Welcome to Stars and Stripes recommended list of veterans resources on Twitter. If you're following veterans issues, you should be following these accounts.

Last month, Foreign Policy released its Twitterati 100 list, a compilation of Twitter users “you should be following to make sense of global events.” It’s the latest in a line of social media defense reporting rankings, many of which offer a great insight into the people and politics driving DC discussions.

But few if any of those voices hit on veterans policy, a growing topic of interest not just on social media but in public policy debates.

So, consider that void filled.

This list isn’t meant to be an exhaustive accounting of veterans happenings, but rather a solid overview of the trends and discussions affecting veterans policy that take place on social media.

Frequent users made the list over bigger names influential outside of Twitter (sorry @Steve_Vogel and @TomTarantino). Overly frequent users got jettisoned too. And sometimes the official account isn’t as useful as the individuals behind the scenes.

So, think of this list as a starting point. You can follow the whole list here or pick and choose your favorites for your Twitter feed. You can share it with the tag #vetstwitter.

And if you think we missed someone, leave a comment or send me a message on Twitter — we’ll compile a readers' list, too (including some folks who just missed this cut).

Leo Shane III

Group 1: The Official Accounts

@starsandstripes - If you were already following us, you might not need a list on how to find veterans news and trends.

Group 2: Veterans advocacy organizations

@TheDuffelBlog - If you want to understand veterans, you need to understand what they’re laughing at. The Duffel Blog has quickly become the military’s own version of the Onion, thanks to the sharp writing of @PaulSzoldra

Group 3: Personalities to follow

@LeoShane - If you're only going to follow one veterans reporter, how about the guy who put a list of resources together for you?

Group 4: Other media

@IVMFSyracuseU - The Institute for Veterans and Military Families focuses on education, and employment research for vets and their family members.

Group 5: Other voices

Join the conversation and share your voice.

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