Step up to the plate and serve

Published: October 29, 2012

This year we have literally seen hundreds of Major League Baseball players during games talk about their support for the U.S. military. Yet have any volunteered to serve?

Let’s face it: A Major League career is usually over by the player’s early 30s. By then most of the players have millions of dollars in the bank. So what prohibits them at age 35 to go join the armed forces?

I believe the Army enlistment cut-off age is 42. These baseball players are already in the best shape of their lives. They should be signing up in droves for at least a short-term hitch of 3 years as Army Rangers, SEALS, recon and regular infantry in Marine units. Now it’s time to pay back America for all the past rewards they have already received, and join the ranks of former ballplayers such as Moe Berg, Hank Greenberg and Ted Williams — who all saw action, in often more than one war.

Talk is cheap. I say when the players retire, they should join the ranks of the true Americans. They should put their feet where their mouths have already gone. Semper Fi.



James Clark

Stuttgart, Germany


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