They got our goat...or did they? Army fakes Bill the Goat theft from Navy

From left Midshipman David Portner and Midshipman Rich Elmore bathe a goat named Bill 37 at the Bark'N'Bean pet wash on December 3rd, 2017.


By SELENE SAN FELICE | The Capital (Tribune News Service) | Published: December 4, 2017

Just after Navy’s Bill the Goat 36 and 37 were given their ritual bath on Sunday, social media swirled with rumors that one of the living mascots had been stolen in the night.

@ArmyBarstool, an account not affiliated with the Military Academy, began tweeting photos Sunday night of what appeared to be Army officials standing on a stage with a goat draped in a Navy blanket. Several West Point Academy student accounts tweeted similar pictures and videos, claiming "We stole the Navy goat.”

A West Point Academy spokesperson told The Capital the goat seen on social media is an “actor goat” and the pictures and videos are part of West Point’s newest spirit video released today. In the video, West Point leaders conduct an operation to steal Bill the Goat 37 to show off at a spirit rally.

Naval Academy spokeswoman Jenny Erickson confirms the real Bill the Goats are safe and sound in their secret location, where they are expected to remain until Saturday’s Army vs. Navy football game in Philadelphia.

Midshipman 1st Class Luke Redito, the Naval Academy’s Brigade Public Affairs Officer who helped create and has been featured in several spirit videos, was not impressed with West Point’s effort.

“Watched it on fast forward. Still fell asleep. If you have to steal a stuffed animal, you have larger problems in life," Redito said.

Navy fans should keep their eye out for more spirit videos expected to be released this week.

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