Need AFN sequestration spot

Published: February 19, 2013

We see public service announcements daily on American Forces Network TV about “What right looks like.” There’s a situation where something is wrong, and a noncommissioned officer will walk out on the screen and announce that that is not “what right looks like.” The situation is resolved and the NCO then will announce, “Now that is what right looks like.” So why is it that we need to watch these? Is that the only way to teach and mentor our junior leaders? And what about our senior leadership, don’t they need to know what right looks like too?

From my perspective, our leadership does not know. I have yet to see the TV spot where President Barack Obama suggests sequestration, Congress agrees and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Martin Dempsey or any of the others walks out and says that “that is not what right looks like.” And then balancing the budget and controlling spending replace that and our leaders then announce that “that is what right looks like.”

Seeing our leadership stand up and do the right thing and actually back their employees and do “the right thing” is never mentioned. Why? Is that because stopping the pay on nearly 1 million middle-class employees while they continue to draw full pay plus spend more is the “right thing”?

If you are a federal employee — or an active-duty military member who has federal employees working for you or providing a needed service to the government, or even know a middle-class federal employee who will be punished under this plan — and you have not written your members of Congress, you are wrong. You are not doing the “right thing.” You should demand they do the right thing. They need to take responsibility for their mess and fix the deficit and budget.

No more politics, no more posturing or lies. Just fix it.

Not paying the middle class is the answer? That is not what right looks like!

Buddy R. Van Fleet

Hohenfels, Germany


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