Most gun owners law-abiding

Published: March 22, 2012

This is in response to the March 22 Bloomberg News editorial “Fla. teen’s death shows peril of lax gun laws.” I could not help but see an anti-gun bias. The writer makes it abundantly clear that only law enforcement and military should be entrusted with firearms.

The shooting that spurred the editorial is tragic. However, I will not speculate on the facts and circumstances of the shooting as the writer did, as the investigation is far from concluded and the facts still not publicly known. I will say that on first glance it does not look legally promising for the shooter.

This piece rants on how Castle Doctrine and self-defense laws make America more dangerous. I beg to differ, as I have held a concealed carry (CCW) permit and carried a concealed, loaded firearm daily when stateside for more than six years. Some in my family and most of my friends also have CCW permits and carry concealed loaded firearms daily. I have never drawn my firearm and have never used lethal force outside of my military duties. It is merely there in case I need to lawfully defend myself or another against violent attack. Neither have my family members or friends; the same is true for hundreds of thousands of citizens who lawfully carry concealed firearms. This is because we are lawful, balanced citizens.

The Constitution of the United States, which I am sworn to uphold and defend from all enemies, foreign and domestic, safeguards the right to keep and bear arms. Webster’s Dictionary defines bear as, “to move while holding up and supporting.” Hence, we have an inherent right to carry firearms.

As usual, the media seem to blame laws and firearms for violence. They miss the point of personal responsibility completely.

Staff Sgt. Mike Lewis

Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan


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