(Henry Toluzzi/Stars and Stripes)

(Henry Toluzzi/Stars and Stripes)

(Henry Toluzzi/Stars and Stripes)

(Henry Toluzzi/Stars and Stripes)

(Henry Toluzzi/Stars and Stripes)

Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, SHAPE commander, visits troops taking part in Exercise Combine in Germany in October, 1951.

Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, SHAPE commander, visits troops taking part in Exercise Combine in Germany in October, 1951. (Henry Toluzzi /Stars and Stripes)

"EXERCISE COMBINE" HQ — Gen Dwight D. Eisenhower, SHAPE commander, declared at an "Exercise Combine" briefing tonight that the Western nations are growing in strength daily and producing a combination of power "that would completely overwhelm what. is behind the Iron Curtain."

Eisenhower flew in this afternoon fron Paris on a visit to the troops taking part in "Combine." He landed at Rhine-Main Air Base.

"Since we never declare war," Eisenhower said, "we cannot keep the major part of our people under arms.

"Our armed forces are only the cutting edge of a great machine, made up of the wheels, the furnaces, the industries and the economies of our several lands," he continued.

"In all that combination of power," the SHAPE commander declared, "the free world completely overwhelms what is behind the Iron Curtain. So do not let us be fearful even if the outposts are light. We have the power and the machinery. The cutting edge, though thin is sharp, as anyone who has seen all this summer's maneuvers well knows."

Eisenhower reminded the several hundred Allied officers present that "we are strong in those things in which dictators can never be strong — the love of our fellow men."

The general disclosed that he would soon visit Atlantic-pact naval maneuvers in the Mediterranean, and added, "Let us not forget that control of the seas is one of our greatest assets."

Eisenhower congratulated the joint maneuvers staff on their presentation of tonight's critique, remarking, "I have never seen such a presentation. I congratulate all who had anything to do with it."

Eisenhower earlier visited 1st Div units as they were exploiting their assault crossings of the Main River.

Eisenhower arrived here in an L17 and toured the area with Gen Thomas T. Handy, EUCOM commander-in-chief; Lt Gen Manton S. Eddy, CG, 7th Army; and Maj Gen Thomas S. Timberman, CG, 1st Div.

The SHAPE commander inspected a pontoon bridge thrown across the river.

"We'd better get off here. We're holding up the war," said Ike as a truck driver wheeled up to make a crossing.

He watched trucks of the 350th Inf, from USFA, being conveyed over a ferry built by a unit assigned to the 1st Div.

"I guess you're the boss here," Eisenhower said to Sfc Edward T. Stary of the 16th Inf Regt, when the sergeant, operating a walkie-talkie, was introduced as a platoon leader.

"Well — why, thank you, general," answered Stary.

Eisenhower questioned M Sgt Edell H. Smith, another platoon sergeant in the same unit, when he learned that Smith had been in the field on maneuvers since Sept. 26.

Smith, who had also been on "Operation Jupiter," the French-directed games, told Eisenhower that he felt much good was being accomplished during the current exercise.

Eisenhower got a chuckle out of one USFA corporal who said he was going back to be a fireman in his home town in Minnesota.

Pvt Eugene Bryson, of a 1st Div armored unit, discussed tanks with the general, while Pvt Kyle McClure, of the 16th Inf Regt, explained the workings of his M1 rifle.

Eisenhower arrived at the air strip here at 4:15 pm with Handy prior to his 90-minute visit with the units. He was piloted from Rhine-Main by Lt F.K. Simmons.

The general switched to the L17 immediately after his party arrived at Rhine Main. He was accompanied by Col Peter Carroll, military assistant, and Lt Col Robert L. Schulz, an aide from SHAPE. Also accompanying the party on the unit tour was Col Howard Snyder, EUCOM secretary of the general staff.

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