Stolen Valor

Two men lied about being veterans. The judge’s sentence: Wear signs saying ‘I am a liar.’

Two men who lied about their military service are being told to rewrite by hand obituaries of soldiers from Montana.

Maryland man behind local veterans' memorial faked being Navy SEAL

Bob Pollock became known as perhaps one of the most dedicated people around Crofton, committed to honoring those who serve the nation. It only made sense, as the creator of the Two Rivers community monument told neighbors and friends he was a former Navy SEAL and had been a prisoner of war. Except he wasn't.

Jury awards $1.7 million in stolen valor, fraud case

Donald W. Kaltschmidt Jr. sued Laron D. Shannon, Elizabeth Shannon and Oilfield Warriors, LLC, in 2014, alleging Laron Shannon had misrepresented himself as an active U.S. Marine when he “never actively served in the United States Marine Corps or in any other military service branch,” according to the lawsuit complaint.