I always read Stars and Stripes, especially the comics. The Feb. 7 and Feb. 8 “Knight Life” strips not only displeased me but made me angry at the editors of Stars and Stripes for letting something like this be published. I’m not sure what the procedures are for the comics but someone needs to pay closer attention to what’s being submitted, not to mention what’s being published.

I am requesting that the editors be more aware of and attentive to what’s being published for our soldiers and civilians working overseas for our country. We have enough to worry about; we try to get come comfort and stress relief by reading the comics, then we read something like this.

This is not a morale buster, more of a concern regarding how Stars and Stripes editors let this be printed. I would like to know what you will be doing about future printing of any kind of content like this.

Cynthia G. Lynch

Contingency Operating Base Speicher, Iraq

His mission is her mission

As I watch my husband gather and prepare for his mission in Afghanistan, I can’t help but think to myself, how have I prepared for my mission?

His calm demeanor still amazes me as my insides secretly feel as if I my nerves are doing the tango with an ant nest. He prepares with armor, ammunition and training. He stands tall and without fear. To support him in his mission, I must be strong as I face mine.

As military wives, we do not have a choice. We can stand up or fall down. Falling down is not an option. I choose to stand up and to stand proudly, knowing that if I fail my mission, he will fail his.

My ammunition is quite different than his. My armor is a stoic attitude, a smile to my children, a brave face and a resilient mentality. The other option is to cry, to be scared and to fall. I choose to stand up.

My armor is to surround myself with activities, positiveness, friends and a life with purpose and meaning. The other option, I can hide in my house, commit to solidarity and fall. I choose to stand up.

My enemies consist of distracting stressors, boredom, depression and overwhelming loneliness. My weapons of choice are strength, hobbies and to live life. I will not fall, I choose to stand up.

You have not been arrested or confined. Therefore, do not commit yourself to solitary confinement. Surround yourself with those who are sharing the same experiences.

An additional weapon of choice: a nice bottle of wine chilled. Beware the hidden enemy while enjoying this white sweet therapy; avoid mushy songs as you would the plaque. Do not willingly commit emotional suicide!

And last but not least, the spa is your friend. After your four-hand hot-stone massage, do not fall down. Stand up.

Sarah Marlow

Baumholder, Germany

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