is a bleeding wound in the heart of humanity. Afghan civilians, especially women and children, are victims of a protracted, bloody conflict that started some 40 years ago.
Understand the complex origins of the Russia-Ukraine War
Although there probably is no one cause of this war, it is still important to try to understand the various factors that led to it.
US weapons stockpiles will not be depleted to dangerous levels for Ukraine war, military officials tell senators
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told a subpanel of the Senate Appropriations Committee that the Pentagon is closely watching its inventories and working with the defense industry to replenish weapons such as Javelin and Stinger missiles as soon as possible.
Intervene sooner to stem rising tide of military suicide
Collectively, we all have a responsibility to do our part as their new “band of brothers” to help service members and their families navigate a new and unfamiliar battlefield. By leveraging existing data and technology, coupled with our great treatment and prevention programs, we can meet them at the point of struggle more quickly, which in turn can create better outcomes.
Invested in a military approach to wealth management
Farther follows the military’s lead on how to solve such a complex problem: blend experts with scalable data and decision technologies.
When will Iran get the bomb?  
The nuclear talks in Vienna, where leaders of the most powerful nations – and, yes, Russia included – are trying to stop another rogue state from acquiring nuclear weapons and taking the planet hostage, have stalled again.
Football and prayer? They just don’t mix.
Christians are good at ignoring Bible verses they don’t like. Perhaps they might consider what Jesus said about praying in public: “Do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others.” Avoid the 50-yard line. Instead, go into your closet and shut the door.
Biden is crashing with Hispanic voters. Here’s why.
The widespread disappointment among Hispanics illustrates how little political identities can matter in the real world, where most of us moms — regardless of race or ethnicity — are just trying to educate and feed our kids.
Garland is right to resist calls to indict Trump
The attorney general’s caution could be a form of statesmanship, not cowardice.
U.S. and Saudi Arabia can’t remain at odds forever
The most important partnership in the Middle East has been put in jeopardy by the peevishness of a prince and political opportunism of a president. Repairing the Saudi-American relationship will require the first to behave like a grown-up, the other like a statesman.
Putin’s autarky choice is between Stalin and Hitler
Two months after Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine, it’s clear there will be no quick return to any kind of normalcy for Russia, and particularly of the economic kind. With no negotiated end to the war in sight, Russia is set for a protracted period of living under tough Western sanctions and thus under enforced autarky.
Angry parents are ruining youth sports. Here’s how to rein them in.
As millions of kids in the US return to fields and courts for spring sports, black eyes and bloody noses are returning too. This time the injuries aren’t just among the athletes. These are dangerous times for referees and umpires who call penalties and outs.
Ukraine becomes a wake-up call in faraway Japan
Just days before the national holiday this Friday commemorating the birth of the late Emperor Hirohito, Japan got a rude reminder of its inextricable part in the global history of war. It came in the form of an apology from the government of Ukraine.
The biggest mistake of the pandemic is still haunting us
The World Health Organization took two years to admit COVID-19 spread through airborne particles. We’re still dealing with the fallout.
How to support caregiving children of wounded veterans
Our community could better support caregiver families if more people understood the lifelong sacrifices we make. Feeling recognized would go a long way in reducing our isolation and anxiety.
A redistricting gamble Democrats will regret
Gerrymandering isn’t going to save the Democrats. Not this year, and probably not this decade.
In 2024, it could be Biden, Harris or bust for Democrats
More than a handful of Republicans are already sniffing around the 2024 presidential contest.
US and allies gather at Ramstein to discuss how to help Ukraine defeat Russia’s ‘unjust invasion’
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that allies must “move at the speed of war” to get more weaponry into the hands of Ukrainian forces, following meetings with dozens of foreign military leaders at Ramstein Air Base on Tuesday.