Safer for all to party on base

Published: October 24, 2012

Those wishing to inflame tensions between the United States and Muslim nations need only claim American military forces are disrespectful to the Islamic faith. The same is true in Asia of claiming sexual abuse of local women at the hands of U.S. servicemembers.

While the reality of every alleged rape case is only known to those directly involved, military brass can solve the problem simply and efficiently by moving the prerequisite weekend party on base permanently. Local nationals can be signed onto base (just like they were 30 years ago), and interact in a secure, supervised environment. Curfews ("Curfew returns for US troops in Japan," article, Oct. 20) will still apply, with far fewer instances of embarrassing misbehavior by U.S. troops serving abroad.

Finally, a portion of the windfall revenue from extended officers/enlisted club use can be put to good use in the military community, or even donated to local charities — the kind of thing that makes host countries appreciate our presence.

Let’s protect our hosts from our dumb younger brethren! Let’s protect our future leaders from predatory bar owners and "innocent" women who actively pursue drunken young foreigners at odd hours of the morning!


Tech. Sgt. Jerold Palcas

Yokota Air Base, Japan


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