Preserve the family dynamic

Published: August 5, 2010

Repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” cuts at the heart of what makes the military unique in our culture. We are unique because we are a family: a large, often-unwieldy, traditional family. We are a family that bridges economic and social divides, that instills in its members honor and tradition and values that most of society has lost. We are a family with rank and discipline and a self-worth that most would almost kill to have. Most of all, we are a family that loves its members enough to literally “take a bullet” for each other. These are the things at risk.

Why do I say this? Simply put, it is impossible for a family that embraces homosexuality to function normally. Among other things, if both parents in a household are the same gender, it will be impossible to procreate normally, build a normal authoritative structure, or create the social dynamics of a heterosexual relationship. The unit ceases to be a family in the traditional sense of the word.

If I am correct in saying that the military is a family and that it is impossible for a family that openly embraces homosexuality to function normally, then it must be true that the familial elements of the military will cease to function normally if it repeals “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

The family dynamics of the military are already under severe attack, as the continued spike in suicides amply attests. Recent Stars and Stripes articles have pointed to things like lack of discipline and ignoring warning signs as contributors to suicide. These are things that a family might endure during periods of dysfunctionality.

I submit that allowing open homosexuality in the military will further erode an already-tenuous family dynamic, resulting in a reduction in combat effectiveness.

First Lt. (Chaplain) David D. Wooten

Camp Buehring, Kuwait


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