Don’t ignore Johnson’s bid

Published: October 24, 2012

I just wanted to comment on the column by Linda J. Bilmes covering the presidential election (“Presidential election may come down to veterans,” Oct. 22). I see a lot of people, including mainstream media, ignoring the fact that, in addition to President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, there is another candidate: Gary Johnson, who is the former governor of New Mexico. I enjoy what he stands for and the fact he is a straight shooter.

For those of us who serve to protect freedom, Johnson believes in that freedom. While Obama and Romney quarrel over whose “plan” is better, the fact is they don’t have a “plan.” Inflation is going up at an alarming rate from printing money out of thin air via the Federal Reserve, which isn’t even being talked about. That in and of itself is the “hidden tax” that no one will address — no one except Gary Johnson.

Johnson is also already on the ballot in 48 states. So why is he being ignored? Maybe because he can’t be bought, bribed, swindled, or even lobbied against.

I wish more people would be fair on this whole process as I’ve seen so many “rule changes” at the conventions to see fit whatever agenda “they” wanted (“they” in the context of the people who want certain people in office who are really in control). It’s so frustrating seeing the very country we fight to protect being violated and abused from within.

Staff Sgt. Kyle J. Starr

Beale Air Force Base, Calif.


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