In response to the numerous opinions in Stars and Stripes on health care, why doesn’t anyone seem to look at the actual problem and not just the symptoms?

The symptoms are obvious: Health care is getting really expensive and there are people who cannot afford health insurance either because they don’t make enough money or spend too much (these are the same people who have two new cars and a house they cannot afford).

The real problem is the insurance companies, drug companies and the U.S. legal system. Until we do something to curtail frivolous lawsuits, everyday prices will continue to rise. When a doctor gets sued by an ambulance-chaser lawyer, his malpractice insurance company ends up out thousands of dollars in legal fees just to get the unwarranted case thrown out.

Don’t get me started on the ridiculous amounts paid to plaintiffs when they do win. Drug companies operate at high profit margins and health care insurance companies continually deny claims to the insured in hopes that they will give up.

If you want real reform, I agree everyone should have emergency health care. Create a national emergency health care policy. Put a cap on the amount a doctor can be sued for and put in a loser-pays [rule].

Place oversight on the insurance and drug companies. Lastly, we Americans need to stop holding our hand out and start making it happen for ourselves.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 A. Ray BlevinsCamp Taji, Iraq

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